After Felicia told me this,I was restless. Having sex with someone inside that dark room? With who?

I contemplated on telling Michael but I doubted if he would believe me. I really needed to get inside that room but how?

No matter what I do,I needed to tell Michael. Maybe we could come up with an idea. We just had to.

As expected,when I told him,he did not believe that his master was into any dubious thing.

“What if he’s a ritualist?” I asked Michael as we stood at the stair case the next morning.

“Look,I don’t want to believe anything you tell me but you are already making me suspicious of my master.

Why don’t you just stop?” Michael said, visibly confused.

“ just have to help me. I can’t do this without you. As in,we have to come up with a plan to go into that room..”

“Are you insane? Do you want to die?”Michael asked, cutting me short.

I breathed in and looked at him. “I’m not insane. My instinct just keeps telling me that all isn’t right in this house.”I replied.

“Rose ….what if we get caught?”Michael asked and I thought about it for a while.

“We only have to be careful. We won’t get caught. We just have to come up with a plan.” I told him.

He came back home around 7pm and sat in the living room, making a call.

I came downstairs and sat opposite him, looking at his neck for the necklace but as usual,it was hidden under his clothing.

I threw him a quick greeting when he finished making the call.

He looked at him and indicated me to come. At first,I thought he was drunk.

When I went closer to him,I realized he was truly drunk but he still knew what he was doing.

He stood to his feet and grabbed my face, turning it to face him as he looked into my eyes.”I’m watching you Rose. No one else owns you except me and me alone.”

He said as my breathing increased. I gasped as he grabbed and squeezed my breast.

“All this also belongs to me and this!”He said, squeezing my bum too. I closed my eyes in pain as he did all this. I badly wanted to retaliate but as usual,I lacked the courage.

He plunged his tongue into my mouth, making me gag.

His tongue felt like bitter stick in my mouth.”Be quiet “His hard voice boomed in my ear as I try to fight against this violence.

He took me to his room and layed me on the bed, removing his clothes.

Then the chain….the necklace became visible. Oh,how I was so tempted to yank it off his neck.

I did not want to do this with him…to allow such a man touch me but I remained still on the bed.

If not for any other thing but for the key hanging from that necklace.

He came down on me like a fallen wood and tore off my top like a wolf. I closed my eyes as he patted my legs and made his way.

It was more like a violation than sex but I just endured.. endured because of the key. But I had no high hopes either. How do I remove the chain without lifting his head? I could just cut it but….

I gasped as he made his forceful entry. I held on to the bed sides and closed my eyes tightly as I tried to keep up with him.

Suddenly he let go of me and told me to go to my room. I was surprised. Normally,a normal man would have fallen asleep only to wake the next day to reality.

But after having sex with me,he told me to leave. I tied a white towel around me,pack my clothes and left the room. Once outside,I felt like crying.

What do I do?

I kept asking myself. Then a dangerous plan hit my mind and made me anxious immediately.

Still in my white towel,I ran down to the boy’s quarters. I just had to.

I informed Micheal about my plan and as much as I thought,he was scared. He tried to stop me but I told him there was no going back.

I couldn’t have that violation in the name of sex for nothing?

I paced about in my room, waiting for the right time to get to work. I layed on my bed and slept off a little while to pass time. When I woke up,it was 2:15 am.

He would be so much asleep now and since he was a little drunk,he would be in a deep sleep.

With my heart in my throat,I went into the bathroom and took out a new white soap from the zinc and started walking to his room. Just a push,the door flew open. I peeped in and saw him,fast asleep and even snoring. I entered and stopped to see if he would shake.


I continued walking ever so quiet and slowly until I got to his bedside. I stopped and looked down at him. The necklace was on his neck and the key was resting firmly against his chest.

I took in several deep breath and tried to control the speed of my heart beat as I slowly began to bring the soap down to his chest.

Ever so gently,I took up the key from his chest so gingerly and stopped again,to see if he would shake.


I made the key lie on the soap and pressed. I pressed the key harder on the soap but when I was about to press more harder to make the key very visible on the white soap,Eric began to stir…he began to turn….about to wake up……

Father Lord! Help me! I prayed as I held the key on his chest.

I couldn’t drop it. He would surely wake up and see me!

Father Lord! Let him go back to sleep but no! Eric was waking up!! Eric’s eyes were opening…they were opening…….!!!!


What do you guys think Rose is doing??

What’s she going to do with a soap??…only the brave ones will know this….

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