Magic of love chapter 5

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Esther’s P. O. V
I heard a door creak open then another door and I buried my head in the pillow.
“what ” I heard Oreva’s voice.
“you’re right, there’s something here ” Tom said.
“what is it ” Oreva asked.
” I don’t know but I saw something glowing blue in a flash, it was like a light shining from something, I just can’t explain ” she rushed her words.
Ah! Why do vampires have to have super hearings.
Now I can’t sleep.
I got up and headed out when I couldn’t hear Tom and Oreva’s voice.
I opened the main door and headed to the backyard.
I stopped on my track with wide eyes and opened mouth.
I almost vomited my heart out when I saw the creature in front of me.
An Alien.
It’s blue and it shines brightly in the dark.
Before the blink of an eye, it took Tom and threw her with so much strength, making her land against a tree then slumped to the ground.
I stared in shock and Oreva seem to be in shock too as he seem glued to his spot.
Tom slowly rose up on her knees.
We heard bones cracking, low growl.
She woge into her wolf form and howled.
OK! We’re in to watch a hell of a fight!.
I watched the Alien charge towards Tom, anger and strength radiating in thousand waves from him, but Tom wasn’t going down either without a fight as she shape shifted into her wolf.

Growls could be heard as jaws snapped together. The blue light radiating from the alien only seemed to shine more. Being a vampire I had a better knowledge of other immortal creatures like me, and if I’m not mistaken then I know that Alien’s weren’t the vicious type, but the only explanation to what was happening could be the fact that the Alien probably sensed the Tom’s wolf and wasn’t comfortable with it.

Oreva was quick to intervene before what was a wrestle of strength and powress turned into a bloody debate.

“Shift!” he bellowed a command directed to Tom, her wolf’s face turned into that of fury on being asked what to do, but Tom wasn’t quick to rein the wolf’s anger as she shifts immediately. Oreva turns to the Alien and mutters slowly and carefully.

“She is with us. She means no harm.” the Alien’s blue glowing color subdues a sign that he was now calm.

“What a disgusting act. A fanger and a muse, together.” he spats referring to me and Tom. Well he was right, it was like a taboo to find a vampire and werewolf together. And although I was offended on his use of the ‘Fanger’ word on me, I knew that being angry was not the best scenario we needed right now.

“What brings you here?” Oreva was quick to ask. Tom on the other hand changed into a clean set of clothes as hers laid shredded on the ground.

“I heard a cry,” the Alien mused as if going into a trance. “A cry of lost love. It tugged to my heart, and I followed it but it led me here.” he said. Wow, he must be referring to Oreva’s lost love with Bella. He told us the story of how he was banished from his kingdom only because he practiced magic, but Oreva was a white mage. He practiced light magic and not dark magic.

Oreva’s expression looked so sad and forlorn, my heart tugged and reached out to him.

“I suppose then it’s you.” the Alien said not needing any confirmation on that. Oreva didn’t answer, and as for a wizard as strong as him to show so much of a foreign emotion really meant a lot.

“I’m here to help you recover your lost love. Your heart cries shall not go in vain.” the Alien says. Oreva was caught off guard and looked surprised for one.

“You mean you want to help me? Even when you don’t know me?” came his question.

“Yes, and before you ask I don’t want anything in return.” he says. I was really moved and I spoke.

“What’s your name?” Oreva asks apologizing for his manners.

“Dandy.” came the short answer.

“I also want to help you Oreva no matter the circumstances.” I said sincerely.

“Me too, I can’t wait to snap some jaws.” Tom says grinning wildly at us. If not for the fact that Oreva was a wizard I would have said he almost wanted to cry. He recovers his tough countenance and says.

“Yes, but first, I have reasons to believe that Prince Clinton, the one intended to be married to my Bella will do them great harm.” Oreva says.

“Really then, I guess we will first handle the prince.” I said. We were in for a big fight.

To Be Continued.

Magic of love chapter 6
Magic of love chapter 4
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