I was discharged out of the hospital and we returned to the house.

I still felt strange in the house but having Micheal and Felicia who had been in the hospital all along was awesome. They kept my company just well.

One week later, I began having symptoms of all kind of sickness due to the pregnancy.

I was amazed with the lots of money in Micheal’s care. It was enough to buy a whole building. He spent it on me and took good care of me and all the medications required by the doctor.

Eric’s lawyer was currently out of town so I was unaware if my place as Eric’s wife and how many properties he owned.

One month later,there was still no sign of Patrick and we wondered if he would ever come back.

Two months later,it happened. I was in the kitchen with my protruding tummy when I heard a horn blaring at the gate.

The new gate man opened it and a van ran madly in.I was watching from the window.

That movement alone alerted me. It was a black van. I quickly turned off the gas cooker, looking put intently.

Just in time, Patrick jumped out from the car together with five other guys.

I was alarmed as I covered my mouth with my hands already shaking.

I leapt out of the kitchen, running out to find Michael and trying so hard not to scream his name.

I ran ino my bedroom madly.

He was there.

“Michael…I panted, pointing at the door. Micheal stood up immediately, leaving all what he was doing.

“What’s going on?” He asked, running to close the door at the list if what to do.

“Patrick…. Patrick…is here!” I managed to say.”And with some men. That are many. Call the police immediately.” I added as Micheal jerked the door opened and ran out.

I followed.

We got into the living room and made for the telephone but we were too late.

Patrick and two of the boys were already inside while three stayed outside to keep watch.

“Where do you think you are going to,Mr make cook?”Patrick asked, bringing out a gun from his pocket.

I screamed unconsciously as I faced down going on my knees and already in tears.

They were all armed,with teal big guns. Micheal raised his hands up, moving away.

“Pat… Patrick..why would you point a gun at me? We aren’t fighting.” Micheal stuttered put as Patrick laughed.

“Oh,really? But you were just about to call your puppies called the police?” Patrick asked,still pointing the gun at Micheal.

I feared for my dear Micheal. What if he shoots the gun?

“Please..take whatever it is you want to take.. please..I won’t call anyone. Just don’t hurt us, please.

” Micheal pleaded as Patrick and his gang laughed. He looked at me and amazement crossed his face.

“ are even pregnant for that hippopotamus? Or is it for Micheal?” He asked and laughed again then stopped laughing suddenly,his face becoming serious than ever.

“I believe you have the key to that private room. Whatever is it?” Patrick asked and aimed the gun at me as I wasted time. The other two guys pointed their guns at Micheal.

I screamed, covering my head.”Yes…yes…I have it. It’s in my room..I will bring it for you.” I answered,my voice shaking.

Patrick turned towards one of the guys.”Sonnie, follow her and get the key. Lets be fast and get out of here.”Patrick said harshly to the guy and he kicked me up.

“Move it!” Sonnie shouted at me as I quickly climbed up the stairs leading to my room. I opened the door and we entered.

“Be fast and bring put the key.” Sonnie commanded as I walked slowly to the drawer,my hands raised above my head.

I planned fast with my brain. I contemplated on what to do to Sonnie. He was the only one now. I could handle him if I was smart.

Without thinking twice I jerked my feet backward as hard as I could and hit him hard on the knee. His knee buckled as he gave a shout and a bullet left the gun, hitting the wall as I ducked.

Almost immediately the bullet was shot, the police siren blared outside the gate as they drove madly into the compound.

I did not know what happened and that point I remembered Felicia. I must have been the one that called them.

Still wincing in pain on the floor,I knocked down the gun from his hand and pulled the trigger at him.

I did not know what I was doing. I just did it the way I saw in movies but a bullet came out and went straight to his forehead, hitting him and killing him immediately.

My first time of killing someone. I understood it was self defense but I screamed trembling.

“Rose! Come out of there! Rose! Come down!.”

I heard screams downstairs outside the compound.

I staggered away from Sonnie’s dead body, clutching my stomach and jerked the door opened.

My mouth flew open. Everywhere was filled with smock! Smoke from fire…what happened? Where did fire come from? I ran out into the smoke but everywhere was blocked.. blocked!

The fire was everywhere in the living room. There was no where to pass. Tears filled my eyes as I began to cough violently.

“You guys should leave me alone! I need to get her out of there! Rose!… Rose..there is a bomb in there with the fire!

Jump down from the window! I’m going to catch you! Jump down else I’m coming in and we are going to die together!”

I heard Michael saying outside, downstairs.

God..the smock was growing thicker, drugging my lungs.

I slumped to the floor as I continued coughing. I was becoming blind by the thick smoke. I couldn’t see again.

At the background, Micheal’s voice continued sounding in my soul and it gave me strength.

I crawled in my feet and went back into my room, crawling to the window.

I grabbed it and opened the curtain and the aluminum glass to see Micheal begging me to jump.

Patrick and the police men were exchanging bullets, even though the house would explored thirty minutes from now on.

Out if the corner of my eyes downstairs,one of the boys Patrick brought in stood behind Micheal ready to shoot him.

“No……. Michael… out…”

I couldn’t scream… couldn’t jump down. It was a way too far. I would surely die with my unborn child.

But the guy was pulling the trigger..he was pulling it…about to shoot Michael…what do I do??…my mouth had suddenly lost it’s will to talk.

Michael was surely going to get shot….My eyes felt dizzy as I stared down,tears pouring down…

Micheal’s life depended on me now,even mine because right now…the fire is already eating up the door…….


Hmmm…are there going to be more dead bodies??.. find out in the next episode!!…💀💀💀

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