I decided to act brave as they commanded us to open the wardrobe. I came down from the stool and stood in front of the inspector.

By this time,the ringing had stopped and it gave me more courage.

“Officer, I won’t allow you to come in here into my house and order me around.

I choose the call I want to receive and the one I don’t want to receive. Please,leave me my house,now.” I said with a mark of finality as the inspector glared at me.

When I was just winning the situation,then boom!!

The phone began to ring again,this time…more louder. I was shaken and the police men saw it.

I moved back, scratching my hair as the inspector brought out his gun, pointing it Micheal.

“Open that wardrobe now!” He said, commanding him with a loud voice. Micheal looked at me,tears almost jumping out of his eyes as he moved towards the wardrobe slowly.

“Officer please….” Michael started as the inspector pointed the gun at him.

“Open this thing!”

I stood straight there, unable to move as I watch Micheal’s shaking hands going towards the wardrobe.

Slowly,he opened the wardrobe and threw the door opened.

Eric’s body became visible as the police men’s eyes widened in terror.

“Jesus Christ!”they exclaimed,as they stared at the body layed inside the wardrobe.

“Officer…we did not do it. You have to believe us, please. We were just about to call the police when you arrived. Please, believe us we did not kill him.

We…we saw him dead on the floor… please… please… believe us..”Micheal pleaded as the inspector looked at us.

He threw a glance at me.”Who killed Mr Eric? How did he died?”

Tears fell from my face as I bowed my head.”I don’t know…we saw his body… lying on the ground.

” I replied. At this point,I did not care if they believed or not. I just wanted the corpse out of the house.

“You are under arrest for murder.” The inspector said as Micheal broke down, pleading innocence.

I did not say anything. I just resigned myself to fate.

“Officers, bring out the body..we are all going to the station for interrogation. I will call the ambulance now”.

The inspector said as the three officers went to the wardrobe,wore their hand gloves and pulled Eric’s body out, making him lie on the floor.

“There is one more thing you need to know.”I told the inspector as he looked at me.


Antonia’s corpse was being carried out with a stretcher by two police men. Michael and I were already inside the van, waiting for them to load the corpses inside the ambulance.

“You don’t have to cry, Rose. Since we are innocent of all this, nothing will happen to us.” Micheal told me as he held my hand. I look at him and shooked my head, sniffing.

“I’m not crying because of me but because of you.

I put you through this. You wouldn’t be here if I did not do all those things and if I had allowed you to call the police, things might have been different.

Please, forgive me.” I told him but he said nothing. He only hugged me to himself.

As soon as the corpse were layed inside the ambulance,our journey to the station took place.

We got there thirty minutes later and was taken inside different interrogation rooms.

The D.P.O interrogated me personally. I didn’t know who interrogated Micheal but I was sure it was the inspector.

“You must tell me the truth,Mrs Donald. How did your husband died?” The D.P.O asked me.

I looked up at him with my teary eyes.” I can swear with my life I don’t know what happened to him.

But if you would believe me,I think something transpired between him and his body guard.”

I said and in that instant,I knew I needed Felicia but I knew she must have ran away from the house already. Who wouldn’t?

She could have testified against Patrick because his movement was suspicious and he was also the very last person to talk with Eric.

“Please, believe me”. I said to the D.P.O. “I was married to him but he never treated me as a wife till he died. I couldn’t have killed him.

Even though he never showed me love,I believed that one day,he would.

What would I gain from doing so? Whatever would I gain from killing him??” I asked the D.P.O who only continued to look at me.

“So,you had no idea that there was a corpse up in that room?”he asked me and I told him no.

“There is no way you expect me to believe you without an evidence,do you?” The D.P.O asked. I looked at him nodding .

He was right. How do I expect him to believe me without an evidence.

“I’m being lenient with you because of your status as his wife. I’m sure that guy’s face will be full of scars by now if he refuses to say the truth.

The truth will save you. It’s the only thing that’s going to save you.

Just trust me and tell me the truth.

You will have to be taken to court should this continue.

You aren’t free of this allegations at all.

When there is no single evidence, you are not free.

You can’t be free. There is no evidence that you are. No evidence…..”

“There is an evidence,dad.”

The D.P.O was interrupted by a voice. I looked up a s turned around to see a young girl coming inside.

Calling the D.P.O dad…she must be the girl that ran away.

“Betty! What are you doing here and what do you mean by that!” The D.P.O questioned.

“Everything that happened…..I witnessed it all.

I was in that compound that afternoon that everything happened.

There is an evidence.” The girl said as I stared at her. My heart beat accelerated.

Does it mean she saw something as she ran into the compound that afternoon?

God. Is this you at work? I allowed my heart beat to slow down a bit as Betty began her story…….


Betty’s story loading…✍️✍️

This episode is somehow short…. don’t complain and take it like that.😇😇😇

Read the next episode to find out what actually happened to Eric….

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