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Magic of love chapter 1



– Tom: a lycanthropes (werewolf) , who has lived all her life in the forest because no kingdom will harbour her , she became friends with Oreva, the wizard that was banned from the Babylonian kingdom

– Feathers: He is an elderly man in the palace who understands magics but doesn’t use it, He is vast at identifying vampires and werewolves, his granddaughter is Lele whom he sent on palace errands, he lives in the palace

– Esther: She is a vampire who lives in the forest and later became a friend with Oreva, the wizard that was ban from Babylon

– Dandy: He is an alien who was casted to the earth for betraying his brothers to humans, he lives in the forest for many years before he became friend with Tom and Esther, who later became friends with Oreva

-Ade: She is the chief palace doctor

– Queen Goddy: She is the queen of the Babylonian kingdom, she succeeded king Emmanuel her father, she has a daughter named Bella

-Bella: She is the only daughter of Queen Goddy, she is a lover of Oreva the wizard before he was banned from the kingdom

– Rayvar: The wizard that was banned by King Emmanuel from Babylon

– Lele: She is Feathers grand daughter

Genre: Meta natural

Settings: South Africa, Liberia, London, America, Babylon.


Oreva is a wizard banned from The kingdom of Babylon many years ago during the reign Of King Emmanuel.
He was banned because he practices magic which was against the practices of the kingdom, even though Oreva practices white magic and he does good with his magic, the king refused to consider his intentions. He left the kingdom and went to live deep in the forest where he became friends with lycanthropes (Tom), Alien( Dandy) and vampire (Esther)

Before Oreva left, the queen Goddy that succeeded King Emmanuel his father, had a child named Bella.
Bella fell in Love with Oreva before he left the kingdom, even though Oreva had left and it’s being many years she saw him, Bella still loves Oreva , but Queen Goddy is beginning to force Bella, her child into marriage insisting she must marry Clinton who is the prince of the hitihe kingdom

Oreva heard the rumour and promised never to allow his love, Bella, to fall into the hands of another man

Oreva will have to come to the kingdom with his friends, the lycanthropes, aleins and vampires to save his Love, princess Bella

How will Oreva accomplish his mission when the kingdom is against magics,aliens, werewolves and vampires ?

Will he fight the kingdom and take princess Bella away ?

Will Princess Bella betray her kingdom and her mother , Queen Goddy, to follow the love of her life ?

Find out in this series of stories.

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Magic of love chapter 1
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