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(mixed feelings)

(the story begins)
I closed the door behind me immediately I walked inside, my house and I gave out a loud sigh, Lucas is nice..
I threw my bag on the couch and head straight to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and found it empty, I hate coming home and seeing that there’s no food.. Mom’s at work and dad too.. Damn it..
I found a box of cereal beside the sink and I grabbed it and poured it all in a plate.. After eating that I grabbed my bag and head to my room, which was upstairs..
I jumped on my one-person bed and brought out my novel to read and kill time, just as I opened the page I was reading before a note fell out and laid softly on the bed sheets, I grabbed it and took a glance at it and saw digits and words in it
//this is my number, please call me, your friend Luke//
I smiled and shake my head negativelike, I grabbed my phone and dialed the number and he immediately picked up..
“finally you saw it” I heard Lucas’s voice say into the phone
“Why wouldn’t I see it, you stuffed it right into the page I was reading” I said and I heads him chuckle..
“yeah that was so smart of me” he praised himself and I rolled my eyes, even though he can’t actually see me
“well I’ll see you in school tomorrow Lucas, I have things to do” I tell him..
“things like what? Because I’m ready to talk to you all day long” he said
“really? Lucas we just met today and you’re acting like you’ve known me like since forever, just because we’re talking and you know my house doesn’t mean I’m your Friend” I say and he laughed
“I mean yeah, that’s the strangest thing ever, we just met and I feel like I’ve known you for ages” he said and I sighed.. I’m starting to get sleepy
“we’ll talk more tomorrow my battery is draining” I lied
“are you lying Daisy?” he asked playfully through the phone
“yes yes I am Lucas I am so sleepy” I said and I could hear him laugh “okay then sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite” he said and I sighed and said “I won’t” he hanged up and I sighed again and laid my head on my pillow and before I knew it, I drifted to sleep
I woke up by the sound of shattered glass, I sighed heavily when I heard my parents angry voice at yelling at each other
Not again.. I came down from the bed and packed my hair up in ponytail.. I walked downstairs and faced the sight I face like every single day,
“I shouldn’t have asked you to marry me you witch” my dad yelled
“like I wanted to, if you haven’t impregnated me and pleaded to take care of me I wouldn’t have said yes, I could have train Daisy On my own and you can go live with Noelle and Ben, I don’t take shits Gael” my mom yelled back
..”mom dad, can you guys just stop” I plead with sleepy eyes
“stay out of this sweetie” my mom said,
“no I will not stay out of this, not this time, how can this be happening you’re both grown ups and you should understand each other but you both are acting like children” I yelled and my dad turned to me..
“you better keep your mouth shu–
“no dad I will not keep my mouth shut, you’re getting out of hand, you’re acting all nice and all but deep down I know you just want to jeopardize this family, mom tells me everything so don’t think I don’t know what’s going on, you think I only know about the divorce? I don’t only know about the divorce I also know you have a son who mom didn’t birth to, who’s two years older than me you didn’t love mom right from time, you only played her you–
“honey calm down its okay” my mom cut me
“no mom it is not okay none of this is okay I am not a child anymore I will not—
I got shuted up with a slap from my dad, my mom gasped and I turned aggressively and glared at him..
The slap didn’t hurt..but he hurts my pride
“I am so ashamed of you dad, and the woman you impregnated twenty years ago before coming into mom’s life, mom doesn’t deserve you so just go ahead with the divorce, no one’s stopping you” I yelled and he narrowed his eyes at me before saying “I’m not having the divorce anymore” my eyes widen and I said “what? What the hell, why?” I asked getting pissed of few days ago I didn’t want him to get divorced but now that I want him to get divorce he doesn’t want to..
“don’t think I’m happy about this,the stupid court doesn’t want me to, I don’t know the hell why, but I know it involved you being my stupid daughter” he yelled
“I might be stupid dad, but I’m smarter than you” I tell him and it looks like he wanted to smack me again but controlled himself
“I don’t care if you’re smarter than me, what I know is my family is coming over here tomorrow to live, my real son and my real wife” my dad said and I felt like strangling him..
Ever since my mom found out my dad was having an affair it has always been like this with them fighting, not only was he having an affair with some random woman but with a woman he impregnated twenty years ago, before he even Gave birth to me.. Some father!!
My mom just shook her head and said “rot in hell for all I care Gael, they can live here I don’t care all I see now is nothing more than my daughter she has a bright future and you don’t have to ruin that, you can bring your worldly whore Noelle, and your stupid son Ben” my mom said and sniffed she’s trying to control her tears
My mom’s so strong, I love her ,she walked away while I moved some strands of my hair back
“asshole” I muttered and was about to walk away when my dad asked
“what the hell did you just say” my dad asked
“why do you care to know?” I snapped “I don’t talk to strangers and you’re not my father” I continued angrily
My dad walked up to him and held my neck, and one of his fingers was piercing my chin but I didn’t flinch I’m not afraid of him “I am your father, okay! And you will do what I tell you to do cause I gave birth to you.. You will not talk back at me! Get that! Understood?” he said and I huffed as he let’s go of me
“like I’m gonna listen to you go to hell with your rules dad you’re a disgrace to fatherhood” I said stormed to my room angrily,
I can’t believe my dad, I can’t believe any of this, this all bullshit I used love my dad, but not anymore.. I felt like ripping everything around me just because of him, if this is how marriage works then I’m never getting married..
I glanced at my wall mirror beside my bed and stared at my red neck, and swallowed cheek and a bleeding chin, I sighed and opened my drawer taking out an iodine and cotton wool, I treated my tiny wound under my chin before putting everything back in the drawer, the thought of my father bringing his girlfriend and son is making me go crazy that I felt like smashing my mirror, I even look so much like my dad.. All this is crazy
I glanced at the time and it was only 6:15pm I wish today will just run by quickly, so I can go to school and forget all about this, first I hated the idea of starting a new school but now I just feel like its my safe place for now.. I went to do my laundry and after that, I was going back up to my room when I saw my “dad” making a phone call
“An accident? Who the hell had an acc–– Noelle?.. I’ll be there right now” my dad said into the phone, grabbed his car keys and hurried out.. I quickly closed and locked the door behind him.. Not that I’m rude but I’ll be pretty happy if Noelle should die..
I went back to my room and starts to read my novel again.. Before finally falling asleep.. Again without even eating
I woke up the next morning and felt a strong pain on my head, I opened my drawer and took an ibuprofen, I shoved the medicine in my mouth and chewed it..
I took my bath and brushed my teeth I went downstairs and met my mom getting ready for work, her eyes were puffy and I know she had been crying.. I greeted her and she smiled
“morning sweetie, just take cereals for breakfast and your allowance is on the table over there and take the bus today, and if Noelle and her son happens to come here before me! Avoid them”
“didn’t you hear, Noelle had an accident that’s why dad left” I said and my mom gasped..
“well just take care?” my mom said, kissed my forehead and walked outside.. . I grabbed my allowance and shoved it in my jeans pocket, I sighed heavily thinking about ‘my stupid life’ is all this ever going to change, if my dad hadn’t impregnated Noelle none of this could be happening now.. Damn it..
And I don’t even feel like taking the bus today, I wish I could be in Lucas’s motorcycle driving in the wind so it can just wash everything off my head that moment, but well I’m taking the bus.. I switched off the lights and walked out, I place the house keys under the door mat and when I turned Lucas drove his motorcycle in front of my house, something bubbled in me and I smiled a bit, my wish actually came true.. I’m not taking the bus..
“hey Daisy” Lucas said waving at me and dropping his helmet..
I came down from the porch and gave him a hug, he seemed surprised by it and I was too.. Well I guess I’m just happy I am not taking the bus..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

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