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(mixed feelings)
“jealous!” Oh my God I am so stupid why the hell would I be jealous on my first day of school
Damn it Daisy..
I shook my head negatively and sighed
“are you okay?” Lucas asked me
“what?” I asked raising my head up to look at him
“you’re shaking your head, are you hurt ” Lucas asked curiously and I shook my head negatively
The girl, ‘Lorna’ turned to me with a smile and said
“hi, I’m Lorna and you’re?” she asked, now that’s an example of a nice person
“Daisy!” I said and she suddenly tilt her head,
“Daisy, wait did Mr Cosby teach in your class today” she asked and I nod
“wow, he used you as an example of a good student he even compared you to us,you must be so smart” she said with a smile and I blushed
“well you don’t see that everyday” I said not really knowing what to say
“well Daisy welcome to edgewood” she said and I smiled
“sometimes Esme, you should be more like her” Lucas tells Esme referring to Lorna and Esme frowned, .. Lorna took a seat beside Sylvester and he gave her a charming smile
Luckly my heart didn’t beat, cause I know all those feelings are just wasting of time, you like a boy and then he likes you back and you both learn to love each other and boom you get married and have kids and then the next thing is divorce, ugh just like my parents..
I remained quiet while they all talked amongst themselves, Sylvester Scooch closer to Lorna as she talked and I just rolled my eyes and looked away, Dylan came Back and joined them , they’re all nice but I just felt so left out in their conversation that I stood up..
“hey where are you going” Lucas asked me
“just let her go” Esme muttered to him and he glared at her
“I’m.. Feeling a bit dizzy,so I’m heading to class to rest” I said as everyone’s eyes was fixed on me..
“oh well sorry” Lorna said,
“yeah well get well soon” John said and drank his soda
“she’s not sick okay” Lucas said and stood up
“I’ll follow you to class” he offered while I just nod.. It’s good that he’s the only one coning with me cause it feels like he’s the only one I can talk to openly.. Without feeling uncomfortable..
I waved a little to all of them and they waved back except Esme who kept glaring at me.. I glared at her back and walk with Lucas, she’s in love with Lucas, I can see that everyone can
Well she should just open up to him and stop being childish.. And now Lucas kind of hate her.. I heard the guys saying something about me and Lucas as we left..
“ah finally” I said as we got to class and as I sat down ..
“finally what?” Lucas asked
“finally I’m away from your friends” I said with a sigh
“you don’t like them?” Lucas asked, “I do, a lot but since I don’t really know them that much it’s hard having a conversation with them, I really like them especially Lorna and sly, but except esme” I said
“yeah, Esme’s annoying, I mean she just acts so juvenile sometimes, I mean all the time” he said with a sour look on his face..”seriously can’t you see” I asked
“see what?” he said innocently
“that Esme lik– well never mind just forget it” I tell him, I don’t want to be the one who has to tell him..”well okay, but seriously today you said you were saved by an Angel,and that was sylvester, sly is no angel” he said and fold his hands while I smiled and rolled my eyes
“and you even called him a senior, we’re totally the same age but I’m older than him you should totally call me the senior” he said and I laughed,
“wait, are you jealous that I called him a senior” I asked with a grin
“of course I am, you don’t get to hear that everyday from someone, anyone pretty like you” he said playfully
“you’re such a flirt, okay then in that case I’ll call you senior Luke, from now on is that better” I asked and his blue eyes sparkled and he smiled and nod..
“I’m bored give me your assignment let me work on it for you” I tell him..
“really?” he arched his brows
“yeah!” I said and he nods, he brought out his math assignment and I took it from him and started walking on it.. While he watched me..
“hey Luke,” I heard a familiar annoying voice and I looked u9 to see Esme walking up to us
Lucas sighed and stood up
“what ls it” Lucas asked
“uhm.. I was wondering if you’d like to , uhm you know.. See a move with me tonight?” she asked shyly
“uhm no thanks” Lucas said and sat down while I glanced at him, he’s kind of rude..
“but. But you’re free today,” Esme said
“yeah I am, am just not going” Lucas said
“but why” Esme and I said together, and I just didn’t know why I said out my mind,
Lucas looked at me, then at Esme not knowing what to say,
“well cause I don’t want to,” he finally said, Esme huffed and walked away angrily
“you’re rude Lucas” I tell him immediately Esme left
“I’m not” he defended while I sighed and faced his book in front of me..
Finally break was over and Lucas and I went to our next class, it’s strange how I feel so close to him already, I mean he’s cheerful playful and will always smiling,
After the rest of the classes, the bell was rung and Lucas told me that it was time for recess, and I couldn’t believe it, no high school or middle school have recess this is absurd and at the same time great, cause I’ll have time to rest and I don’t feel like going home because, well it’s just boring at home..
Everyone started moving around from classes to classed not actually making use of the word ‘recess’ well if they don’t then I do, I said to my self and grabbed one of my novels and start to read..
“you read novels?” Lucas asked me
“yeah, do you?” I threw back the question and he nods with a smile.. He doesn’t look like a novel person
“okay you’re lying” I said and he smirked
“Oh really?” he asked
“yeah, have you read ‘the night shade” I asked
“of course, read it in a book twice and I also have three copies of it, it’s about this loner guy Adam Ganes” he said and I nod
“okay, what about the grim stone and between the sheets” I asked and his eyes flickered
“read both, and between the sheets, I can’t believe you’ve read it, it is so messed up” he said with a smile. “it’s not messed up it’s nice its just filled with sex that’s all” I said truthfully and he gasped and then laughed,
“okay how about ‘Love lake'” he asked and I turned suddenly
“that’s like my favourite” I say happily..
“are you kidding me, that’s my favorite too” he said standing up I laughed and his smile never left his face..
“looks like we have one thing in common, even though you’re smart and I’m not that smart we still are novel freaks” he said
“I’m not a novel freak, you are” I said, “I have to pee, where the hell is the bathroom” I asked
“well it’s at the ending of this floor” he said and I stood up and head to the bathroom..
On my way I heard voices coning from the stairs, familiar voices actually, I walked slowly and quiet as I got closer and when I peeped it was Lorna and John.. “come-on johnny it’s just one night, what harm will it do” Lorna said with a frown.. “okay fine just one date and it’s over right? you Won’t bother me anymore” John asked and Esme nod and said “I promise” but cross her finger behind her back
Wow so Lorna likes john.. John walked away while Lorna smiled and trailed behind him…
After peeing I went back to class and found Lucas with my novel, “were you reading that” I asked and he nods
“Lucas, do you believe Lorna likes John” I asked
“no.. Well I don’t care but until sly finds out he’s going to go crazy” “you mean Sylvester?” I asked
“yeah, he’s crazy about Lorna, he tells us everyday but haven’t said a word about it to Lorna” Lucas said, wow he’s really in love, the thought of that made me cringe, hold it together Daisy, i tell my self..
“but do you believe this is actually the first time you said my name out loud” Lucas said playfully and I rolled my eyes.. We both heard the bell and I grabbed the novel from him and grabbed my bag, and so did he..
“so should I take you home I have a motorcycle” he said and moved his hair back, he’s trying to look charming I get that, but it just didn’t get me..
“you’re showing off, but don’t worry I’ll take the bus” I tell and walked out of the class
“oh come-on, just one ride Daisy” he said and caught up to me..”okay okay fine” I said and he held my hand, and he let’s go and smiled,
I got on his shining badboy motorcycle, and wore the helmet he was supposed to wear,
“hold on to me tight so you won’t fall of” he said and I rolled my eyes and said sarcastically “like I need you help”
“suit yourself” he said and we started the motorcycle I didn’t hesitate to hold on to him as tight as ever. ..and he couldn’t stop laughing,. ..
He stopped exactly in front of my house all thanks to me for giving him directions ..
I jump down from his motorcycle and remove the helmet and he took it from my hand, “thanks” I said
“oh.. No worries,” he said and a move a strand of my hair back that fell on my face..
“okay then, bye” I tell him
“bye” he smiled and I smiled too and walked inside…
By Ruthie Lee

Love triangle episode 4
Love triangle episode 2

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