I closed my eyes tightly shut and winced in pain as Eric grabbed my arm, gritting his teeth.

“I will let this pass because you are just new here and do not know how things go around here. Don’t pass your boundary,do you understand?”Eric asked as I nodded vigorously.

“Good.”He said and shoved me away.”Up to your room.”He added as I staggered to my luggage and scurried off upstairs without glancing back.

I tried to fight back the tears that threatened to burst out from my eyes as I located my room.

I let myself inside and locked up the door, looking around my new room but what was the meaning of this?

I’m I some kind of a new housemaid or nanny or what?

Was I not supposed to be in the same room with my husband? I felt the urge to protest but I held back my temper and sat on my large fluffy bed.

I had no choice in this matter. Who am I? Nobody. I only married Eric because I had no choice. I was an orphan who barely escaped death. Seemed like he just saved me.

I looked around my room again. It was beautiful. I was unpacking when a knock cane to my door. I walked to the door and opened it.

A woman probably in her mid thirties was standing outside the door. She beamed at me and gave me the kneeling position before talking.

“Ma’am,it’s almost time for dinner but dessert is ready on the dinning. Come down.

Mr Eric is there already.”the lady said as I looked at the time. Just past 7 and dinner was ready?

“Okay. I will be down in a minute.”I replied as the lady nodded and left. I went back inside and looked for something else to wear.

I went downstairs and walked to the dinning. Eric was already sitting there. He did not even raise an eye as I sat opposite him, grabbing my fork to penetrate through the fleshy meat pie on my tray. I munched a spoon full and forced it down my throat. My heart ran down my stomach when I raised up my head and saw Eric staring at my hair.

What was he looking at?

“Why don’t you pack your hair up?”he asked,his voice hard but quite.

“I’ve always liked my hair falling across my shoulders.”I replied, trying hard to avoid his eyes. I found courage and decided to ask him about the room issue.

“Do you mean I’m the only one who who has that room?”I suddenly threw at him as he glared at me.

“What type of question are you asking me?”he asked.

“I thought I’m your wife. Shouldn’t we be in the same room?”I asked again, avoiding his eyes.

“That…I will decide it later.”he answered. I looked at him and tried to say something else when the cook arrived with the dinner on a large tray.

She gently placed the tray on the table and left to get the drinks. I felt awkward and tried to serve dinner but couldn’t. He opened the dishes and dished out his own food, ignoring me totally.

I did not mind him. I only took my own meal too and we started to eat in silence. The cook returned with the drink and left us back to the kitchen.

Halfway into the meal,Eric suddenly stood up and left the dinning.

I watched him as he walked up the stairs and cornered to the way to his bedroom.

I was anxious to see that part of the house and decided to follow him unnoticed.

So,I stood up and walked up the stairs too, following him.

I peeped from the stairs and saw a startling sight.

Eric stood in front of the door,which was facing the stair top directly and looked back. I quickly dodged and peeped again to see him removing a necklace from his chest which had been under his cloth. He took out a single key hanging from the necklace and slide it into the key hole of the door and entered, locking the door from behind.

I came out from hiding and looked up at the door, dumbfounded. What the hell?

A necklace? A key hanging from a necklace?. What exactly was happening?.

Unable to control myself,I started walking up the stairs too.

I stood in front of the door and slowly reached for the door knob. I grabbed it and turned but froze immediately as the door jerked opened almost immediately………

How do you see this chapter??


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