“What exactly did you say you saw, Betty?” The D.P.O asked his daughter.

Betty stared ahead as if she saw trying to say something then she started.

“That afternoon when I ran into the compound….

{Betty’s story}

Betty ran into the compound whose gate was not locked.

The gate man wasn’t aware that someone had entered. She was sobbing as she entered inside.

She passed through the narrow passage behind the house, leading to the other main entrance by the left and peeped through the door which was opened and saw Eric together with Patrick, coming.

Betty hide, backing the wall as she peeped in again when she noticed they were not coming out.

Eric was furious as he banged on the store room.”Are you sure she’s here right now?” Eric barked at Patrick.

“Yes sir. I saw her few minutes ago as we arrived, going inside here with Micheal.

I couldn’t believe it also so I had to come and call you.”

Patrick replied as Eric banged again furiously at the store room door.” Come out!! come out,you slut. You animal!! I said….”

Patrick lifted an heavy stick,which he kept by the door and landed it on Eric’s back head, twice and hard.

Eric sunk in his breath as he slumped to the floor, bleeding and breathing heavily.

“Why…” He asked, quietly, slowly as Patrick stared down at him, smiling evilly.

“Well, master. You think you can have it all? No,you can’t.

No,Eric Donald. Living with you had been so boring I can’t take it anymore.

Don’t worry and just die,I will inherit all your properties and wealth and manage them very well.” Patrick said, raising the stick again for the third hit.

Despite his state,Eric laughed.

“You don’t even know where my documents are. How will you be able to do that?

You don’t know what I wrote in the will I gave to my lawyer…you ….you..can never achieve your evil plans…” Eric said, running out of breath.

“We shall see about that. I shall come back for the house documents and every other documents and prove you wrong. Goodbye,master.”

Patrick said and hit him again on the fore head. Eric died instantly as Patrick threw the stick,full of blood inside the store room.

Betty stood where she was,her hands covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming as she saw all what happened.

As soon as she heard his footsteps retreating back the way they came,Betty took to her heels and fled the compound…….

{Back to reality}

The D.P.O breathed in as soon as Betty finished her story.

To say I was relieved would be an understatement. I was dying of it!.

The D.P.O told one of the officers to call his wife so she could come and pick Betty up while another was sent to call Micheal. He arrived almost immediately with a police man holding him tightly.

“Let him be.” The D.P.O said as Micheal joined me on my seat. The D.P.O looked at us. “This is really incredible. Who is this body guard?” He asked.

“Patrick.” Both Micheal and I said together.


We nodded.

“Do you know how long he’s been working for Mr Eric?” The D.P.O asked and I looked at Micheal. Only him should know that.

Micheal stared for a while and nodded.

“Yes. Over five years now.” He replied.

“In the story my daughter narrated now,the said Patrick told the dying man he would come back for the house documents and other things. I’m sorry we can’t totally release you even though you are innocent.

I’m sorry. But we are going to allow you go back home and await the arrival of Patrick.

Pray that he does for he’s the only way for you to be free of this case entirely.

And as for the dead bodies,we have to bury them with immediate effect.

After that you can go home. We will keep an eye on you guys and the house and alert us immediately Patrick comes.”

After the bodies were buried we were permitted to go home. Outside the station,I saw Betty getting into her mum’s car. She stopped as she saw me pointing at her and saying something to Micheal who smiled.

We got closer to her and I extended my hand for a hand shake. She gladly took it.

“Thank you so much for saving us. You are a God sent.” I told her and she smiled. She was quite pretty and young, probably,18.

“You are welcome. And I feel so pleased to have saved someone. You won’t believe it but it was my first time. I have to rush now…my mum is already impatient.”

Betty said as she heard her mum scream her name from the car. We waved as she hopped inside and they zoomed off.

Almost immediately,as we wanted to enter the van to take us back home,my eyes felt dizzy and saw stars. I couldn’t stable my feet as I staggered. Michael looked at me,alarmed as he held me.

“Rose! What’s that?” He asked but he seemed as if he was far away because I couldn’t hear anything close again.

I ran out of breath and slumped against him, collapsing.


Slowly,I opened my eyes to see myself in an hospital bed. The first person I saw was Micheal, holding my hand and looking down at my face with a wield expression. I tried to stand up but he pinned me back to the bed.

“What’s happening? Please let me get up.” I said in a very weak voice that sounded so low.

“You are still very tired, Rose. Relax.” He told me with a troubled harsh voice. I looked at him and noticed it at once.

His face was marked with worries.

“What’s it? What’s happening? You…you look worried ” I asked him as he breathed in and looked at me.

“I…I… don’t Know how to break this Rose…I don’t know..I’m so confused right now.” Micheal said,robbing his head.

I was alarmed. Was it about me? Despite my weakness,I forced myself to sit up.

“Please,tell me. Don’t keep me in suspense. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Michael, please.. talk to me!” I voiced out as he looked at me again.

“Rose… Rose…. you’re… you’re pregnant.” He announced and my shoulders slumped immediately.

Pregnant?…No way…how could I? could I?

Oh no…Eric had sex with me the very day I pressed the key into the soap!

No…I couldn’t have that monster’s baby..but wait….I also had sex with Michael the next day.

God..whose baby was I carrying??

Whose baby could it be??……..


Michael or Eric’s baby??…..We are gonna find out..😗😗😗

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