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***Dandy’s PoV***
“Exactly” Tom said in agreement to Esther’s words
“Alright then. How do you commend with the aforementioned plan of saving your people?” I asked.
“That would depend on the manpower we have” Oreva said and I turned swiftly.
“What did you just utter out?!” I said almost yelling at him.
The others were confused.
“How can you talk about manpower when we have all the available species brought together…” I said and walked up to him.
“You’re a warlock, You’re a lycan and you…a vampire” I said pointing at each and every one of them.
“Dismiss the thought of seeking for more manpower when what you seek is in your midst” I said and touched Oreva and my colour changed.
“We’ll have to conquer if we’re in it together!” I said They smiled.
“So, where do we go?” Tom asked.
“We’ll head to the lost valleys of the old. I need to commune with my parents” Oreva said
He brought out his wand.
“Alright then” I said and turned to them.
“Let’s make haste while the sun shines” I said
I let my blue color bath my body as the other transformed to their kind.
I held Oreva and sped out within the speed of sound.

***Bella’s POV***
I sat on my bed, staring at the high ceiling in my room.
This wasn’t great. My mom was unfair to me!
Now, I have to suffer from heartbreaks just because I’m some fucking princess!
I kicked off my sandals and threw it across the room in annoyance. The pain was unbearable.
I missed Oreva!
I wished I could just see him again..Even if it just for once. I want to talk to him!
How can I see him or talk to him without my mom finding out?
All of a Sudden, an idea popped up in my head!
What if I frame to be sick so that I would be admitted in the palace clinic. And then work on my plans!
That’s it girl.
I gotta make a move.
I stripped off my sleeves and took a Sharp knife made by the palace blacksmith.
I cut through my palm and screamed as the blood gushed out.
The guards rushed in.
“I have a deep cut on my palm…take me to the palace doctor. I need medical attention!” I said.
“We need orders from the Queen!” they chorused objecting my opinion.
“Take her to the Palace Infirmary” I heard Ade the Chief Palace Doctor say to them.
I sighed as I knew that she was the only hope that I had.
Thank Goodness she came in at the right time.
I was happy until I started to feel dizzy.
I must have lost too much blood and that made me feel dizzy.
I staggered, darkness clouded my eyes and I lost consciousness.

***Clinton’s PoV***

I sat in my throne hall as a pigeon flew and stopped by the window.
I smiled as I already knew that it was a message from Darius.
I walked to the window pane, touched the pigeon and untied the piece of paper tied on it leg.
I whispered some magical words to it while rubbing the pigeon’s head and i let it fly out.
I took the paper and read:
“Sir Clinton, It has come to my notice that Princess Bella had been admitted in the Palace Infirmary. I suggest this is the perfect time to hit the citadel as I will take care of the guards on duty. Darius”
I smiled as snapped my finger and the paper turned into flame.
Magic is a gift I possess which no one knows about.
Queen Goddy doesn’t know I possess what is forbidden in her Kingdom.
And now?
I’ll have to hit Babylon.
I was ushered into the Babylonian Palace. It’s good to know how much reins i held here and how stupid they are to easily believe that I have good intentions for them.
Babylon was one of the most vast and richest kingdom in the world. The strength and vigor in battle wasn’t something one could explain. And believe me when I say that “Neighboring Kingdoms and those far off envied Babylon”
Bella is the only child, and the heiress to the throne. So what better way can I take over this great kingdom than to get married to the heiress?
That’s the easiest way!
Maybe that way I would be able to kill her while in bed, No! that would raise suspicion.
I don’t have to take her life because she was a beauty to behold. Maybe I will make her my Sex Slave.
Oh! So many things I would do to her when she become my Queen. And when I become the King, I’ll combined both Kingdoms!
And I’ll be the strongest and most Feared King in the World!
I chuckled darkly as I met with Darius the Palace Guard. He was my secret Spy. My joy knew no bound when I got to know that Oreva the Wizard who had been the barrier between me and Bella had finally been Banished from Babylon.
That was the best news I have heard in a While!
I sat in the Guest Hall waiting for Queen Goddy to end the meeting with her Officials.
“How is everything around here?” I whispered to Darius as he served me red wine.
“Everything is fine My Lord. The Queen is bent on marrying her daughter to you. She is leaving no room for argument” Darius muttered, as we were having a camouflaged discussion.
I smiled at his response.
Everything’s working according to my plans!
“Queen Bella is ready to meet you My Lord” A Guard said
I gulped down my wine.
“Thank you Darius” I stood up and followed the other guard.
Now it’s time to play my cards.

To Be Continued!

Magic of love chapter 7
Magic of love chapter 5
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