As I felt myself going unconscious,I heard a single gunshot and immediately knew Micheal had been shut and almost immediately,another siren blared outside the gate.

“It’s the fire extinguishers!” Was all I head before I collapsed as the heavy smoke closed up on me.

I went into coma for two days and was unaware of all what was happening.

When I woke up,I heard the whole story. Patrick’s gang were all killed after which the bomb was switched off before it could explored.

Patrick was taken to the police station.

The fire was put off by the fire extinguishers and my body was found,all black but thankfully not burnt.

And also,I did not lose my baby.

And as for Micheal,he saw shot…. really shot. He went into coma longer than me.

When I woke up the next day after I regained consciousness, Felicia was in my hospital room, making breakfast for me.

“Where’s Micheal? Is he still unconscious?” I asked Felicia who told me to calm down that I wasn’t still string enough to talk.

I was restless,so restless I thought I was going to go into coma again.

I could not afford to lose Micheal. He was all I have.

He was the only one who would support me in anything. I was shattered as I broke down, crying.

The doctor came in and scolded me when he saw me tearing myself apart.

“Michael is going to make it back to life! Do you want him to finally wake up and see you dead! Mrs Donald,you are pregnant!

Please,having high blood pressure with a pregnancy is too much. Don’t develop one, Please.

” The doctor told me and I looked up at him with blinding tears.

“Are you saying Michael is not going to die? After all those bullet?” I asked.

The doctor did not answer me. He only patted my back.

That meant something.

What if Micheal was really going to die? Without thinking twice,I yank the drip off my hand and pushed Felicia away from me, standing up from the bed.

“As you can see,I’m already alright. Please,take me to Michael. I really need to see if he’s still alive.” I said to the doctor who stared at me,amazed at what I just did.

“Mrs Donald….calm down.”The doctor said and I went wild.

“No! Doctor, please…. don’t tell me to calm down.

Where is Michael? Take me to him, please..I beg you.” I pleaded,tears flowing from my face.

“Mrs Donald, please,I said you should calm down first. Do you want to lose the baby?” The doctor asked me, angrily.

Why couldn’t he take me to Micheal immediately?

What was taking him long? Why couldn’t he take me to Michael if he isn’t….no…I couldn’t finish the statement.

“Okay doctor. I will calm down. Just take me him….I will calm down.”I pleaded again. The doctor looked at me and went out of the room.

He took me to an emergency ward and we entered aroom,where I saw Micheal lying on the bed, unconsciously with an oxygen fixed on his nose.

I covered my mouth from screaming out in tears. The life line read on as I went closer and Closer till I got beside him.

The doctor went out and two nurses came in, standing near by in case of any emergency.

I barely noticed what was going on. My thoughts,my eyes,my attention were all on Micheal who I had come to love so much.

I couldn’t bear to lose him.

Tears flooded my eyes as I touched his hand.

“Please, Michael…for my sake….just come back to life. You can’t be in this emergency bed forever.

This baby I’m carrying will need a father. Where do you want me to get a father from when you are gone?

I don’t care anymore whose baby I’m carrying.

I need you in my life Michael…just come back to life.

” I cried,not realizing I was already crying on top of my voice.

I was forced out of the by the nurses who took me back to my room.

Two days later,I was discharged. I did not want to leave Micheal all alone in the hospital but I was forced to go and freshen up.

The burnt house was already demolished but Eric had another house in an urban areas and I was taken there with Felicia by the lawyer,Mr Effiong.

All my clothes,my shoes and every other things were saved because the fire did not get into my room only that they smelled thickly of smoke.

I wasn’t thinking straight as I sat down in the living room,staring out ahead, ignoring Felicia’s pleas for me to eat.

I couldn’t. Food was like a torment to me every time I remembered Micheal,lying in an hospital bed and worst still,in the emergency room.

By noon,I decided to eat something so I would not arm my unborn child and by evening,I insisted on going back to the hospital.

When we got there,what I saw in front of the hospital main entrance shooked me.

It was like a dream but it was happening in front of me,I reality.

I saw Micheal, coming out of the hospital in his bloody hospital clothes,passing through people. Nobody noticed him and whatever does that mean?

It only meant one thing…he was a ghost.

I stood there, rooted to one spot as I watched him coming put and passing through people.

Felicia tried to pull me along, looking around,trying to see what I was seeing but I just stood still,my mouth wide open as I stared at Micheal.

He suddenly looked my way and smiled, raising his hand. He started waving at me.”I love you Rose ” he said, without his lips moving and even from that distance,I heard him clearly.

He was…. waving at me..Micheal was waving at me….and as I watching, waving my head and murmuring no,he was fading… fading and fading away….till all I could see were memories in front of me…

“No…” I murmured again,tears blinding my eyes as I stretched my hand.

Michael couldn’t just fade away like that….why would he…how could only meant one thing….no.. Michael… couldn’t just die like that and just as I was about to fall against Felicia, Michael reappeared again..the was he had faded away and smiled at me as my eyes widened,my feet growing strong again.

“Rose….I’ve been given a second chance. I will never say good bye again… I’m having from death ….” His voice said to me and with my very eyes watching,he went back into the hospital!

It all happened there in front of me,like a dream..

Michael went back!…..he went back into the hospital which meant I wasn’t going to lose him….I wasn’t…

I felt it.. really felt it as I allowed Felicia to lead me into the hospital that Michael was awake….


I hope so too ooo….that Michael doesn’t die.

What’s going to happen next??

Find out in the next episode!!

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