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(mixed feelings) ♥
*Ben’s pov continues*
I quickly stood up by the sound of Jerry’s voice saying “it’s my motel why won’t I come in” Jerry walked in and suddenly we both made eye contact..and trust me the tension there wasn’t very forgiving ..
“okay, um Jerry.. This Ben.. Your.. Son and Ben this is je–
“Ben? Is it really you” my ((dad)) said and I almost nod but I couldn’t move. I’m happy at the moment like so much.. But thinking about Daisy and her parents, leaving them can cause a sting in my chest..
“wow I didn’t realise I’d see you here you don’t know how Happy and I.. I don’t even know who to say this is all just like a dream come true, I’ve heard so much about you from Lyra” he said a bit nervously and I put on a small smile. I didn’t say anything and everyone suddenly became quiet..

“I’m.. Gonna give you two some alone time” Lyra said and suddenly walked out.. Jerry actually dad and I became quiet and I sat down quietly this is a very awkward moment..
“so are we going to stay like this or someone going to say something” I said without looking at him and he laughed “sorry the excitement seeing you just jolted the words I was about to say,” he said still grinning
“well I bet for the next five minutes if we continue to be this quiet I might leave cause I’m missing home already and well this is kind of awkward” I said and rubbed my nape
“home?” Jerry asked and I nod and he suddenly wore a sad face..
“I guess you must have heard everything from Lyra right? Look Ben I’m really sorry for all those years with you growing up without me I’m really a bad parent, seriously I see you sometimes with your aunt “Coral but I just didn’t have the courage to even pass the place you just passed I was scared you would not want to see me or worse even accept me as your father” he said and I looked at him and looked away before saying.. “well it was really nice of aunt Coral to take of me even though no one was nice to me I really appreciate that and also it was nice of Gael to take care of m–
“Gael?” Jerry asked and I nod
“you know him?” I asked
“uh.. Yes Gael… Well we know each other, but we were never friends but still, it’s nice of him to accept you as his son while I chickened away … If he ever learned to find the truth that you’re not his real son he’d–
“he knows I’m not his real son” I cut Jerry off
“he knows?”
“yes he was the one who insisted I should come see Lyra and learn the truth more better that you’re my father and that I should accept him and stay where I belong, he said he wants the best for me” I Say and Jerry’s smile beamed
“wow! I never knew Gael is so nice.. Did he really say that?” Jerry asked and I nod
“so. Do you want to come home? Do you accept me as your dad even not being there for you all those years do you want me back?” he asked nervously and I could hear the guilt he was feeling in his voice, he’s plainly nervous.. I’m not a bad person I’ve always been nice, and what’s the harm there in accepting him, he’s my father.. And I love it that he is
“look “dad”.. His eyes immediately lit up immediately he heard the word dad from my mouth and I could tell his heart skipped a beat
“why won’t I want you back, you’re my father after all I’m not mad at you or anything like that so yes I accept I just know you left me alone with mom so you could think these through which took so long but still you’re here now so let’s focus on the future the past is in the past” I said with a small smile and my dad smiled and there were tears in his eyes which he was trying to hold back.. “thank you so much Ben.. ” he said and hugged me while I just smiled
“so are you ready to come home,to our own place?” he asked and I sighed and said
“well yeah, but can I just stay at Gael’s house for just today and I’ll leave tomorrow morning it’s just hard to say goodbye to the nicest people on earth” I said and he immediately nod..
“of course, you can stay there I’ll come pick you up tomorrow first thing in the morning” he said with a happy smile, “yeah of course” I agreed and his smile didn’t vanish..
“I’ll take my leave then” I announce and he nods and said “I’ll escort you out”.. I walked out of Lyra’s room and he followed behind me..
“hello” I hear my dad said into his phone behind me .
“yeah, I’m going back to the mansion move everything back there and go on with the.. Okay yeah, sure, goodbye” he hung up and breathed a sigh of relief, while going outside the motel the receptionist greeted my dad and so did other workers while he answered them politely,
We reached outside and he escorted me to my car and brought out my car keys
“so this is yours?” he asked feeling down
“yeah Gael bought it for me” I said staring at the car
“wow, I’m the one who’s supposed to do that but no hard feelings, take care” he said and I nod, I bowed a little and entered the car.. And drove home.. Which won’t be my home in about twenty four hours..
I came home and parked my car in the driveway before entering the house, I glanced at the time and It was 2:30pm I didn’t know I stayed that long..
“you’re home” I hear Gael’s voice from behind and I turned “uh yeah”
“so how did it go?” he asked me and sat down and so did i
“well I actually met my dad” I said and he arched an eyebrow and said “really?”
“yeah, it was an awkward coincidence” I say with a smile and started to tell him everything..
I was eating brunch with Lucas in his room Sylvester had gone home and it was remaining Lucas and I.. We just finished playing video games and I couldn’t believe it.. it was so much fun..
“hey… Daisy um.. Can I ask you something” Lucas asked
“yeah dude, what is it” I said
“is there anyone.. Well any boy you have a crush on?” he asked and I stopped chewing my noodles and looked at him..
“no.. Why do you ask” I asked and he shrugged
“nothing just curious” he said, and shoved more noodles in his mouth..
“well actually there is actually someone that I like” I said and he immediately looked up..
“who?” he asked
“it’s a secret” I said with a smile
“seriously, we’re friends you can’t keep secrets from me” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“like you’d know if I keep secrets from you” I scoffed and he gave me a “really?” look while I just giggled
“well anyway I’m just kidding I don’t really like anyone” I said, I can’t tell him I like Sylvester and maybe later when that feelings die it would still be like I like him so no telling. ..
“do you actually want to hear a secret” I ask him and he nods slowly
“Ben is not actually my step brother” I said and he stopped eating
“what! Really? He’s been lying to you guys or what or, wait I’m confused” he said and I smiled
“we all just found out today, Ben was almost broken when he found out” I said and drank down a glass of water
“what? ..i still don’t get you” he said and I sighed and told him the whole story
“so Ben came to my room and told me that my dad just told him we aren’t even related and then he k… Well that’s what just happened” I said and he sighed
“wow I really do feel sorry Ben he lost his mom and now his family aren’t his family anymore I just hope he finds his real dad cause he’s the only one left who’s actually related to him” Lucas said and I nod..
“yeah I hope so too” I said and finished the last part of my Chinese noodles..
“well look at the time Lucas I think I have to go home now, even though I’m not talking to dad he’d still be worried” I said and starts to wear my shoes.. “okay well I’ll escort you out, you’ve stayed longer than I thought” Lucas said and I smiled and grabbed my bag, ..

I was home before I knew it and entered inside I looked by the couch and saw a huge suitcase lying on the couch, is anyone traveling or moving out..
I walked passed it and head upstairs to my room, I glance at Ben’s room and the door was wide open and I glance at it and saw him pacing some clothes in some sort of box, he looked up and from his room we made eye contact but I quickly break the eye contact and walked in my room. I dropped my bag on the bed and packed my hair up.. Dad isn’t going to send Ben away is he?..
I opened my door and walked out and bumped into Ben..
“oh sorry” he said and I laughed nervously “oh it’s nothing”this is crazy why am I feeling nervous..
“well I just wanted to say that I actually found my dad all thanks to your dad” he said
“really?” I asked
“yeah, lucky me right?” he said with a smile and I nod and smiled too
“and also I’m also moving out of here tomorrow morning and I thought I’d come to say goodbye” he said and I felt like. .well I didn’t feel too happy about it.. I should be happy for him but the sound of that doesn’t sound welcoming and it hurts..
Gosh why am I feeling this way
T. B c. Sorry for d lat posting, I promise to post more 2day 😘


(mixed feelings) 💫
“well still it’s nice that you get to meet your dad” I said and he smiled and said “thanks”
“well so I’m gonna be in my room if you need anything, just tell me” I said and I walked inside my room before he could say another word.. I moved closer to my bed and sat down gently, why the hell am I feeling this way..
I laid down on my bed and stared at my plain grey ceiling,
If Ben moves out from here would he charge school too, or would he even come visit us, or would he even.. Ugh why am I thinking about this..
My phone started ringing and when I looked at the caller it was Lucas
“hi” I said slowly into the phone
“hey Daisy did you get home safely?” he asked and I smiled
“I’m not a baby Lucas, your house isn’t that far from mine it’s just one street apart” I said and I could hear him chuckle
“yeah, just to make this a little bit not awkward just answer me” he said
“well yes I am actually lying on my bed” I said and he sighed
“see it wasn’t that hard.. So do you maybe want to hang out tomorrow?” he asked
Tomorrow! Sunday? Am I doing anything tomorrow?
“uh.. Well sure, we could hang out” I said, no matter how occupied I am, I still hang out with Lucas whenever he wants to..
“okay well thanks, see you tomorrow then” he said and I replied with an “okay bye” and we both hang up.. I sighed and turned to the other side of my bed.. Why am I feeling so down..
I closed my eyes and suddenly there was a knock on my door, I lazily stood up and walked up to my door and opened it and Ben was standing there..
“hey.. Uhm.. So I just ordered a pizza and I’m watching a movie and I was wondering if you’d like to join me,.. You know for the last five or six hours that we have know, before I leave” he said with a grin and I nod..
“yeah sure why not” I said and he smiled, I closed my door and head downstairs with him.. “so Daisy about the kiss” Oh no, don’t remind me ben
“I’m sorry.. I was just well I don’t want to lie. ..well I-i I’m really sorry can you just forget about that” he asked and I nod “of course I knew you were just joking around I knew it was a mistake so no hard feelings” I said and he smiled and suddenly looked away..
I’d be glad to forget the kiss, but how can I when it was the most awkward thing ever …

“so what movie are you watching anyway?” I asked as we both walked to the couch and he as he sat down. “rise of zombie mutants” he said with a smile
“and I’m going to bed” I replied and was about to make a U turn while he stopped me and laughed
“I was just joking, I’m watching Twilight Saga he said and I sighed and sat down on the couch too..
“good, but if it turns out that it’s a stupid zombie movie, I won’t be the only one who’s going to have nightmares” I said threateningly and he laughed..
“but why aren’t you complaining about Twilight, what’s the difference between vampires and zombies?” he asked
“there is way more like ten thousand differences and the main one is vampires are cute, while zombies well they’re dead people who just have the ability to walk and eat human, so that gives you the ten thousand differences” I said
“well to me both of them are just the same, vampires are dead too” he said and I sighed
“vampires are dead but that’s the point that made them charming, while zombies are disfigured you can find their legs stuck to their face, so beat it Ben, and also Twilight is a romantic Vampire story, and who would want to watch a romantic zombie movie anyway” I said and rolled my eyes
“I would love to watch that” he said with a smile..
“eww Ben, you’re more disgusting than I thought” I said and he laughed..
We both stayed quiet and shot him a look and said
“what are you waiting for, turn on the TV”
“uhm.. Actually I was waiting for the pizza, I thought you are too” he said and I shook my head negatively..
“oh well sometimes our mind doesn’t work together” he grinned
“are you dumb? Our minds aren’t supposed to work together” I said and he nods.
“you know for a smart girl, you’re kind of dumb, some people minds actually work together” he said and I gave him a look while he smiled and nod… We heard the door bell and he stood up and got the door and it was the pizza delivery guy, Ben took our pizza and paid and then while we eat we watched Twilight..
I woke up and found myself lying on my bed, I turned slowly and turned on my bedside lamp, I stood up and glance at the time and it was 11:01pm , I must have fallen asleep while watching twilight with Ben,
But wait if I was on the couch with him and fell asleep, maybe he was the one who carried me here my room!!! And on my bed!!…oh goodness..
Since I was thirsty I walked out of my room and head to the kitchen to get a glass of water and met my mom eating, I think the remaining pizza slices Ben and I left ..
“hey mom” I said lowly and grabbed a glass cup and filled it with water..
“hey sweetie, how did your day go” she asked
“okay” I said gulped down my water
“so I heard Ben saw.. Well I didn’t actually heard, Ben told me himself, how he met his dad, that must have been a wonderful moment but he is so lucky to be the son of Jerry Byers” my mom said
“Jerry who?” I asked
“Jerry Byers, you wouldn’t know him he’s famous around here I heard people talking about him, everyday at work and it’s true, that man is perfect in everything he does” my mom said and touched her chest in an emotional way
“well mom your mistake is that you should have married him before dad.. That would have made things a lot easier” I said teasingly and my mom smiled and rolled her eyes.. “look honey, your dad may have had or still having any affair with any woman claiming he loves her but let me tell you one thing, we are the people he loves most, he can’t survive a day without us, he loves us more than anything we’re his world so just give him some time to come out of his phase,” my mom and took the glass Cup from my hand and filled it with water
“well whatever I’m going to bed, goodnight” I say and kissed my mom cheeked
“nighty-night sweety” she said as I walked out of the kitchen ..
I went back to my room and fall right on my bed.. And before I knew it I fell asleep..
I woke up the next morning by the sound of voices coming from downstairs, my stomach grumbled and throat went stiff and I quickly rushed to my bathroom and puked in my toilet.. Not a nice morning I just vomited last night pizza, great!.. The morning was cold and I was feeling cold too.. I grabbed a huge thick sweater from my closet and wore it on top my pajamas I laid back on my bed and tried to fall asleep but it was no use , the morning coldness and the noise from downstairs all just making me not being able to fall asleep..
I stood up and walked to my door , I opened it and walked to the stairs, from the stairs I stared at the people in the living room, it was my mom, dad Ben and a man about my dad’s age I think but he looks younger and looks so much like Ben.. At first Ben looked like my dad the first time he came here but that’s just a combination from my imagination, cause now Ben is the exact replica of his father.. Ben and the man who I assume is Jerry stood up and Jerry shook my dad hand and my mom’s, Ben looked up and saw me and he excused himself from the grownups and came to me..
“hey good morning” he said with a smile
“good morning to you too” I said
“you’re up early” he said
“yeah I couldn’t sleep it’s kind of cold” I said and he nods
“well this is it.. I’m finally going I’m going home even though it wouldn’t be the same without your parents and especially you, at least i have someone I can dad, thanks Daisy for everything” he said with a serious look on his face..
Is he trying to get me to cry or something because if he is it’s already working
“uhm no.. It’s nothing. What are friends for” I said and cleared my throat, wait, are we even friends cause we ain’t siblings anymore I don’t even know what to call “us”
“so you want me to introduce you to my dad?” he asked
“no it’s okay you don’t need to maybe next time” I say and he nods..
“okay then I’ll be going then take care, but before I leave won’t I receive a hug or something” he smiled, while I just stared at him
“cause that’s what they do in mov–
I cut him off immediately by hugging me and he hugged me back and we both stayed like that for like four seconds before disengaging, I waved him goodbye as he walked down the stairs and he waved back too.. I went back to my room and slammed the door so hard that I’m pretty sure everyone heard it..
Dang it!
Why does this feel so weird and awkward and why do I feel even more cold
It’s not like he’s dying or something and why the hell am I in tears!.
T. B. C

Love triangle episode 20
Love triangle episode 16 & 17


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