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I cleaned the unknown tears on my face and stood up, maybe we’ve been to close that’s why I miss him so much already, I climbed on my bed and the sleep I couldn’t get finally came..
My dad and I sat down at the back of his car, while the driver drove us to our new home, I was supposed to use my car but he didn’t let me he said someone’s going to bring it to the ‘mansion’ later the thought of living in a mansion is quite welcoming,but the idea of being alone is not in my vocabulary..
I stayed quiet in the car since that’s me for anyone I don’t talk too much if there’s nothing to talk about..
The sound of her name in my head just sent shivers to my body, the look on her face while I was leaving didn’t seem very nice, it was like she wants me to leave she didn’t even hold any emotion on her face, I know she’s not even going to miss me a bit, and look at me here missing her like crazy, if only she knew I feel about her..
The driver pulled over in front of a big house and we all walked out of the car “welcome home son” my dad said happily and he give me a smile while I gave him a brief smile too..
We walked up to the gate and he typed in some numbers in like a pass code machine or something and the door opened, I breathe in and out trying to get Daisy out of my head, I’m just feeling down..
As we walked in the Mansion there was a huge swimming pool at the right side, we moved to the door and he opened it by just placing his right palm on a scanning system which was laying flat on the door and the door opened
“pretty soon you’ll also have access to the whole house like me” my dad said with a smile
“cool” I said and my dad smiled.. He took me upstairs and he showed me my room, “so this is your room, just get everything ready, get unpacked and after that help your self out with the food in the kitchen, I have to go now I have some business to attend to I’ll be back soon I’ll send my secretary here, to keep you company” he said and I shrugged and then nod..
“okay see you soon, I feel guilty for leaving you actually, or maybe I should just call off the meeting i have?” he asked while I shook my head negatively..
“it’s okay” I tell him and he nods, gave me one more smile and walked away..
I opened the door to my room and I was amazed by it’s neatness and beauty, I walked up to the clean and well arranged wide bed and dropped my belongings on top of it.. I started to unpack and neatly arranged my clothes in the closet and my shoes at the bottom of the closet, and before I knew it I was done there wasn’t anything to unpack actually it’s only just my clothes..
I sat down on the bed and sighed, the house was quiet way too quiet and it’s kind of creepy, I touched my forehead and sighed, I looked at the time and it was 8:43am.. I went downstairs to get something to eat from the kitchen and I lost my way three times, this is so fucking huge it’s going to take me sixty years to get use to it..
I finally found my way to the kitchen and wow, it was one of a kind.. I mistook the oven for the fridge and laugh at my mistakes.. I found the frigde and it was loaded with different kinds of food, but mostly vegetables ..i saw a plate of ice-cream and I grabbed it.. I mean who wouldn’t choose ice-cream over vegetables..
I plopped down on the couch in the huge living room and decided to watch TV, but silly me I mistook the TV for a mirror and I didn’t laugh at my mistake this time because even though it was only me in the house it really embarrassed me cause that was dumb..
I turned the TV and just switched to a channel and start digging in my ice-cream, I got a few brain freeze and well it was worth it.. The door clicked opened and a middle aged woman walked in with a smile, she must have access to this house since she just barged in.. As she walks close to me the sound of her heels were the only thing that was echoing in the entire mansion…
“hi. ” she said with a smile
“sup” I said without looking at her but at my ice-cream
“you must be Benjamin, I’m Heather your father secretary and best friend and I’ve heard a lot about you” she said and smiled smarty, you know the way smart peoples smile.. Like Daisy
“nice to meet you too Heather, just so you know I prefer to be called Ben” I said and she nods
“okay Ben, your father told me to come here, and show you round the house, that wouldn’t be a problem right?” she asked
“no. I’m bored anyway so let’s get on with it” I said and stood up..
I woke up and headed to my bathroom and took the longest bath ever.. That I almost got wrinkles on my fingers. Immediately I got out of the bathroom and got dressed I received a call from Lucas..
“hey Lucas good morning” I greeted as cheerful as I could
“good morning?? It’s two in the afternoon” Lucas said and I glance at the wall clock and gasped, I must have slept a lot..
“ah sorry I didn’t realise that I slept for too long” I said
“oh it’s okay and are you okay you don’t sound to good” he said
“don’t worry I’m fine, I’m just… Well I haven’t eaten that’s why!” I said and sat down on my bed
“okay remember you promised to hang out with me today so are you still on board with it?” he asked. “uhm yeah.. Sure” I said
“okay.. But still are you sure you’re okay?” he asked
“Lucas.. I’m fine.. Don’t worry about me too much okay?” I said into the phone with a small smile
“how can I not worry about you? When you’re Daisy” he said.. What is that supposed to mean anyway
“okay.. Well what time should we meet?” I asked
“uhm since I’m not busy now let’s meet at exactly 2:15pm maybe we can go to the movies” he said
“err.. I’m not really into movies now” I said with a sigh
“okay well how about I come over to your place?” he said
“well suit yourself” I said and he replied with “got it” we hang up and I dropped my phone and head downstairs to eat breakfast.. Or lunch. Well it would be brunch actually..
I met my mom talking quietly in the living room and that was way too awkward they don’t even talk to each other? What moved them?? I ignored their conversation and head to the kitchen .since my mom’s at home I know the kitchen won’t be empty,.. She made homemade chicken soup and salad.. And I couldn’t hesitate to dig in, after eating and getting satisfied, I walked out of the kitchen and was about to go upstairs when the door bell suddenly ring and my mom and I shared a look before I went to get it..
Just who I guessed it was Lucas??
His smile was bright and his blue eyes were reflecting to the sun, making him look cute..
“hey” he said
“hi..come in” I said and he walked in..
he saw saw my parents and greeted them politely and they also replied politely and my mom gave me a look that says “who’s this?”
And her gave her a reply
“uhm.. This is my friend Lucas, from school” I said and my mom nods and was about to say something when I grabbed lucas by the hand and said “let’s go to my room” . . .
“wow your room is..–
“small?” I interrupted and he Chuckled “I was gonna say too girly but small works too” he smiled
“what do I need a wide room for anyway I just need a closet and a bed that’s all” I said and sat down on my bed and he sat down beside me..
“what about Ben?” he asked
“well he’s gone” I said
“well it’s a long story” I said and he gave me a pretty awkward look.. “Ben’s gone to meet his dad, turns out were not related after all” I said rapidly and he nods slowly..
“well Daisy,before it’s too late, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time” Lucas said and I looked at him slowly and asked “what is it?” ..
“Daisy for a long time now.. I’ve had a crush on you a monster crush.. And I’ve come to realise I like you, so very very very much, and I would love it if you’d be my girl friend” he said and my heart skipped a bit.. No one and I mean no one has ever confessed to me before so this is what it feels like I’m frozen, I dont even know what to say..
“I.. I..
I stammer not finding words to say..
“don’t worry you don’t have to say anything I’ll give you time to think about it” he said but still I was frozen..
Ben’s pov.
“and lastly this is your dad’s room,now that I’ve showed you the entire mansion what would you like to do next” Heather asked and I shrugged and said “anything?”
“you know for a teenager, you’re really boring,” Heather said and I rolled my eyes… “thanks that means a lot” I said sarcastically and she scoffed .
“well if you need anything or want anything or want to do something just tell me and I’ll be in the living room” she said with a smile..
“ah.. Well I really want to do something” I said and she turned and said “what is it” I brought out my phone and went to my gallery and choose the picture me and Daisy snapped when her dad bought me a car…
“can I print this picture out?” I asked Heather as she gazed at the picture
“uhm.. Yeah sure, who is she if I may ask? Is she your girlfriend?” Heather asked
“she would have really hate the sound of that word girlfriend but still just keep it that way, that she’s my girlfriend” I said with a smirk and Heather gave me a confused look..
“well.. Okay sure I’ll send this to people who would print this out” Heather said and I smiled
“and.. Make sure they enlarge it and frame it and also I want it in my room on my wall above my bed” I said with a smile and she nods..
Oh Daisy, I wonder how she’s doing now???!!!
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Love triangle episode 21
Love triangle episode 18 & 19

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