Magic of love chapter 9

Magic of love chapter 10 finale
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A sudden pain in my chest made me stop in my tracks as we walked closer to the walls of The Lost Valleys Of The Old.

I clasped on hand on my chest and let out a low moan. “Aaarh”

“What is wrong?” Esther asked in concern as she came to an halt next to me.

“Bella is sad.” I replied sadly.

“Awwwww,come on.Don’t be sad too baby boo.” Tom consoled me as she shape-shifted in her human form.

Dandy smiled and patted me on my shoulder. “You’ll be with her soon.”

“And is this The Lost Valleys Of The Old?” Tom asked as we looked up at the tall walls before us.

“Yeah.” I muttered softly.

Tom smirked. “Let’s go then.”

I reached out and gripped her hand. ‘So cold’.

She pouted and looked up at me. “What?.. aren’t we going in?”

“Hmm…I want to go alone from here.” I mused.

Tom blushed in embarrassment. “Oh.”

I smiled and let go of her.

“I won’t take long guys.” I casted a spell and disappeared.

I appeared before my father’s grave.Without much ado,with my wand; I casted a spell and a red and black candle appeared in my hand and stood on his grave.
With my eyes,I lit up the red candle,chanting his name till his dead soul came forth.


“Father.” I bowed my head and raised it back to look at him.

“Son,I see you have come.” Father muttered softly.

“Yes Father.” I replied.

Father smiled. “I know why you have come…There is a battle coming very soon and you must fight that battle.

“Way back before you were born,a prophecy that you will fight a bloody war was shown to me.” He narrated.

He swallowed. “It is time to fulfill that prophecy Oreva.Fear not,the spirit of all the dead wizards and witches shall be with you.”

I sighed and nodded my head.

“You will free Babylon from destruction.Go.” Father ordered.

“There is no time to waste.Go now!” He commanded again.

I bowed my head and lit up the black candle.

“THE DEATH GOD HAS GIVEN THEE TO ME, AND NOW HE CALLS YOU BACK.” I changed loudly with my eyes teary with tears.

My father disappeared and I stepped away from his grave.

“Work calls.” I muttered.

I twirled my wand in the air and disappeared.


I laughed as I read Darius’s message.

So that bitch tried to escape to go see that idiot…So she had only pretended to be sick when I was there in their palace.

“Stupid.” I cursed under my breath.

“I will make sure I destroy all of you.Hahahahaha!!!!” I laughed again.


All hope is lost,all joy gone.The love of my life left and I’m all alone in this hellish palace.

“Your food Your Highness.” My lady-in-waiting spoke as she walked into my room.

“I want no stupid food from nobody.” I spat out in annoyance.

“My princess,language.” She cautioned.

“Oh spare me!” I snapped.

“Render this message to mother, ‘If she doesn’t allow me to see Oreva,I’ll kill myself.” I blurted out.

“Your Royal Highness!..No such thing will happen to you.I forbid it.” My lady-in-waiting shrieked.

“Deliver the message to her.” I ordered.

“Your Highness,you need to eat your food first.” She frowned sadly.

“Oh,really?..fine.” I smiled cunningly and reached for plate of food in the team in her hands.

She grinned with delight. “Thank you My Princess.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” I smirked.

“What do you mean My Princess?” She asked,confused.

The content in the plate pouring on her body was my reply.

“Now you can thank me.” I replied and threw the plate at her.

“My Princess.” Her eyes glistened with tears.

“Render the message to Mother.” I scoffed and looked away.

She turned around,now sobbing uncontrollably and walked out of my room.

“What do I do now?….” I muttered incoherently as I sat in my bed.

Even my room was now a prison,my prison.

Magic of love chapter 10 finale
Magic of love chapter 8
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