Love Triangle Episode 23

Love Triangle Episode 22

(mixed feelings)💫

“Daisy?!! Are you okay.. Is everything alright” Ben asked and I snapped out of my frozen State..
“Huh. Uhm sorry I.. I was.. I.. Ben wow it’s so nice to see you again” I said as I came out of my frozen State,
“yeah.. But are you okay? You seemed lost a minute ago” Ben said and stood up and I nod
“yeah am okay I was just a bit surprised seeing you” I said with a small forced smile.. Point of correction I’m actually very surprised seeing Ben..
“okay good I thought something happened” he said with a small smile. Oh Ben, he’s still the caring and nice person we all know. . .
I dropped my bag on the couch and sat down tiredly, “you seem tired want me to get you a glass of water?” Ben offered and I nod desperately.. He smiles and head straight to the kitchen, he later came out with a glass of water and handed it to me..
“thanks” I said as I took the water from him and I gulped it down..
He sat down beside me and I dropped the glass cup on a small table beside me..
We both remained quiet until I said,
“so.. Ben how is your new home, do you like it?”
“uhm yeah, I do.. It’s nice..” he said with a low tone..
“what’s that? You talk like you’re just lying don’t you like your new home or do you want to come back here?” I asked with a teasing smile.
“well it’s nice, way too nice.. I eat whatever I want do what I want but still it feels like I’m trapped in a dungeon because I stay alone, dad’s always busy with work and I have to stay alone but thankfully I started school today and dad got me a job offer in one of his company which I get paid” Ben said and I nod instantaneously..
“wow that’s nice.. It must be nice having a rich dad” I said while he shrugged
“mmn.. It’s nice but money isn’t everything if you’re not happy, leaving healthy means when you’re happy..” he said
“so.. You mean you’re not happy? Seriously I wish I was in your shoes right now” I said and he laughed
“well maybe you’ll be able to fit in my life, but I really miss my old school” he said and I smiled
“everyone misses you too at school” I said and he smiles and turned to me..
“including you??” he suddenly asked and I looked away, why does he even ask that..
“h-how’s your new job?” I suddenly change the subject and he looked away too
“it’s nice even though I don’t get to do much” he replied
“what do you do anyway?” I asked, remembering I haven’t taken my shoes off and started taking them off..
“I model” he said
“really? You’re a model, are they blind or something” I tease and laugh to myself..
“haha very funny” he said sarcastically and rolled his eyes..
“well sorry okay?..what do you model for?” I ask
“cloths, shoes, shampoos, soap and other things, I did two shoots yesterday for soaps, wanna see them?” he asked with a cheerful smile..
“no thanks, I don’t want to see that baby body of yours” I seethe..
“what? Baby body? See that’s where you’re wrong my body is perfectly Built and i even have the six packs complete” he said boastfully..
“yeah right? Are you sure you’re not mistaking your ribs for six packs..” I tease and he sighed heavily..
“you know what just forget it, I don’t think I want to show someone who just wants to intimidate me” he said while I fell out laughing…
After getting a hold of my self I stood up and grab by bag… “I’m going upstairs to take a shower, will you be going anytime soon” I asked
“no.. I’m staying here till its seven and it’s only four thirty (4:30pm) , I don’t have any shoot today” he said and I nod and head upstairs.. I took a shower and changed my clothes before heading back downstairs.. And surprisingly I met Ben setting the table,
“why are you setting the table di–
Before I could finish my Words a strong sweet aroma passed by my nose and I swallowed my saliva ..
“I cooked” Ben smiled
“whoa.. That was fast..But why? You’re a guest here now remember?” I said and he shrugged..
“well I may be a guest here now but I sure know where everything is” he said with a twitched smile.. He went into the kitchen and brought the food to the table..
“well won’t you eat?” he added and gesture his hand towards the table, and I didn’t hesitate to dig in..
I started to eat while he just stood still and watched me
“uhm.. Won’t you eat?” I asked
“I already ate at home” he replied with a smile
“okay.. Well but atleast sit down are you a robot or something?” I said and he laughed and sat down opposite me..
I cleared my plate and finished a whole bottle water and sigh..
“that was a great meal” I said happily with a smile
“thanks” I added
“you’re welcome” he said and grabbed my plate
“what are you doing?” I asked
“I’m putting it away” he said
“no don’t worry I’ll do it, atleast you cooked, you don’t have to be the one to take my plates, thanks but I’ll do it” I said and took the plates from him..
“it doesn’t matter if I cooked just give ’em to me” he said and snatched them from my hands and went to keep them in the kitchen..
Why is he being so nice..
I walked to the couch and lied down comfortably and starts to feel sleepy,.. “so is there anything you’d like me to help with?” Ben asked as he walked to the couch
“no.. Everything is okay you don’t have to help with anything” I suddenly said and he laughed and sat down on the arm of the couch.. I don’t know why he didn’t sit down on other cushions but at the arm of the couch I’m laying on, isn’t he uncomfortable..??
“so.. Do you want to come over to my house this evening to see it?” Ben asked and I suddenly sit up
“of course.. Since your dad is rich I bet your house is made of gold” I said and he laughed
“don’t imagine too far it’s just a regular house” he said and I gave him a sneered look ..
“still I’m willing to see it” I said and he shrugged
“so how about this Friday are you free?” he asked
“yeah I’m fre– no I’m not free I’m going to the movies with….
“Lucas?” Ben suddenly interrupt me
“no Sylvester” I corrected him
“Sylvester? He asked you to the movies?” Ben asked surprisingly and I don’t get why he’s surprised
“yes” I replied
“and you said yes?” he asked
“yeah, what’s wrong with that?” I asked
“n-nothing.. It’s Just, you and Sylvester, you guys just don’t go together” he said and I rolled my eyes
“oh shut up, Me and Sylvester mix perfectly we’re like guacamole and tortilla chips” I said and he looked at me awkwardly then smiled strangely..
“wait?? Don’t tell me you have a crush on Sylvester” he said and my heart suddenly raced..
“what? That’s.. T-that’s absurd why would you think that” I yelled and he suddenly looked frightened
“whoa.. Daisy I was just kidding you didn’t have to yell.. Geez” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief.. He almost caught me..
“well don’t say ridiculous things like that anymore” I scolded and he smiled and nods..
“it’s 6:37pm won’t you be getting ready to go home?” i asked
“yeah, you’re right, I should” he said as glance at his watch..
He stood up and smiled
“okay then I’ll be on my way” he said and I stood up too
“and I’ll escort you out” I said and shoved my feet in a pair of house slippers..
“so how about Saturday” Ben asked
“Saturday for what?” I asked
“the day you’ll come to my house, you know you’re already taken on Friday” he said and I nod, slightly..
I walked him to door and he turned and said “bye?”
“yeah bye” I said and mushed my lips together..
“okay… So ca—
“you’re not gonna ask for a hug or something right?” I interrupted him and he laughed.. “well you caught me.. So what do you say?” he asked as he spread his arms..
“NO!” I said plainly and his smile faded.
“ouch that’s mean at least you shouldn’t have said it so rudely” he said I rolled my eyes..
Truth be told I definitely want to hug him, I don’t even want him to go.. But I don’t know what’s stopping me.. What can I say it’s like my life is full of hesitations, except the food Part..
“okay. Well.. Ah right can I have your phone number?” he asked and I nod and gave it to him..
“well what are you waiting for you can leave now” I said and opener the door, “it’s like you don’t even want me here.. Fine! I’ll leave” he said and faked a pout while I giggled.. He walked up to the door and sighed he was about to walk away but turned and hugged me.. Tightly
“what the hell be—-
“please.. Don’t push me away, let me be please, I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I don’t hug you” he said and my heart skipped a beat.. I let him be and slowly my hands raised by its own command and hugged me too
I can always get use to this, it’s so comfortable
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Love Triangle Episode 22

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