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💋 Goddy’s POV 💋


It was dawn and as usual my maids were already at my door post to remind me like i forgot. I got up and and hurriedly took my bath before getting dressed.

The death of my husband still triggers in my memory. I might be clumsy and mean sometimes but I truly loved him.

” Good morning my princess..” A guard greeted me.

” Save it.” I said and left for my father’s Chambers.

” Father..” I prostrated before my father.

” My daughter please sit.” He said and i sat down.

” You’re a strong woman and a replica of your mother and I’m really proud of you. Your daughter is as beautiful as you and I’m glad to have her as my grandchild.”

” Thank you father…”

” In no time I will be dead and I want you to take care of my kingdom.” He said and I smiled.

” My king..” Darius called rushing in.

” Yes..”

” The wizard oreva has started his magic powers again and I think it’s wise to inform you.”

” Bring him in this instant.” My father ordered.

” Alright my king.” He said and rushed out followed my three palace guards.

” I need to check on bella.” I said standing up and prostrated before my father.

” You can leave.”

I nodded and walked out. My name is Goddy Emmanuel and the only child of my father and a successor of the throne of Babylon. My kingdom forbids witches and wizards , we see them as threats , infact I see them as threats.

I have a daughter named bella she’s a opposite of me , weak and emotional. I have this huge feeling she’s Inlove with the wizard oreva but I’m planning to play cool with her. After her father died of a mysterious illness I moved back to my palace where I belong.

” Bella..” I called knocking on her door.

” Bella..” I called again but there was no answer .

I slammed her door open and saw an empty bed , she has visited him again.

” Oreva !!” I shouted.

” Find my daughter.” I shouted as the guards rushed out.


🌺 Bella’s POV 🌺


I hated royalty , they always make choices for you and I’ve always wish to be a normal girl.

My family hated the one i love , he was a wizard by the name oreva. It’s said witches and wizards are creatures who practice nothing but black magic but there are witches and wizards who are good.

Oreva was one of them , he was the one who stole my heart even if my family despise them. He’s good and practice white magic but my family won’t listen. The very first day we met was when I discovered there are good warlocks.

My feet was trapped in a rock and I was bleeding profusely that day. I thought I’d die but he saved me. He healed my wound and took me home. My mother hated him since then , she had warned me several time to steer clear of him but I wasn’t ready to listen.

They’ve placed a law never to let a lycan or Vampire live if seen in Babylon. I was at oreva’s that morning. I sneak through my window and avoid the eyes of my maids and guards just so I can meet him.

” I can’t tell my fate.” He began.

” I love you and that’s what matters.” I said holding his hands.

” Bella most times love is not enough , your people hate my breeds and I can’t stand to fight it.” He said and he was right. I felt his pain a lot.

I was ready to do anything just to make him stay and have freedom.

” I know they hate you but we can fight it ” I said.

” We can’t.” He yelled standing up .

” I’m sorry we can’t. Like I said love is not everything.” He said calmly.

I sob silently and looked away.

” I’m sorry if i hurt you okay. I don’t want you to risk your life because of me , no matter what happens don’t forget I love you.” He said and I sob.

I got up and hug him tightly.

” Oreva.” A voice Called.

It was Darius , the chief guard.

” You’re needed in the palace.” He said and I flinched.

” Why ?” I asked.

” None of your business my princess , for you’re coming with is too.” Darius said with authority.

” I’m not going anywhere and he’s not leaving too.” I protested.

” Carry her ” Darius ordered.

” What !!” I exclaimed.

One of the guards lifted me and placed me on his shoulders, oreva was held tightly and was dragged along side me.

I was certain this is the work of my grandfather , the day I feared has finally come. They took me to the palace as the guard dropped me in my mother’s Chambers.

” Mother…” I weeped but got a slap from her.

” You’re a dirty disgrace.” She said irritatingly.

” Mother I love him.” I cried but I got a slap from my mother again.

” Shut up !” She shouted.

” You won’t see him again because he’ll be banished to a far place where you’ll never find him again.”

” Mother please don’t do this to me.” I pleaded kneeling before her.

” You said you loved me and you’ve always wanted to see me happy.” I sob.

” Oreva brings nothing but pain.”

” Mother he saved my life.” I cried.

” Because he wanted to use you against your kingdom and get into your dirty legs.” Mother yelled.

” Mother please beg grand father to please pardon him , please don’t do this to me ” I cried holding her dress.

” You’re grounded , you’ll stay in your room till I’m willing to let you come out and your maids will serve you food only in your room.” Mother said and pushed me out of her.

” Mother please don’t do this to me.” I cried.

” Take her to her room.” She ordered the guards.

” Mother please…” I pleaded and cried.

She refused to listen to me instead the guards carried me and took me out. I was scared , will they really banished the man i love , i vowed to do anything to make him stay and now I’m just powerless. I stayed in my room and cried my eyes out , being a princess sucks.


🌺 Goddy’s POV 🌺

I walked to the palace and saw oreva kneeling before my father.

” What should we do to him ?” My father asked me.

” Strip him off his clothes and beat him.” I ordered.

” My princess please.” He begged .

” I’ve not committed any crime.” He added.

” Oreva you’re a warlock , your breeds are evil and wicked. You bring nothing but pain and suffering. You don’t even have a mother or father , your bad luck killed them. Your breeds are nothing but darkness and death. You were so stupid to have made my daughter fall in love with you ” I said angrily.

I was really irritated by his presence.

” I’m sorry my princess. I love your daughter and she loves me too.”

” Shut up.” I yelled and smack his face.

” Strip him.” I said to Darius who quickly strip him.

” Make sure you beat him hard.” My father ordered.

Darius strip him half naked and he was beaten mercilessly. He pleaded and cried , I hate him , I hate their breeds. Evil and wicked. He cried and pleaded but we refused to pardon him.

” That’s enough.” My father said and the guards stopped.

He was already breathing fast and his back was bruised.

” You’re therefore banished from Babylon , your soul is rejected and cursed. Babylon forbids you for ever stepping your feet on her land again , the trees will bring nothing but pain to you and you shall never returned back here.” My father said.

” No… Please your highness don’t do this to me.”

” Take him away..” I ordered as Darius dragged him out.

” Please forgive me..” he shouted.

I spat and scoff to his demise , my daughter is free from his evil charms and magic all in the name of love. It’s so painful she found love in the arms of a stupid warlock , I’ve always wanted her to love Clinton the prince of the hitihe , they are powerful and famous.

And now the warlock is gone , she has no choice…

Magic of love chapter 2
Magic of love synopsis
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