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(mixed feelings) 💫
I tried to pull out from Ben’s hug but his grip was too tight,
“can…can you let go of me now?” I sutter and he quickly let’s go of me of me and said “I’m sorry”
“so I’m really, sorry about your mom, I shouldn’t have blame all this on you, the only person I need to blame is my dad, he’s the crazy one, i should have known you know nothing about all this I’m sorry” I said and he placed his hand on my shoulder
“It’s okay, you don’t really have to keep apologizing, well it is sad that my mom’s dead but seriously I don’t know her that much, it like she didn’t want me, she just took me to my aunts place to stay and I didn’t think she was ready to take me back… He paused and sighed and let go of me.. And then continued
“and then the night of my ninth birthday, she told me I’m going to my aunt’s place to stay, and when I asked her why she got angry and didn’t reply me.. But when we got to the bus station she told me I was a mistake, that she giving birth to me was a mistake, I didn’t take the word in me that night or the next day, but as I start to grow up and understand things better, I realise my mom never liked me, not even from the start it was only dad who actually liked me, my mom made the people around me hate me so much that I just felt like a loner until I went to my aunts, she liked me but her two kids didn’t so it just felt the same.. Well but after all she’s done I can’t do anything, I can’t actually find the gut to hate her because she’s my mom..” he said and and sat down gently on his bed, while I stood like a statue staring at him,, oh goodness I didn’t know what he had gone through and I was treating him badly,
*** you’re just like everyone else treating me like I’m this basterd son**** I remembered his words and I felt like crying, how can someone’s mother abandon her own child, and I have been treating him badly too.. I feel so bad for him.. He has gone through a lot and
“Daisy, are you okay” Ben asked standing up.. J
“what.. I asked but my voice comes out low .. And I realise that there’s tears on my face, dammit.
“why are you cr—
“Oh nothing, it just.. Well it’s nothing” I cut him off and immediately clean my tears.
“look, Ben I’m sorry, for eve for treating you badly and you know.. I’m really sorry” I apologized and he smiled
“it’s okay, it’s actually okay” he said and I nod.. “okay well want me to help you set up” I asked,
“no thanks, I can manage, just go rest, or you can eat dinner” he groaned and I nod… And walked out of his room, I met my dad in front of the door grimacing at me, I looked away and walked passed him.
Wow Ben is really something else, after all he’s mom had done he still loves her, he is one nice guy.. How would i even feel if all that happened to him happen to me..!!
I ate a small part of the pasta he made and went back to my room.. I opened another of my novel and starts to read..
It was 8:30pm I was still reading my novel when my mom walked in my room..
“hey mom welcome back,” I said and sit up
“how are you sweetie, have your day been good?” she asked and I nod. ..
“so have you eaten dinner, or should I just order a pizza for you” she asked “it’s okay I’ve eaten dinner” I tell her and she nods
“so.. Is he here?” my mom asked quietly referring to Ben..
“yeah, he actually made dinner” I tell her and, she suddenly wore a confuse look ..
“oh you two have gotten along already?” she asked, and I nod…
“..Noelle’s dead” I tell my mom and she suddenly Turned to me, she only knows that Noelle had an accident but didn’t know she’s gone
“oh my God” my mom said, sympathy filled her voice, she is emotional “poor lady” she said and held my chest
“poor lady? She tries to screw you and dad’s marriage” I tell her in a loud whisper
“well but still I still feel bad for her, and to talk of Ben, he’ll be so sad” my mom said
“actually ben didn’t even know about all this, he just found out actually, from me?” I said
“Huh?” my mom tilts her head, and I sighed and began to tell her everything and by everything I mean everything

“oh my God Noelle’s a monster how can she say that to a poor little boy, how can she just abandon her own child, what kind of mother abandon their own child” she said and I sighed
“Ben must be going through a lot, I can’t believe he was treated like an outcast his whole life, Daisy in here make sure he gets the best treatment make sure you act polite around him okay!” my mom said, she’s being the over caring mother today, oh well I can learn to leave with that
“yeah, sure” I said and laid on my bed
“I’ll go see if I can have a conversation with him” my mom said, tapped my leg and walked away, I sighed and went straight to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and then changed into my pajamas and finally fell asleep peacefully with no shouting and yelling from my mom..
The next day I woke up and stretched lightly, I walked straight to my bathroom and brushed my teeth, then take my bath and picked an outfit, I wore a tight blue short, and a long sleeved elastic white top..
I brushed my hair and grabbed my backpack.. Just as I open my door to walk out, I. Bumped into Ben
“oh hey goodmorning” he said
“good morning” I replied
“so.. I made breakfast and I was just wondering if you’d like to have some before going to school” he said
“I wish I could but I’ll be late, I’m sorry and my ride is going to be here soon” I tell him and walked passed him.. He trailed behind me as I walk down the stairs,..
“so says I’m starting your school tomorrow” he announces as we both stood in the living room
“well that’s great news, you’re in your final year right?” I asked
“of course, do I look a twelve year old to you?” he teased and smiled, my stomach grumbled and he heard it..
“sure you don’t want to try out breakfast” he asked with an arch eyebrow, well.. I sure do.. I walked to the dining table and grabbed two slice of bread and shoved them in my mouth and diluted it with a mug of tea and water..
“you have really big appetite for a girl” Ben tells me
“yeah I take after my mother” I tell him and he smiled
“your mom’s nice” he said as he walk me to the door..
I heard the sound of Lucas motorcycle and a small smile formed on my face.. Thank goodness
“so my ride is here, and I gotta go see you after school” I said and before I could open the door the door he already did and I smiled at him.. I walked out and so did he, Lucas waved at me and starts to unbuckle his helmet..
“whoa, so you ride in that?” he asked referring to the bike
“yeah, what’s wrong” I asked
“nothing but that is sick, sick in a good way.. But who is he anyway, your boyfriend?” he asked and smiled ..
“Lucas is just a friend” I tell him and scoffed.. “so let’s hit the road Daisy” Lucas said as he walked close to Ben and I
“hey Lucas” Ben greeted like he’s known Lucas for ages..
“uhm.. Hi.. I guess” Lucas replied and then turned to me, he smiled and grabbed my hand “come-on we’re going to be late” he said and I nod..
We both started to walk away and I turned and waved to Ben
“bye.. See you in school” he said and waved back..
I got on the motorcycle with Lucas and he drove me to school,
School was busy as the usual way I know and we both head to AP English together that morning..

“so who was that dude from this morning at your house” Lucas asked as we both went back to our homeroom (class)
“well he’s someone” I replied vividly
“I know he’s someone, like who is he to you and why is he staying at your house” he asked
I mean duh, can’t he tell we’re almost siblings couldn’t he see the resemblance somehow
“well Ben is.. Well he’s my step brother” I said
“so wait, now you’re a living with your step mom or step dad?” he asked
“well I’m actually living with my real parents” I tell him
“what? I understand then how did he beca..
“can you just stick to the fact that he’s just my stepbrother because its actually long story and I’m not In for long talks” I cut him off and he nods.. And suddenly kept quiet
“okay well he’s quite a charm” Lucas said with a smile..
“eww what are you a gay now? Are you inlove with him or what!” I said sarcastically and he burst into laughter.. “no daisy I just said that to make you feel better.. ” he said and I shrugged
“yeah he’s charming I admit” I said and he nods..
Just then three girls ran past us immediately and one of them hit me and she didn’t even turn back to apologize
“lawd knows what the hell they’re running for I bet it’s something stupid” I said angrily and picked my book that fell down..
“sorry” Lucas said, and I looked at him “why are you apologizing to me when you didn’t do anything” I asked and he shrugs..
Suddenly we start to hear screaming and murmuring from outside..
What the hell is going on.. I thought
“hey guys” we heard John’s voice from behind and turned
“hey” Lucas and I said at the same time.. “dude do you know whats going on outside?” Lucas asked
“yeah, just a senior who started school today and all the girls are going nuts for him” John explained and my eyebrows arched
“that’s crazy” Lucas laughed
“yeah he just overshadowed my handsomeness” John said and Lucas rolled his eyes.. “come see for yourself” John said and we all moved to the window in the hallway and looked outside and there was Ben entering the building with everyone staring at him…
“you’ve got to be kidding me” I said
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By Ruthie Lee

Love triangle episode 8
Love triangle episode 6

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