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Lucas dropped me home and I thanked him, and walked inside I dropped my backpack and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.. I sighed and rest my butt on the kitchen counter. I remembered school today, when all the girls were going crazy for Ben and I almost laughed out my lungs, this is crazy, I dropped the glass cup and walked out of the kitchen and then the front door open and Ben walked in.. Looking a bit tired, he closed the door and rest on it..
“hey” I said and he suddenly turned
“oh’re home already” he said and I nod and grabbed my backpack,
“so. How was the ride with your new friends” I asked
“oh well it was okay I guess” he said and starts to go straight to the kitchen.. While I head straight to my room..
I took a shower and changed into a black T-shirt and a sweatpants, I laid comfortable on the bed and sighed softly, my phone starter Ringing and when I looked at it, it was my mom..
“hey mom” I said into the phone
“hey sweetie, how was school?” she asked
“oh well school, was okay, but mom do you know that Ben just got popular on his first day, today?” I said and I could hear my mom laughter from the phone
“I know that boy was a real charm the moment I saw him? You know Noelle’s really pretty” she said and I rolled my eyes.. “well anyway, he’s not” I said
“is he back from school, have you guys eaten?” my mom asked
“yeah he’s back and no we haven’t eaten” I replied
“okay make sure you make dinner, I’ll be home late today, I’m working late tonight” my mom tells me
“okay” I said and hanged up.. I dropped my phone and walked out of my room to make dinner, or just order a pizza cause I’m really tired..
I met Ben watching TV and I walked up to him,
“so Ben, should we make dinner or order a pizza” I asked
“pizza of course” he said with a smile and I nod and went back upstairs to grab my phone and make the order ..
Few minutes later We were both sitting on the couch stuffing our faces with pizza and laughing to the Australian sitcom series we were watching..
“that’s pretty weird” Ben laughed referring to the film
“yeah so weird” I said and coughed cause I laugh too much.., I glance down at the pizza box and there was only one slice of pizza remaining, and wow I didn’t know we could both eat this much, cause we ordered the biggest size..
“oh my Gosh I’m full” Ben said grabbing the last slice of pizza
“well I’m not” I said and grabbed the pizza from his hand, standing up..
“hey that’s not fair I took it first” he blurted out
“well in this house you learn how to be unfair” I say with a grin and walked to the kitchen for a glass of water..
“so, Daisy I heard you like someone” I heard Ben’s voice say and I turned and found him walking in the kitchen, “what are you talking about?” I said and brought the glass of water to my mouth while Ben walked closer to me and sat down on the kitchen counter..
“you like someone at school right?” Ben asked, and I almost choke on my water.. And he laughed
“what’s so funny about that? I could have died and FYI I like no one okay!” I yell and he smiled and jumped down from the counter blocking my path to pass..
“move!” I tell him..
“no not until you tell me what I want, I know it’s not Lucas, you don’t like Lucas one bit” he said
“of course I like Lucas what do you mean” I asked rolling my eyes
“oh you know what I mean, that dude from today, what’s his name, the one with black hair and headphone around his neck, who you just kept smiling at” he said and my face suddenly heat..
“i-i don’t k-know what y-you’re t-talking about” I said lowly and Ben burst into laughter. ..
“you’re not smarter than me Daisy I can tell you’re lying” he said with a smile while I sighed and gave in
“okay, fine..i admit I do like Sylvester, happy?” I said and fold my arms while he nods
“but what happened to Lucas, why Sylvester why not Lucas” Ben said as I was about to walk out of the kitchen and I turned swiftly ..
“look, dude, you’re not me, and you can’t control my heart okay! Lucas is just a really good friend who’s really helpful and nice me” I said and he sighed
“you think he’s just acting all nice for nothing, there’s another side to it Daisy if you think about it, oh and that love you have for Sylvester is just infatuation it will die soon , I guarantee you” he said and walked passed me
“what are you? some love expert?” I said sarcastically and he stopped on his tracks and turned back with a smile. “I am more to that” he said, “whatever” I rolled my eyes..
“oh I almost forgot I gotta show you something” he said and put his hand around my shoulder, I tried to remove it but he just smiled at me and said “don’t fight it”
I let him be and he took me to his room, he lets go of me and walked over to his drawer and brought out stacks of books .. Novels actually
“whoa” I breathed out..
“I bought this for you” he said referring to the books and placing it on the bed
“oh my god, really?” I said and sat down on his bed checking the books out and they were nine novels but sadly I’ve read two from the nine novels..
“yeah I got information from your mom telling me that you like novels” he said
“point of correction I love them, but actually I’ve read them” I tell him and his eyebrow arched..
“what? You’ve red nine of them?” he said looking thrilled
“no.. I meant two I’ve read two out of them” I giggled and he sighed a sigh of relief..
“thank goodness I would have called you a wizard, well you have seven more to read so no hard feelings sis” he said with a smile, this time I didn’t get mad he called me “sis” I actually liked it..
“well I’ll take these to my room” I said carrying the pile of books but unfortunately some slipped out of my hand..
“don’t worry take four and I’ll take five” Ben said and I nod.. He helped carry the books to my room, opposite his.. And dropped it on my bed.. He looked around my room with a smile on his face and his rues landed on a frame picture on the wall above with me my mom and my dad, back then when things weren’t that bad.. “you guys look great” he said with a smile staring at the picture
“yeah we sure did back then when my dad haven’t start being crazy, when he’d give me anything I ask for with much love” I said staring at the picture sadly
“I’m sorry,” Ben said and I turned
“what?.. No look, you don’t have to be sorry okay, it not your fault” I said trying to cheer him up..
“really? Cause it sure feels like its my fault” he said and I held his hand and shook my head negatively and said “it’s not”
“thanks” he said and smiled
we both suddenly heard a screeching sound outside and we both walked out of my room, the door opened and my dad walked in with keys in his hand, Ben walked downstairs while I just stayed at the beginning of the stair case and watched him..
“hey Ben.. How was school” my dad asked
“it was great thanks” Ben smiled and my dad nods.. “well let me just break the news for you, I bought you car” my dad said and Ben smile beamed
“really?” Ben said
“of course I mean you just started school and I don’t want you to take the bus, it’s awkward for guys like you” my dad said and Ben hugged him “thanks dad” he said and my dad smiled while I rolled my eyes..
“and maybe you wouldn’t mind giving “her” a ride” my dad said and smiled, I know he’s referring to me. I rolled my eyes immediately he looked at my direction..
My dad walked upstairs while I walked downstairs to Ben..
“congrats.. On getting your own car Benjamin” I said and he laughed.. “yeah.. Let’s go check it out” he said and I nod and followed him outside..
“oh my God.. She’s beautiful” I breathed out
“yeah.. Wait.. Who said anything about the car being girl” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“go check the la–
“Okay if it’s a girl like you insist I’ll name it Daisy” he cut me off and I glared at him playfully and walked up to the car.. “wow it’s shinny” I said and he nods
“wanna take pictures for memories?” he asked and I nod happily, we took selfies with the car with his phone and I laughed so much with the funny faces we both did..
“I’ll be back i’m thirsty” he said and walked inside… I took his phone and started to transfer to pictures to mine, each and everyone of them..
After they all entered my phone I smiled and looked up and saw Ben looking at me.. That king of Look that you get lost into.. Huh? He immediately remove his face and walked up to me..
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