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Bella’s POV
I was in my room, looking out through the window. My eyes scanned the beautiful Babylonian Streets.
My world was upside down! The pain in my heart refused fade away
What pain?
The pain of being far away from a loved one. I missed Oreva!
I missed our talks and his heartfelt kisses.
I missed his laughter and charming smile that almost blinded me the very first day I set my eyes on him.
I missed the times we spent together. They are lovely memories! But I lost him!
I couldn’t save the one I love because I was weak and powerless. And if I could turn back the hands of time just a little, then I would change my status as a princess and be a normal girl just to be with Oreva. But it was impossible to turn back the hands of time.
My well constructed plan failed! It failed despite risking my life by cutting my left palm.
I opened my eyes slowly, observing my surrounding through my sightly blurred vision.
“My princess!” Someone screamed
I turned my head towards the direction of the voice. Ademide was there. She flashed me a bright smile.
Oh! I was in the Palace Infirmary!
“How are you feeling?” She asked
I sat up and looked down at my left palm. A white bandage was wrapped around it. And I recalled how i ended up in the infirmary.
My plans!
“I’m fine” I muttered
“Good to hear, My Princess”
Ademide grabbed a chair nearby and sat close to the bed.
“So tell me, why did you try to hurt yourself?” She asked
I avoided her gaze and stared into space.
I’ve known Ademide since I was a little girl. I was close to her even before she became the Head of Palace Physicians. She was a skilled physician. She was extremely a good company. I always visit the Infirmary whenever am bored in my chamber and Sometimes I help her out in the Infirmary when there is too much work for her and her team to handle.
Ademide was calm, intelligent and knowledgeable. She was always interested in anything i had to say. She could be funny but sometimes strict at some levels. Ademide was the nicest among the palace officials. And it was just nice to always be with her.
She placed her hand on mine.
“Is there something bothering My Princess?”
She asked
“Ade..i’m fine” I withdrew my hand and She stared at me.
“No, you’re hiding something” She poked my side.
I contemplated if I should tell her about My plans because I doubted if Ade would support it. I knew it wasn’t the best but I had no option. I was desperate to see Oreva Again.
“Can I leave now?” I asked after I decided that I wouldn’t disclose my plans to Ademide.
“You can’t leave My princess” she said
I arched my brows
“You need to get well”
“I’m not sick” I rolled my eyes
“My princess, you can’t leave”
She repeated
I hopped out of bed immediately and Ade stood up at the same time.
“The Queen ordered that I shouldn’t let you leave here” she said
“What?” I gasped
“I’m sorry” she bowed
No! I can’t stay here! I need to work on my plans!
“Ade let me leave, I’ll be back in twenty minutes” I pleaded
Feigning a sad look.
“I can’t go against the Queen orders” She said
“I don’t fucking care about my mother’s orders!” I snapped at her. Annoyance clear in my tone. Staying in the infirmary would prevent me from executing my plans. And I can’t let that happen.
I strode towards the door.
“You can’t leave -” she blocked my pathway.
“Step aside Ademide” I gritted
“I’m sorry My Prin -”
“It’s an order!” I snarled
But she didn’t move away. Ademide folded her arms and stared at me.
“You’re hurting yourself because of Oreva. Tell me what are you up to?” she mumbled
Tears pooled in my eyes.
“Step..aside” I muttered
“No, I have to obey the Queen. And Princess Bella hurting yourself won’t bring oreva back. See the reality, try to face it and accept it that he’s gone. And he may never return to Babylon” she said in a tight whisper.
Her words stirred up anger within me and without thinking, I slapped her.
I was so disappointed in her. How could she say such things to me?
I saw her as a confidant, so I expected that she should be on my side!
“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again! And you’re only saying this because you are not in love! And no man will ever show you love because you’ll spend your whole life in this damn infirmary!” I shouted.
I watched a tear dropped down her right cheek.
Good! She won’t be able to stop me!
I shoved Ademide aside and moved out of the room. No one will ever stop me from executing my plans!
I motioned towards the empty room i had hid my bag the day before. My plan was to leave the palace without anyone finding out. Since my mom won’t let me out of my room without her consent, so I decided to hurt myself knowing that I would end up In the infirmary and then use that chance to escape.
Good Plans!
I searched my bag to see if my stuffs was intact..And Yes it was just the way i had kept it there. I changed the billowy gown into a more comfortable outfit that would make me move fast. A Black Jean and red Top. I ran a comb through my hair and put it up in a bun before throwing a scarf around my head. I don’t want to attract the guards around. I hope I don’t get caught.
I intend to travel to the “Land Of Enchantia”, the home of “Witches and Wizards”. Magic was not forbidden in Enchantia like Babylon. Every Magical creature was permitted to dwell in that kingdom. I studied the map, it would take me three days and nights to get to Enchantia. I need a witch to help me communicate with Oreva.
I want him!
I want so many things!
I want to be far away from this Kingdom! I don’t want to be a princess! It sucks!
I want to find Oreva! I want to be with my Heartthrob!
Maybe I might find him in Enchantia because he once told me that he would like to visit Enchantia in the future.
I hope I succeed in finding Oreva!
I moved out of the room into the silent hallway. It was getting late, a perfect time to leave the palace without being noticed by guards. Laughter erupted behind Me, palace guards! And I slid into the nearest door without thinking ‘who owns this room?’
“Who are you?” A croaked voice said behind me.
Oh Goodness! Someone was in this room!
“Who are you?!” The masculine voice asked
What do I do?
My heartbeat rapidly as he came closer.
“Show yourself!” He yelled
I heard the sound of him withdrawing a sword.
Sword?! No I don’t wanna die!
I turned to face him and I gasped. It was Darius. My mother trusted palace Guard!
His eyes widened in shock.
“Princess Bella” he said putting his sword back in place
I placed a finger on my lips to silence him.
He frowned.
“What are you doing in my room?” He asked, as his gaze moved to the bag that clung to my chest.
Darius wore a thoughtful expression.
“Err..I..I -” I stuttered
“Are you trying to leave the palace?!” He blurted
My head snapped up
Now I’m in trouble!
“No..I..I..Was -”
He snatched my bag
“Hey! Bring that back -” he sidestepped me and searched my bag. He didn’t listen to what I was saying about him being Rude to me.
“Oh! I’m right” He flashed me a wicked grin
“You wanted to leave the palace to find Oreva in Enchantia” He said as he looked at the map. He must have seen the black mark on Enchantia.
“Guards!” He screamed
I panicked
Three Guards rushed in. They were surprised to find me in his room.
“How come you didn’t see the princess come in here?!” He snarled
They exchanged glances.
“Take her to the throne hall” he ordered
Two guards grabbed my upper arms while Darius threw my bag to the last guard.
“Let me go!” I struggled when they seized me.
“Hey! You don’t have to treat me like a criminal!” I screamed but no one listened to me until we got to the throne hall.
I saw Ademide kneeling in front of the throne. My mom stopped talking immediately we came in
“What’s going on? Bella?”
She shot me a Comfused look.
Darius stepped forward.
“My Queen, she was trying to leave the palace” he said as the guard dropped my bag in front of me.
I watched my mom do the wide eye.
“How did you find her?” She asked
“She slipped into my mom while hiding from the guards on patrol” Darius answered.
She looked at me
“Bella,tell me this is not true” Her voice quivered
I have to defend myself. I can’t tell her I planned to sneak out of palace.
“Did you really try to sneak out of the palace?!” She snarled
“No mother! I was heading to Lele’s Chamber” I lied
Lele was my childhood friend. Her grandfather Sir Feathers was a close friend to my grandpa (King Emmanuel) who was the King of Babylon.
Darius Huffed before pouring out the content in my bag.
“You were heading to lele’s place, then why did you avoid the palace guards?”
He asked
“I was scared my mother would scold me for leaving infirmary to Lele’s place” I answered
Fear not Bella
I chanted in my mind.
“What about the extra clothes?” He questioned
“do you expect me to wear Lele’s clothes when I have enough?!” I hissed
“And the packed food?” He asked again
“I wanted to share with Lele!” I snapped
Well, atleast I have to defend myself to avoid Mother’s punishment for leaving infirmary without her consent and for disobeying her orders to stay in the infirmary.
“Mother don’t listen him. I was -”
“Princess Bella, what about this Map?” He raised the Map up.
My heartbeat accelerated.
“My Queen there a black point on Enchantia in this Map. So it is obvious that the princess wanted to leave the Palace to Enchantia” Darius said
No..No..this can’t be happening!
My mom gasped in shock when she collected the map from him. She looked at it to confirm Darius claim.
I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. Damn you Darius!
“You wanted to find Oreva!” She gritted
And my mom was standing in front of me when I reopened my eyes.
I could see the Anger in her expression.
I know am in Trouble! Big trouble! And no one is going to save me from my mother’s wrath.
“You didn’t obey the orders I gave to Ademide because you wanted to find Oreva! How long have you been planning this escape?!” She slapped me
Tears.. I felt them in my eyes.
“Mother –”
“I told you to get over your feelings for that fool!” She snarled and hit me again.
My cheeks burned from the hits.
“You disobeyed me! And you didn’t think of what punishment I would pass out on Ademide. I thought she let let you go on purpose! -” She yelled and hit my again.
My mother groaned in frustration as she walked back to her throne.
I looked at Ademide and our gaze locked but she looked away. I flinched at the pain i saw in her eyes. At that moment I recalled the harsh words I said to her in the Infirmary. I went too hard on her. Will she ever forgive me? For saying those words to her and for hitting her?!
You disobeyed me Bella, and for this reason you are grounded till the day you tied the knot with Prince Clinton” She passed out her judgment.
“Mother!” I gasped out
“My Queen please pardon My princess” Ademide bowed
“No, Ademide you can leave” My mother said
“You can’t do this to me Mother!” I cried
“I’m really doing this and am not to changing my mind!” She said
I knew her words was final and there was no arguing with her. Everyone knows my mother, she never back out on her words.
Ademide raised her head.
“Long live the Queen” she bowed before walking out of the hall.
“Darius assign guards to watch her chamber. And give her the proper punishment if she refuses to comply” she said
“Yes My Queen” He bowed
“Mother..This is unfair -”
I sad shakily.
Tears flowing uncontrollably.
“Grow up Bella and do what I want by doing what is good for our kingdom!” She said seriously.
Darius gestured to the guards. They seized me again but jerked free.
“I’m not criminal! I can walk on my own!” They stepped back
“Make sure she doesn’t leave her room” she added
Darius flashed me a wicked grin. Bastard!
I turned and walked out of the hall in a close run.
I hate Darius!
I hated my mother for treating me like a commoner and for everything she’s did to Oreva.
Because now I will never get to see him again. I’m grounded till my wedding to Prince Clinton.
Escape Mission Failed!
So my plan to travel to Enchantia failed. And now, here I am, locked up in my room, guards watching on the outside. I’m grounded! Someone please save me.
My door opened and I heard someone walked in.
“Oyin, I’m not in the mood for my dance lessons now”
I said, thinking it was my personal maid.
Someone sneered behind me and I turned, frowning as I saw the person I was not in the mood to see.
She moved closer
“So you’ve been avoiding your dance classes”
“Yes, that’s because I’m not in the mood for any stupid dance” I snapped
She snorted
“All because of somethimg that is not even here. And he’s never coming back to this Kingdom!”
“That’s because you banished him when he did nothing wrong!”
“I have to protect my kingdom!”
“Kingdom? All you know is just this Kingdom?! What about my own feelings?! Don’t I deserve to be happy too?” I snifled
“I love Oreva” I muttered
“I don’t care” she snapped
I stared at her in disbelief and tears flowed. I sat on my bed slowly.
She doesn’t care about me. She was only concerned about her kingdom.
“Accept it Oreva is gone. And I won’t watch you destroy yourself because of him!” She added
“Why?..Why..don’t you care?”
She hissed
“Prince Clinton is here to see you. He’s waiting In the throne hall”
“Are you really going to marry me off to that greedy and wicked prince?” I sobbed
“Clinton is not greedy and wicked. He’s a nice man, obviously better off than Oreva the Wizard” she said disgustingly when she mentioned Oreva.
“I don’t love him. I don’t want Prince Clinton”
She sighed and sat beside me, stroking my hair.
“Sweetheart, Oreva isn’t meant for you. And royal blood doesn’t run through his veins plus I don’t want a wizard as an In – law” She Said
“Oreva is a good man”
“I don’t like wizards or any magical creature. His kind is forbidden in my kingdom”
I withdrew in anger
“Do you hate him that much?”
“I want the best for you Bella”
“Oreva is the best man for me”
She stood up, her cold look back on her face.
“Don’t you dare mention Oreva in this palace again! You’re getting married to Prince Clinton!”
“I don’t love Clinton!”
“You listen to me when I talk! Prince Clinton is my final choice for you!”
She strode towards the door and i said
“Will you ever give me the chance to make decisions of my own?”
“Be in the throne hall in five minutes!”
Then she turned and walked away.
I sank further into my bed and sobbed. I was deeply heart broken. 💔



Magic of love chapter 9
Magic of love chapter 7
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