His gaze hit me like thunderbolt as we came face to face. And at the same time,I tried to see past the room but it was stack dark. Totally dark that I couldn’t see a thing. He jammed the door close and glared at me as I tried to force a fearful smile.

“I’m sorry but I’m being concerned for you. did not finish your meal.” I forced the words out of my mouth.

“This territory is not allowed by anyone. I have to let this pass again because you are new here.

This is my private place. Am I understood?” He asked me and I nodded, going back immediately to the dinning. He joined me later on and we finished eating in silence.

He left for his room first and I looked at the time. It was almost half past 8. I wasn’t sleepy yet so I decided to check out the compound.

I could see clearly for there were street light at all the corners of the compound. I went to the far away back yard to see the beautiful flowers and saw her grave. Eric’s dead fiancee.

At first,fear gripped me but I cane back to my normal self and went closer to see. It was decorated with roses of different colors and there were candle lights around it too. Why should a grave be so beautiful? Had he loved her that much?

I returned into the house after I had looked around to my fill. I had a quick shower and slipped into my nighties before retiring to bed.

The next morning came as though I closed my eyes and opened them again.

When I had finished bathing and dressing,I heard Eric’s car going out of the compound.

I looked down from the window, thinking how early he could leave the house. I was brushing my hair when the cook,who latter told me her name was Felicia came to call me for breakfast. I wasn’t quite hungry but I went down anyway.

I ate a little of the french toast she prepared and drank orange juice to step down. I wanted to clear the table but she insisted on doing it.

So I let her. Having nothing else to do around the house,I took the TV remote and switched on a station when I looked up and saw that the wall clock on the wall was not working.

I stood up and removed it from the wall. I checked the time on my wrist watch and set the time before hanging back the wall clock.

I went back to watch TV but I had lost interest in it already,so I stood up and made for my room.

As I wanted to climb the stairs,I looked back and noticed that the wall clock hanging there wasn’t working either. How come all the wall clocks were not correct.

I went back and put the battery very well before hanging it back.

As I proceeded to my room,the other stair case attracted me again.

That dark room…with it’s single key… hanging on a chain…from Eric’s neck…

I climbed off the stairs and retreated, going up those stairs again.

Despite the warning bell that rang madly in my ear, despite the warnings from him yesterday..I ignored everything and made for the stairs with my heart beating loud.

I looked around as I turned to face the door and grabbed the knob a d turned but just as I expected,it was tightly locked. I turned again but nothing happened. I peeped through the key home but darkness stared back at me when….

“If I were you,I wouldn’t be doing that.” A voice said behind me. I thought I was already inside the coffin as I turned to look at the person who spoke. My heart almost jumped into my stomach.

A young man stood before me, wearing a Cook’s cap on his head and an apron. It was my first time of seeing him. Probably,he was the male cook. I shooked visibly as I tried to take charge of the situation.

For crying out loud,this was my house.

“Who…who are you?”I threw at him as he looked at me and bowed slightly.

“You must be my master’s new wife. Welcome to the house,my name is Michael.”the guy said as I stopped trembling and looked at him.

Oh…oh..what a sweet melodious comforting voice he had. Our eyes met together and I actually felt a spark between us as I nodded.

“Thank you, Michael.”I responded.

He smiled and looked past me to the door.”You don’t have to peep into the key hole. There’s nothing strange in there. It’s just master’s private room for important things. He wouldn’t like seeing you doing that.” Michael told me and I nodded.

He led me back downstairs and proceeded into the kitchen when I held him back.”This house is kind of big and boring.

I don’t know ow if I can join you and do anything.”I asked him. He looked down at my hand as I held his arm and looked up at me again, forcing a smile.

“I really don’t have anything doing. Felicia is on duty for this morning so I only have to go to my room and continue what I’m doing there.

So,you can see that won’t be possible ma.”Michael said and k smiled. He really made me smile? For the first time in a long time,I really smiled from my heart.

“My name…is Rose. Call me Rose and not ma.”I told him as I looked at him.

I really don’t know but his face looked familiar in my heart like I’ve known him all my life, Like we’ve met over and over again.

“He isn’t around this morning and I know he won’t be back till evening. Let me join you and do whatever you are doing in your room please.

I’m lonely in here.”I said, surprising him with every words. Then I saw fear…big fear written all over his face as he gave me some gaps.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that. Please, excuse me.”He said and tried to go when I pleaded with him again.

There was a look of resignation on his face as he nodded and told me to follow him. I couldn’t understand the type of happiness I felt as I followed Michael downstairs to the boys quarters.

We kind of sneaked in and he quickly closed the door. I could feel the fear radiating from him as he let put a deep breath. I looked around his room and smiled in delight. It was a big room and there were several painting all over the place. He was an artist.

“You drew all this?” I asked him, going around and admiring the paints in board stands and the walls.

“Yes.”He answered, sitting on the bed.

I joined him and sat on the bed and as soon as I opened my mouth to ask him about the dead fiancee,car horn blared outside the gate as the gate man opened the gate and Eric’s car started to come inside the compound.

Michael’s mouth flew open as he jumped up and snatched the curtains closed,his large on me.”What do we do! What do we do!My boss is here!”Michael asked in fright as he stood in front of the door, begging for miracle.

But I just stood there, shivering. What now? If he finds me in his male Cook’s room,he would probably kill me.

How do I get out of the room without being seen by his worker outside? Where would I say I went to if he doesn’t see me inside only to find me coming from the compound?

I had no answer for myself, I only stood there, beside the bed, shivering as I heard him coming down from his car………


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