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(mixed feelings)💫
“okay I don’t know what that hug is for, but well I appreciate it” Lucas said immediately I disengage the hug,
“can we just go” I tell him
“yeah.. Sure.. Wait what is this” he asked and touched my bruise under my chin, I winced and moved back a bit
“sorry does it hurts” he asked
“yeah” I replied
“what happened there” he asked again, “well nothing, let’s just go to school” I said and he nods and let me be, I mean I’m not dumb enough to tell him my dad did it and then it will end up with me telling him my life story …
He got on his motorcycle and so did I, this time he brought two helmets and I took one..
“okay.. Hold on tight” he announced while I sighed and placed my hand around his firm waist..
Finally we were both in school I came from from his motorcycle and handed him his helmet ..
“thanks” I said moving my hair back cause it was a bit rough..
“no problemo” he said and moved his hair back too..
We both walked to class talking about novels as usual and we saw Sylvester and John
And seriously Sylvester was looking smoking hot. .
“hey man” Sylvester said and shook hands with Lucas
“hey sly” he replied and then shook hands with John too..
I gave both of them a small wave and Sylvester smiled at me… My phone suddenly rang and I excused my self from them and walked away from them, but not so far from them..
“hey mom” I said into the phone
“hi honey, you were right Noelle had an accident” she said
“yeah I heard dad making a phone call last night and he talked about it” I said and rubbed my forehead, because it was itchy
“well… And also she’s dead” my mom said
“what?” I half yelled
“I’m surprised as you are hon, but don’t worry I’ll give you more details after work” my mom said and hanged up, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad Noelle’s dead but I know I’m not actually feeling anything in me.. But I’m sure hell surprise, I just wish for her to be dead last night and she did
I wish for Lucas and his motorcycle and it came true .. Wow do I have like a fairy Godmother or what.. “all this is just coincidence Daisy” I tell myself and nod I turned swiftly and my head bumped into Lucas chest..
“oh sorry” he said
“ever thought of privacy” I said sarcastically and started to walk
“sorry the guys left, and I noticed you’ve ended your call, so I came right to you” he said and I just nod lightly.. Not knowing what to say actually
That morning we did biology and physics and then art I really didn’t pay attention in class I was just thinking about my dad, Noelle my mom, Noelle’s son, I mean what’s gonna happen now..
Lucas and I were both eating lunch at the cafeteria when Lorna joined us and sat down right next to me.. She said hi to Lucas and I and we replied and I started to chew my fries little by little..
“so I got to ask” Lorna said with a beamed smile
“ask what?” Lucas replied her
“are you two dating?” she asked and I suddenly started to cough and Lucas handed me his bottled water, which I finished the whole bottle ..
“are you okay now?” he asked
“yeah, yeah thanks” I said glanced at him, then at my food.. “so.. ” Lorna said staring back and forth at the both of us
“no.. Lorna we’re not dating” Lucas tells her and she gave him a look..
“I don’t believe that, you started hanging out with her since yesterday and you chose to eat lunch with her when you know our table’s over there’ she pointed to their table
“and you’re giving her a ride on your bike, when you clearly don’t allow anyone to touch it” Lorna continued and Lucas Gave a nervous laugh
“what! I let people touch bike don’t be dramatic” he said and Lorna rolled her eyes
“since when, cause the day you bought the motorcycle you said you’re not going to let anyone touch it or even ride it with you but now..
“just go find another place to sit Lorna” Lucas cut her off and she eyed him and turned to me..
“see you later Daisy” Lorna said, stood up and walked away
“she’s such a talkative” Lucas said and I smiled, they laughed
“yeah, she sure do” I agree and continues eating my food..
After lunch we went to English class, and my stomach was seriously grumbling that I got scared and took an excuse to go to the toilet,
I felt something coming out of me and I quickly rushed to the toilet and puked.. What is wrong with me.. I walked over to the sink and turned faucet, I grabbed a hand full of water from the running water and poured it on my face.. I sighed and breathed in and out slowly,.
I walked out of the bathroom and rubbed my template sighing, I bumped into someone and almost fell down but luckily I was caught when I looked up it was Sylvester
“woopsy Daisy you okay?” he said with a charming smile and let’s go of my waist..
“yeah, yeah I’m fine thanks I just felt a little nauseous thanks for asking though” I replied and he nods and smiles “no problem Daisy, you don’t actually look okay, but don’t worry I’ll walk you to class” he offered and I didn’t hesitate to say no.. I mean why the hell would I say no I’m not dumb
“sure.. Okay” I said cutely and he sighed and grabbed my hand and clasped our fingers together and I could swear, my heart almost fell out because he’s a heartthrob ..
As we got close to the class, the Teacher walked out and I sighed, it’s like I just missed a class, Sylvester stood in front of the class and held my hand tightly.. As Lucas walked up to us with my backpack, he glanced at me then at Sylvester, then at our hands and said “why are you two holding hands”
“I had to walk her to class since she wasn’t feeling so well” Sylvester said
“but she could have done that also without holding your hands” Lucas said angrily and I almost gave him a warning look..
“yeah I know but what if she wanted to fall” Sylvester asked
“why the hell would she fall” Lucas backfired , and I sighed
“geez.. Sorry I’m sorry for holding your girlfriend okay!” Sylvester said and let’s go of me.. “see you later Daisy” he said to me nicely and glared at Lucas before working out..
“really? Did you have to do that” I tell him and he bowed his head down and stared at the floor and said “I’m sorry”
“i could have said its okay but I don’t know if Sylvester’s going to… You know.. Not stat angry with you” I said and grabbed my backpack from him..
“so you’re not mad at me?” he asked almost in a whisper
“why would I be.. Just try and apologize to Sylvester” I said and he nods with a smile
“Sly doesn’t get angry that easily so I have nothing to worry about” he said and I nod and tucked my hair behind my hair..
During recess Lucas and I sat down together quietly in class, he was drawing while I laid my head on the desk and watched him draw..
“okay, you’re pretty good” i complemented him and he smiled and glanced at me and said “thanks, and that’s a lot coming from you”
I smiled and continued watching him not knowing when I fell asleep
I woke up by the sound of Lucas voice waking me from my deep slumber, I rubbed my eyes and pushed my hair back, I’ve never slept in school before since elementary school and now this is my first time, this is crazy, what is happening to me..
“school’s closed” he whispered to me and I stood up from my seat and looked around for my backpack but he told me it’s already on his motorcycle..
“you’re going to give me a ride home again, today” I asked as we walked out of the class and down the hall
“yeah anything wrong”
“no it’s okay, I just appreciate it thanks” I said and he smiled,
As usual he gave me a ride home and I thanked him..
I met my dad at home and
I made my self dinner, I ate it alone in the living room and my dad went to his room, it was like he was crying, good for him..
Just then I heard a knock on the door and I walked over to the door and open it
I saw a boy, brown hair brown eyes.. Oh my god .. It’s Ben Noelle’s son , even though it has been like ten years since I saw him I can still see my father’s goddamned face.. In his.
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee sry it cumin late guys

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