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Oreva’s P. O. V
I let out a sigh and looked up to the sky.
The pain in my heart knew no bound as long as my love isn’t with me.
Deep down inside me, I just hope Bella’s alright.
“so where exactly are we heading to ” I asked, no one in particular as we head to a “no destination “.
“nowhere, somewhere, anywhere and everywhere as long as we survive ” Esther primped and I chuckled.
“and how is it possible that you guys have been in this forest and not crossed paths ” I asked, looking at the two women simultaneously and Tom arched an eyebrow at me.
“not trying to be pokey but just curious ” I blurted out.
“this forest is very big and trust me when I say ” Esther paused, came to my front, leaned closer and said to my face “you’ve not seen nor met all the creatures in this forest ” she said in a an husky voice as if trying to make me scared and I chuckled.
“any of you have a house ” I asked, getting tired of the roam.
“yep I do ” Tom said.
“your neck seem tempting though ” Esther growled making me stop on my track.
I know very well what’s she hinting at.
“don’t even go there ” I said sternly and she chuckled.
“just kidding ” she said and held her hands up in surrender.
We continued moving to a “no destination ” and I couldn’t help but smile at the two women I’ve got as friends.
Esther seem to be the blabber type.
She talks a lot, considering she’s a vamp so yeah she’s got the strength.
And Tom is just the quiet but dangerous type.
Esther and I stopped on our tracks making Tom stop too.
Esther and I gave each other a knowing look then let our eyes wander everywhere.
“do you smell that ” Esther asked and I nodded, still eye searching everywhere.
“what” Tom asked.
“blood ” Esther whispered loud enough to our hearings and I almost chuckled but suppressed it.
“more like something ” I said and they looked at me.
“Esther you’re a vampire so obviously the only thing you can smell is blood ” I remarked and she gave me a look that says “as if I care “.
“so what do you smell ” Tom asked.
“I don’t know but there’s something here ” I said.
“found it ” Esther announced and we went over to her.
I groaned when I saw a dead deer with fresh blood.
Obviously, that’s what she was smelling.
And I thought we were in the same boat.
There’s something here but I just can’t put my finger in it.
“my house is just a little further ” Tom announced as the forest became darker.
It’s almost night fall.
Goddy’s P. O. V
I sat comfortably on the throne, smiling to myself.
Father is in his room taking a nap.
He should do cause he’s old and he needs it.
I can’t wait to take over the throne and rule the kingdom.
I’ll make sure to be the best queen ever.
Just a few more days, months, years before I become the queen.
I smiled to myself as I admire the throne.
👉 Oreva’s P. O. V. 👈
We arrived at another part in the forest and I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the bungalow in front of us.
It’s a wooden house.
It’s not very big but it’ll be comfy.
“welcome to my home ” Tom said.
Esther and I looked at each other and I winked at her making her giggle softly.
“common let’s go in ” Tom invited and we all went in.
Inside was wide and warm..
There were wooden chairs and I knew it to be the sitting room.
There were three doors, two close to each other and the last one a little further.
I presumed those doors to be rooms.
“thees are the rooms ” Tom said, pointing at the three doors, making my presumption correct.
There were some stack of books on the wooden table and a standing lamp.
“quite good ” Esther commented and I nodded.
I went over to the main door, opened it and eye searched everywhere.
“what ” Esther asked.
“I still smell something here, there’s something out here “I said and they came to look.
“well whatever it may be, we’ve gat to be alert ” Tom said and we nodded in agreement.
“I’ll take a nap ” Esther said and headed to a room.
“no stop, that’s mine ” Tom said before Esther could go in.
“whatever ” she seethed and entered the next room.
I shook my head at her bizzaure act and smiled at Tom.
“feel at home ” Tom said and entered her room.
I sighed and sat on the chair facing the table.
I can’t stop thinking ’bout Bella and how everything went.
There wasn’t even a proper goodbye
I sighed and laid my head on the table.
Bella’s P. O. V
It’s already nighttime and I still can’t get a hold of myself. I can’t believe my love is gone.
I sat by my window, staring into space.
I looked over to my table to see the food the maid brought still there.
The mere sight of it wanna make me puke. I can’t eat knowing the man I love is somewhere else.
I sprung to my feet and headed towards the table.
I raised my hand to hit the food away but stopped when I heard my subconscious.
“why don’t you eat ” my subconscious asked and I hissed through gritted teeth.
“do you think Oreva will be happy to see you in this condition ” my subconscious snapped and it clicked something in me.
Hearing the name of Oreva from my heart melted me.
Oreva won’t be happy to see me like this.
Had he been here, he’d have made me eat no matter the situation.
What if I starve and die? Then I would never be able to see Oreva again.
But now that I’m still alive, I still have hope of seeing him one-day cause when there’s life, there’s hope.
I sat down and gently pushed the food to myself.
I stared at the new cold French fries in front of and sniffled.
The maid knew I won’t be able to eat anything weighty in this condition.
French fries I just perfect and I thank her for that.
I took a French fry knit my mouth and munched on it as tears streamed down my cheeks.
👉 Oreva’s P. O. V 👈
I heard a door creak open and I looked up to see Tom rushing to the main door in haste.
She opened and went out with me trailing behind her.
She arrived at the backyard of the house and searched everywhere.
“what ” I asked.
“you’re right, there’s something here ” she said.
“what was it ”
“I don’t know but I saw something glowing blue in a flash, it was like a light shining from something, I just can’t explain ” she rushed her words.
I saw the blue light from the corner of my eyes and I think Tom saw it too.
We stopped, looked at each other and slowly turned.
Our mouth fell open at the sight in front of us.

Magic of love chapter 5
Magic of love chapter 3
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