Magic of love chapter 10 finale

Magic of love chapter 9


🌟Bella P. O. V🌟

at that point when you feel like all hope is lost, all things are ruined.
All you want is to just die and never come back
That’d exactly what I am feeling right now
I just wanna die right now, everything for me now is worthless
All I want is my creva
Tears dropped down my face, I wipped it off then sat at my window’s couch
I could see the whole kingdom from there, my eyes glittered in tears as they fell off my face down to my chest
I sniffed so many times

I want my creva
Please just once bring him back to me
I hate this place
I hate being a princess
I regret being born into royalty
I regret having a mom like mine
I wish I was just a normal girl that would be left alone to decide for herself but no here I am
Stupid nature placed me in this hell forsaking home
I hate my whole life
More tears fell down my face
I lost control then fell to the ground, I clutch my cloth to my chest crying so hard that I couldn’t even open my eyes
I just wanna die……………

😚Queen Goddy’s P. O. V😚
I just want what best for my precious duaghter
I can’t have her get married to a commoner, pauper and to cap it all he is a magician.

But I hate to see my duaghter get that hurt, it hurts me too
Bella is a strong girl Sh’ll get over it
Men can’t be trusted
They are animals
Except my dad and brothers
The rest are animals
Just few of them can be trusted, few like Clinton
Prince Clinton I’m sure he is gonna make a good husband for my duaghter

Just then the maid I sent into bella’s room ran out
She was crying with food all over her body

“Don’t tell me bella did this ”
I asked with a stoic face

“My Queen”
She said then bowed
I turned around looking at space
If I go into her room I’m gonna do bad things that will make her cry the more
How can a princess be that rude, I never trained her to be like that
So rude

I walked fast to her room

“Bella” I yelled
She looked up at me
Her face was pale and red
Her chest was wet also

“Do you have to be like this ”
I asked then sat beside her gently

“Do you even care? All you care about is me getting married to Clinton so you can have more power.
If my daddy was still alive would you be able to do this
Mommy let me make this clear to you
You’re the worst mother ever
Slap me if you want I don’t care anymore
Just for you to know I’m never gonna get married to Clinton
Get pregnant again, give birth in the next 9momths
Tell prince Clinton to wait for 18 years then you’ll finally be able to have your wish
If you’re depending on me forget it ”
She said. Tears fell from her face, she looked so weak and whitish
I feel like if I don’t listen to her she is gonna hurt herself
Maybe I should just let her have her wish
She can’t have her way I’m her mother and I decide what She’ll do
Who she’ll get married to

“Listen bella!
Whether you like it or not you’re getting married to the prince and guess what its gonna be tonight
I’ll make sure you do what I say”
I stormed out of her room
She’ll have to do what I want not the other way round………

😍Creva P. O. V😍
I clutched my chest as I felt a sharp pain in my heart
Bella is hurting, the love of my life is hurtin, my world is not happy.

“You know when I grow up I wanna have a love just like creva’s
How the hell do you know she is hurting”
Tom jested

“Shut up?
No one can ever love a werewolf like ya
You’re even ugly”esther replied while dandy laughed.

“Guys I’m dead seriois, this is worst than ever.
Bella is in so much pain, an unbearable pain
She might die even before I’m able to save her
We have to go now”
I said

They looked at themselves then back at me

“I’m in
I wanna taste some new fresh blood
Seriously hungry”esther said

“I wanna have fun so let’s do this ” tom said more excited

“I’m ready whenever you’re ”

I smiled at their response
I don’t know what to expect, what I’ll meet or who I’m gonna meet but all I know right now is I wanna save my woman

😚Queen Goddy’s P. O. V😚
I sent messages to important people I wanted to be present at the wedding tonight
This is just to formalise them as husband and wife the real celebration will be later

I’m sire bella would love Clinton as time goes on
I can’t just watch her get hurt everyday just cause of a stupid pauper
I hate rubbish
She is my duaghter and she is gonna listen to

Prince Clinton had arrived
He came in with alots of gifts, he looks so handsome in his neat attire
His maids followed behind and guards they each had a gifts in hand

“Wow! Prince Clinton this isn’t even the real wedding its just like and intro and I’m already receiving this much gifts
I know you’ll be perfect for my duaghter “I commented wit lots of smiles

“You’re royalty. You deserve the best of the best
Bella is also a precious diamond if its possible I could give my whole life to her ” he seethed

I smiled looking at him
I ordered my maids to take him to his dressing room
The gifts were received by my guards
I smiled as everything was going perfectly
I wanted to go talk to him about how everything would go so I left for his room
I wanted to knock but i heard a voice like Darius voice my trusted bodyguard
Why would he be at prince Clinton’s place
I tried to eavesdrop but I couldn’t hear then well
I looked around when I saw a glass cup with flowers in it
I removed them then placed it at the door
I listened

“So what’s the plan my prince ”
Darius asked
What plan??

“Darius I’m gonna use magic after the wedding
I’ll kill the queen, feathers but I’ll leave the princess
I’m pretty sure she is a virgin and she’ll serve me on bed for a pretty long time
I’ll kill her when I get tired
I’ll join both kingdom and be the most powerful man ever liveth
Only if the queen knew I had magic
The only person that can save them has been banished
Ain’t I lucky”
He laughed evilly
The cup I was holding fell down
I tried to run but a force held me back, I turned around slowly as I saw Clinton streching his hands to me
He chants some words to himself
I felt stuck

“I wanted this to start late but you made it earlier
Which ever ways its good for me”
Clinton said
I tried to talk but I couldn’t
NY throat we’re so dry and sealed
I can’t believe prince Clinton also has magic
My goodness??

🌟Bella P. O. V🌟
I looked at my wedding dress as more tears fell down my face

I hate my whole life
I’m gonna get married to a man that doesn’t even love me
I don’t even love him
All that idiotic guy wants is this kingdom I’m so sure
No one deserves me expect creva
No one can love me like creva would so then I’m gonna end it now
All of it

I took the sharp object by my lamp side
Creva I’m sorry if I have to do this I’m so sorry
I love you and i’ll forever love you remember that
I took it to my neck it pierce through…………

❤Magic of love❤

Story by Facebook writers😍

☀Bella Pov☀
I pierce through my neck gradually until I felt a force that held my hand
I looked up its Darius

“Leave it now or are you gonna do it yourself go on I already gave you a headstart”
I said
He smiled devilish at me then held my hand
His grip were so tight on mine
He is as thrice as strong as me so there is no way I could push him away

He dragged me to the throne
I saw my mom
She knelt on the floor not able to move

Clinton sat on the throne

“Seriously is this some kind of Joke mom”
I asked not feeling a bit concerned

“Your mom Is in my bondage ”
Clinton whispered in a smile
That was when reality came crashing on me like ten thousand bricks leaving a fucking crake in my fucking heart

What did you do to my mom? ”
I asked standing up gradually

“Hey pretty dont get angry
I love you
You’re so pretty”
He came closer then placed two of his fingers on my cheek
I slapped his hands away

“You’re mad”
I said lashing out so much anger
“Darius what are you waiting for
Arrest this bastard”
I said

He laughed

“Ohh Darius come arrest me please arrest me ”
He mocked

You guys are pathetic
I knew from the start you’re evil
I knew that you were so evil
You’re a monster
How dare you try to hurt my mom
My kingdom”
I yelled
He walked closer to me

“Its my kingdom now pretty”
He said In a laugh

“I hate you
Release my mother now”
I said more like an order

“Awwn pretty you have to beg for it
Beg me
Beg me so hard
Tell me you would do anything
Just say it ”
He said more like mockery

“You’re out of your senses
I will never beg you
Not after all this ”
Suddenly I started feeling a sharp pain in my stomach down to my knee
I fell down

Clinton was chanting some words slowly in a mutter
I screamed as my whole body seemed like It was on fire
“Beg for your life”
He yelled

“No! ”
I yelled back
The pain became hotter
I felt every single pain in every single body of mine

“You will do what I say”
He yelled again then the pain became worst
I yelled in pain as I watched my mom
She tried to do something but she couldn’t move
She tried to say something but she couldn’t
Tears fell down her face
I’m sure by now Sh’ll be regretting everything

I yelled as the pain became severe…..

😍Creva P. O. V😍
“Ahhhh” I yelled as I held my heart
Tom, esther and dandy stopped to look at me

“Walking won’t do guys, I have to try a transportation spell” I said

“Wait you have that? And I’ve been walking for bout an hour now
Wow you’re really annoying creva”ezther commented

“Shut up I gotta concentrate to get it right aside that a transportation spell can be very trickish
It can take us to a lion’s den if we’re not careful enough”
I said

“We or you?
Baby boy don’t put us in your mess pls” tom seethed
I frowned as I tried the spell
“lorem quattuor ad regiam reginae”
I chanted, we all felt a force as we found ourselves in the Queen’s palace

“Ohh no lion’s den”Esther teased

“One day I’ll twist your mouth ”
Dandy replied her

“Shhhhsh guys
Can you hear that ”
I asked as they all kept quiet to listen

“My goodness that’s bella screaming ”
I yelled as we ran up the stairs

There were no guards at all which is awkwardly strange

We ran into the palace
The scene wasn’t beautiful at all
Bella was suffering in pain whimpering on the floor .
The queen knelt down stucked as tears fell down her face
Clinton suddenly looked up at me

“Well! Well! Well! Look who finally joined us”
Clinton said
He already left bella
She felt better gradually then looked at my face

She looked so pale and weak
I looked back at clinton

“You’ll stop all this right now”
I said in a command tone

“You sound like a cat even though you said that with every boldness you can capture
You’re a fool ”
He said then tried to cast a spell

Esther smiled

“No one told me we’re coming to fight this slim dummy with no flesh or blood
No worries I can still suck

This is gonna be easy”
She muttered then sped off to Clinton before I could yell “esther don’t ”
She hsd already be stuck with a spell Clinton casted on her

“Ohh boy
Why can’t I move ”
She yelled trying to free herself
Her face was already red

I heard a growl from behind. Its tom

“Don’t ”
I yelled again but it was too late, she also got stuck with a spell

“Are you girls just randomly stupid or unwise ”
I muttered

“Dandy take the women
Run as fast as you can”
Dandy can run so fast as well
So he nodded then sped like a flash
He took bella then her mom

I had already loosened the spell on her

I faced Clinton as dandy ran out

“You think you can take me down”
Clinton said

“I don’t think, I know”
I said then threw a spell ball at him
He dodge

He formed some balls in his hands again then I dodge

“What are we playing here ?
Dodge balls?? ” esther teased again

Is she seriously in her senses
I said as I ran from clinton’s sight

“Guards get him”
He ordered

I ran behind a pillar as I chanted some spells to stop the guards

Ohh this is gonna be tough
I muttered

🌟Bella P. O. V🌟
The guy was so fast that I could hardly feel my feet

“Stop! ”
I yelled
He stopped then looked at me

“I can’t go on”
I added then tucked my hair into my ear

“We have to get out of here bella
Can’t you see cliton is crazy”
My mom said trying to hold my hands
I jerked it off

“So are you!
I hate you mom
See what you’ve caused
You banished the man I love cause he had magic not knowing your so called prince Clinton also had magic and now he is using it for evil
I won’t go on
I won’t escape like a coward you’re
I’m gonna fight with Creva
I can’t have him paying for the mistakes he didn’t commit
I’d rather die with him than live with you ”
I tried to go but she held my hand

“I’m sorry bella
I thought everyone that had magic were bad people
I’m sorry for thinking like I did
I’m sorry for hurting you so much
But now I accept creva for you
If we pass through this I’ll bless the both of you”
She said

I chuckled
“Ma’am you don’t need to
You’re not needed anymore
I’m gonna marry creva even if you say no
And newsflash he saved your life so you owe him your entire life ”
I said then ran back to the palace

The guy followed leaving just my mom

I can’t just leave knowing that crava is in there fighting a monster

We ran into the palace

“Bella you have to take things easy ”
He said

“Whatever ”
I muttered then ran Into the palace
The two girl with creva were now stuck just like my mom earlier
I looked around just to find crava on the floor
He looked pale and sour

“Creva!! ”
I yelled
I tried to run to him but a force pulled me back

“You’re gonna be my wife so stay”

The guy with me tried to do something but another force held him
He quickly changed into a sparkling blue light like a light bug so he was able to excape the grip of the guards
But Clinton was smart enough to trap him into a glass can with magic
He got shut in

Clinton laughed evilly

He yelled

“Crev you’re finally gonna die
But first i’ll take your powers
Those powers that makes you feel so special
I’ll take them all”
He laughed evilly as Crava winced in pain

I breathe out evily as the guards held my hands

The two girls were now so calm with pathetic looks

Everyone remained pathetic

No one was gonna help

Clinton chanted with his eyes closed
His chants became heavier as wind began to blow things away
The sky became dark
We could hardly see each other
Clinton’s voice became harder
He directed his hands to creva

I closed my eyes, is this how its gonna be ?
Is this how its all gonna end up looking like ?

Clinton is just gonna win?

Clinton is just gonna take over the kingdom?
Enslave everyone in it and I’m gonna become his sex toy?

No! This can’t happen

Then suddenly a light appeared from no where

Just right in front of Clinton and Creva
We all stared to look as we found out its a person holding a mirror

All the spell backfired to Clinton
He fell on the floor groaning in pain
Finally I was free

The two girls were also set free from the spell

The guy flew out of the glass can

Creva slowly stood up
I ran to him
He hugged me

My mom saved us?
I thought as I saw the mirror with her

She smiled faintly

“I’m sorry my baby
I’m sorry creva”
She said

I smiled then hugged her
If not for her, we all would have been dead by now

Cliton tried to stand up but he couldn’t

“What have you guys done to me”
He yelled

Darius came out
He tried to excape but creva was fast to hold him down

We laughed

“Awwn you’re really cute in person ”
One of the girls said to me really excited

“So can I feed on them I’ve been craving for humans blood since like forever so?? ”
She pleaded

Creva cautioned

Its not like you have something better to do with them anyways ”
She licked her lips then speedily ran to cliton she sucked his blood he fell

She speedily ran to daurius
She sucked his blood too
He fell

“Now that’s a delicious blood ”
She wiped her hand with the back of her palm

“Who is gonna marry a beast like you”
Another girl asked

“I’m a vamp
I don’t get married
I go solo ”
She said stylishly
We all laughed

Remember those times we use to be sad?
Those times we couldn’t have what we want ?
Those times all we wished for was death now those times are over cause we believe in love….

😍Creva P. O. V😍
At that point where you weren’t expecting things to be great for you

You wanted the least but you had more

You wanted little but you were given more

Who would say I creva would be crowned the King today with my beautiful queen bella

I smiled as the coronation plus marriage was over

I made some few adjustment in the rules of the kingdom

🌟magics are now allowed

Everyone was happy they all celebrated

Queen goody blessed me
Sir feathers blessed me
Lina was happy
Ademide was excited

Dandy was well I don’t know you can’t define his feelings he is an alien and a good friend

I walked up to my three friends with bella

“Royal majesties”
Esther bowed teasingly

“For once be serious”
I yelled

“So guys are you gonna stay in this kingdom ”
I asked

“I’m staying here
You need a vamp to suck every damned criminal’s blood”
Exther replied

I’m staying”tom said

“I’m going back now creva
I came here to help you accomplish your mission now that you’ve done that. I have to leave”
Dandy said

“Huh why?
Just stay here there is plenty of rooms for you”Bella replied

“I have my own family
MY kids must be missing me now”
He said

“What ?? you have kids
Kill me now please
Wait how old are you? ”
Esther asked

He didn’t even mind her
He turned into a blue sparkly light

“Goodbye my good friends”
He said then flew to the sky

bella wiped her tears as I waved goodbye

“Well one down one more to go”
Esther said then ran after tom

I smiled then held bella’s hand
She smiled at me too

We walked to the cliff
“I really love you bell”
He said

“I know but I love you more”
She replied

She pecked my lips then tried to withdraw
I pulled her closer to me

“Don’t stop”
I said slowly

She smiled then kissed me passionately
She pulled away with smiles

“Don’t corrupt me ”
She said then hit me playfully
I smiled

‘”Bella do you trust me”
I asked

“With my whole life”
She replied

“Then let’s jump down this cliff together”
I said
She gasped

I didn’t tell my mom I was gonna die now
I love you but let’s stag alive together
She said

“Do you trust me? ”
I asked again

“Yes ! with my whole life but I don’t trust this cliff
I can’t die now
We can’t die now
We still have alot to do together”
She said as tears dropped down her face she quickly wiped it off
I held her hand softly

“Okay but don’t leave ….. don’t leave my hand alright”
She sniffed then wiped her tears

I held her hand
“On the count of 3
3….. 2….. 1”
I felt her heart beat race as we jumped down the cliff
And they died

Story by Facebook writers😚😚

Ehm sorry I got carried away

Creva’s pov contd💖💖

We jumped down the cliff then the flying carpet raised us up

She gasped with laugters on her face
She wiped her tears off

“Didn’ I tell you to trust me”
I said she sat on her knees then smiled

“And I did
Now this is magic of love ”
She crashed her lips against mine as the carpet flew us around the kingdom.

❤ The End ❤

Story by Facebook writers 🌟🌟
We love you
All thanks to God🌟🌟

Magic of love chapter 9
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