Love triangle episode 6

Love triangle episode 7
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Mixed feelings
I sighed and rolled my eyes seeing Ben, my step brother, even thinking of him as my step brother is kind of Making me want to throw up.
I moved one side and let him and enter with his luggage, a smile was on his face and it was annoying me like crazy..
I didn’t even talk to him I just started to walk upstairs
“hey, Daisy!” he called and I turned angrily, how did he even know my name.
“what?” I said aggressively
“uhm.. Well dad said you were supposed to show me, my new room” he said innocently and I sighed and glared at him..
“look Ben, don’t you dare act like you’re my brother or were from the same mother, because we’re not” I said and he moved back a little..
“okay, well sorry, you’re supposed to show me my new room” he said with a small smile
“how about you try doing that yourself” I said rudely and turned swiftly and saw my dad coming down the stairs
“how about you try being nice” my Father says while I just sighed and walked away,
“so good to see you Benjamin” I hear my father tell Ben downstairs and I rolled my eyes and slammed the door so hard, they I was sure they both heard it..
Crazy dad! He’s not even regretting what he’s done.. Asshole..
I moved to my bed and jumped on it.. I suddenly received a notification on my phone and when I opened it, I saw that I was added in a new group chat.. The participants were, Sly, Lucas John Lorna Esme and Dylan, I sighed and dropped my phone.. I’m not interested in that now.. I decided to call mom and tell her about Ben but well she’ll come home anyway.. I decided to re-do what we did in class today since I didn’t really pay attention in class today, as I unzipped my bag, I heard a knock on my door, I looked at my door surprisingly it’s either dad or Ben, cause mom isn’t home yet!
I opened the door and huffed angrily seeing Ben, “what are you doing here!” I half yell
“well.. ” he said and immediately walked in my room and closed the door
“I never said you should come in” I tell him
“I never asked” he said and I felt like smacking him..
“just say what you want and get out” I say and he nods
“well I made dinner so you’re free to join” he said, and smiled, shortly.. And I kinda of saw a glint of my face in his..ugh curse human genes..
“I’m fine, I don’t want to eat your food” I said and walked up to my bed and sit down..
“okay seriously Daisy, why do you hate me so much?” he half yelled
“oh you’re asking me?” I backfired and scoffed
“who else should I ask” he ponder and I stood up from my bed and walked up to him..
“you’re almost nineteen Ben, don’t play dumb with me , I know you know you why I hate you so much, so don’t you dare play dumb with me” I said and poke his chest and he flinched like it hurt..
“I don’t.. ” he said innocently but I ain’t buying shit.. He’s definitely lying..
“oh stop lying Benjamin Norman, we’re bearing the same surname and yet you’re still acting dumb, you know it’s because of your mom my dad’s acting this way, see this bruise under my chin, my dad did it, because of you and your mom, and he’s also getting a divorce because he wants to take care of you and leave me and my mom behind he doesn’t even treat her like a wife but like his servent, all because of your mom so why shouldn’t I hate you huh” I half yell holding back my lump..
“it’s her fault not mine, I seriously have nothing to do with this just because she gave birth to me doesn’t mean it’s my fault, I have nothing to do with this” he defended, he’s making a point but still he’s kind of at fault,
“well it kinda is, if your mum hadn’t threw her skirt body–
“just stop” he said In a thick tone, “don’t insult my mom, I like you Daisy but just don’t cross your boundaries” his words sound threateningly and I was startled a bit, “I can say what I want to, you don’t own my voice” I tell him and he gritted his teeth together before saying..
“you know ten years ago, I thought we were friends,not just friends but siblings, you said hi to me once and then we started talking,after that day I was always looking forward to meet you again, and now that I have you’re just treating me like everyone else, aside from your dad and my uncle, you’re all just treating me like I’m this basterd son, like I’m someone who doesn’t know where his life is heading to.. And everyday I keep asking myself, why did HE make me come out of my mom, why? I know she’s a..
“stripper” I help him complete the word and he sighed
“I know she’s that and I can hate her she’s my mom” he said and I rolled my eyes
“well I’m not listening to anything about her so just leave” I said
“she’s probably in hell paying her price” I said looking at him straight in the eyes..
His pupil suddenly blow out and his face suddenly change
“what do you mean by that” he said angrily
“where else would she go heaven? She’s in hell just learn to leave with that” I said sarcastically
“what are you talking about why would she go to hell or heaven, what is wrong with you” he asked trying to control his anger.. I think
He’s actually confusing me
“first you act like you don’t know why I hate you and now you’re pretending you don’t know your mom is dead! You’re something else ben” I said and he moved closer to me..
“my mom’s dead?” he asked his house staring deep down in mine and his voice is shaking
“like you don’t know” I said sarcastically rolling my eyes again..”no.. N-no I don’t Daisy I don’t” he yelled, his eyes getting misty
“I haven’t been with my mom since nine years ago I haven’t even seen her, she left me to leave with her twin sister aunt Coral, I haven’t seen her for nine years,” he said and tears rushed down from his eyes..
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner son” we both heard my dad’s voice from behind and Ben swiftly turned,
“how could you dad?” he said angrily and walked out..
Like I said, :some father
“you can’t treat even your son right” I said sarcastically and laid on the bed..
“Look, Daisy I’m sorry, for everything” he said
“wait, are you trying to apologize to me because Noelle’s dead!” I said and shake my head negatively
“don’t try that dad, you’re lucky I still have that gut to call you dad, it’s actually great Noelle’s dead, maybe for the main time, you’ll sit down and start to think of the crazy things you’ve done to jeopardize this family” I yelled ..
“I’m know and I’m sorry, okay!!, just make sure you apologize to Ben” he said and I narrowed my eyes
“apologize to Ben? You’re suppose to be the one doing that, not me!” I said and he sighed
“well.. I don’t mean apologize I just mean like, you know make him feel better, he won’t really listen to me, you’re his sister” he said and I shot him a dangerous glare, if looks could kill he would have been double dead..
“don’t call me his sister, I never asked for a brother” I said and he nods “I’m sorry, just.. Well try and make him fe——–
“just leave!” I said and my dad gave me a look and walk out.. I slammed the door pretty hard so he could hear it and I went to lie on my bed..
“””””no no I haven’t been with my mom since nine years ago I haven’t even seen her”””” Ben’s voice ringed in my head and I groaned, why the hell am I thinking about that..
I covered my face with my pillow and sighed in it..
Gosh I can’t control my self
I walked down from the bed and walked out of my room, opposite my room, is where Ben’s room would be I think, cause I just saw that my dad just walked out of there..
I walked slowly to his room, and getting there I didn’t knock I just walked in since the door was open, he was sitting on the sheets-less bed and his face was buried in his palm
“hey” I said and his head lift up immediately, he cleaned his tears and sighed
“look I-i’m sorry for saying all those th-things I didn’t k-know you were—
I immediately shut up because of the sudden hug, he gave me.. “that was enough,” he said and hugged me tighter
“that was just what wanted , your pity” he said,
I kinda misjudged Ben, maybe he isn’t the person I think he is, he’s nice.. But that doesn’t mean I’ve accepted him into my life.. That will be kind of hard
T. B. C
By ruthie lee

Love triangle episode 7
Love triangle episode 5

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