As the key in the key hole was about to turn,another footsteps again was heard on the stairs. It was Patrick.

“Sir… you have to see something downstairs.” We heard Patrick telling him.

“What’s that?”He asked impatiently.

“It’s downstairs sir.”Patrick answered yet again.

He removed the key from the key hole and followed Patrick back downstairs. Put of relieve,I fell against Michael as he held me tight from falling.

I couldn’t spend another minute in the door. We opened door and peered out. No one was in sight.

Quietly and slowly,we came out of the room although I was tempted to fly out of it. A corpse? Inside the same house with me?

We locked back the door and ran quickly downstairs. Micheal entered the kitchen while I frightfully ran to my room. I ran to my room, panting heavily.

What have I married out of desperation? What do we do now? The best thing was to call the police.

I ran to the toilet and threw up again. I thought it was from the exhaustion and fear.

I stared at all the paintings Micheal had gave me in admiration and the materials he gave me. He wanted me to learn it also and become an artist.

But wait,I waited and waited for Eric to come back upstairs but there was no sign of him.

Did he go back to work already? I looked out of the window. His car work wasn’t outside. He did not drive it back though.

What happened….??

I came out of my room. I couldn’t just sit around there.

I had to talk to Micheal to come up with something. We couldn’t just stay inside the house with a corpse.

I saw him there in the kitchen,deep in thought. I came inside and closed the door.

“What happened?”I asked me and he raised his head to look at me.

“I’m so ashamed of myself. I never knew he deep not bury her. So,I’ve been living with a corpse all this while? God!”Micheal exclaimed a bit loud.

“Stop it. Do you want him to hear us? I’m sure he’s still around. Let’s be quiet.”I said and saw no fear in Micheal’s eyes as he looked at me.

“Let’s be quiet? What are you still afraid of? Look,I’m no longer afraid of him! Isn’t he a human being?

How could he make a fool out of me and keep a dead body up there? How could he? I trusted him.”Micheal said, glaring angrily at me.

It was my first time to see him so angry. I held his hand, trying to pacify him.”Calm down Micheal.

We could be in danger if he finds out we know his secret. We have to be wise.”I told him.

“I don’t know about you but I’m calling the police before it’s too late. Do you know this is a grave crime?

What if we get involve? Let’s call the police immediately!”Micheal said to me.

“Wait. Let me know his where about.” I said and left the kitchen. I called Felicia from the living room and she cane out to meet me.

“Have you seen Patrick and your master? I thought they were here a while ago?” I asked.

“Yes. I saw Patrick just now coming down from master’s bedroom with master’s suitcase.

When I asked him what he was doing with it all alone and where he was going…he said master sent him on an errand with the suitcase to deliver something to a certain shareholder at the office before coming back home.

I wondered how master would give him his money suitcase but he said master was inside the room.

So,he left.”Felicia said and I looked at her,some feeling coming up to me.”Okay,you may go back.” I said and she returned to what she was doing.

I looked up the stairs to his room and was do terrified to go up those stairs again but I found myself climbing it to be sure he was really inside his room….or the dark room.

But he wasn’t there..not in his room are any other place. But he had no left the house?

Where could it be then? I glanced around downstairs from the windows but everywhere was empty.

I returned to the kitchen and alerted Michael of Patrick’s discussion with Eric.

“I can’t find him anywhere. Do you think he’s somewhere watching us, already knowing what we did?” I asked him.

“Let’s get out of here and call the police.”Eric said as we left the kitchen.

“Wait,let’s check around the compound to see if we will see him.”I suggested and Michael agreed.

As soon as we got to the passage way, leading out of the house,in front of the store room located there,I screamed. Micheal’s eyes widened shooked.

Eric’s body,laid unmoving on the floor.

“Oh my God!”I exclaimed and rushed to him.Micheal turned him around so his back was against the floor. His head was bleeding and….

“Please… please… don’t me he’s dead dead… please.”I said almost in a whisper.

“He’s dead!” Michael exclaimed as he put his carbon his chest. He had stopped breathing. He was already cold.

“God what happened!!”Micheal shouted as I looked at Eric lying on the ground.

My mind immediately went to Patrick. What had transpired between them?

“What are we going to do Rose! Don’t just stand there and call the police. Immediately!” He said to me as he made an attempt to drag Eric.

“What if they say we kill him and put the corpse there? The police might say it’s us!”I stammered, confused at the situation.

Micheal looked unbelievably at me.”Are you serious right now? Then we shouldn’t call the police? What are we going to do about these dead bodies then!” Micheal exclaimed.”I’m calling the police if you won’t.” He said as he made to rush off but I held him back, looking into his eyes with tears.


“What are you doing! Let’s call…”

“I’m scared….just wait for a little while…let’s cool down or else I’m going to faint.. please….”I pleaded, holding him stupidly instead to let go and allow him call the police. I knew I was stupid…so stupid but I was only scared.

Michael breathed in and allowed me hold his hands for some minutes.

He took my hands away slowly and looked at me.

“We are in danger,Rose and I’m calling the police right now!” He said and was about to rush away when a knock landed on the door.

We both froze and looked at each other,our hearts almost running into our stomach.

Micheal swallowed and calmed himself down, steadying his voice.

“Y…yesss….who’s there?”he asked.

“It’s the police….” Came the response outside the door.

Our hearts stopping as our eyes jammed together.

Oh no….the POLICE!!…the police!!… outside the door at this very moment??

Two dead bodies..inside the house….God…we were going to be accused of murder…….life jail imprisonment….

God….God….. are we about to go to jail….

I jerked as the voice came again..this time harder with more knocks on the door.

“Who’s inside this house? I said open the door,the police is here!!………


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