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(mixed feelings)💫
I quickly push Ben away and gasped for air.. “what the hell was that!” I yelled and stood up,
“I.. I.. Yeah I have no explanation for that.. I’m sorry” he said and sighed heavily..
“seriously, you just kissed me and you have no explanation for that?!!” I yelled and he stood up
“look Daisy, I’m sorry, I get you’re pissed but I lost control of myself, but seriously is kissing me that bad, that you have to be like this?” he asked not feeling guilty of what he did and here I am feeling like my heart is going to explode any seconds from now..
“you know what? Just.. Just leave” I said and moved my hair back.. I walked up to the door and opened it, wider.. “fine I’ll go” he said and sulked.. I watch him as he walked out and I slammed the door, I sat on my bed and suddenly felt cold..
“what the hell was that?” I said to myself and sighed heavily, this is crazy why the hell would Ben do that?
Don’t tell me.. He has a “crush” on me!! That would be gross. It wouldn’t be but..he’s my broth.. That’s right he’s not my brother, but still we’ve grown fond of each other and that’s part of being a family and then he kissed me.. What is wrong with him..
I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass cup and filled it with water, I really need a glass of water, gosh why did I do that for Christ’s sake..
Daisy would think I’m sort of a pervert now.. But seriously I just can’t help it, when I found out she was my sister,i was glad cause not only did I have a sister but also a family, and family is everything at first she was rude to me but I’ve learned to live with rude people, cause you know, they’re just doing it for some reasons.. And when she started being nice to me, that’s when it happened, that was when the portal in my heart open and I started falling for Daisy.. I started missing her like every second of the day.. I tried to banish those feelings from me since she’s my sister but it was no use they were too strong.. I couldn’t help it but fall more in love with her.. I realised I was being foolish falling in love with my half sister, because at some point we still share the same blood but then dad came home with this news that he’s not my real dad and that when I thought that this should be my opportunity to tell Diasy since we’re not siblings anymore, first when I heard the news I was heart broken cause I won’t have a family of own anymore and trust me families are everything! But in this life, “nothing’s perfect” and nobody is too, but I can’t bring my self to tell Daisy that I like her, “romantically” since she acted like she’s going to die when I kissed her seems like she doesn’t have that kind of feeling for me, I mean come-on I’m every girl’s dream at school and yet she sees nothing in me! Gosh I love her so much for that.. Love is something else, and I’m not shy guilty embarrassed or irritated to say that I love Daisy, she is not my sister anymore and I am proud to say and think that I love her.. I’m eighteen, like my aunt woud always say “you’re nineteen so act like a man” ..
And that’s right I’m almost nineteen and I shouldn’t just lock my feelings inside even if I can’t say it I’ve got to at least do some part of it ..its been eighteen years, I’ve never felt like this before, I’ve never fell for anyone before and I don’t think I’m letting this one slide.. Literally.
I placed my cup, on the kitchen counter and walked out of the kitchen and bumped into *dad* “sorry” we both apologized the same time
“it’s nothing” my *dad* said and I nod..
He looked at his phone then at me and said “uhm.. I just wanted to tell you that I contacted one of your mom’s partner, friend or whatever I should call her and she said she.. K-knows who your real father is..
“look dad you don’t need to–

“and he’s still alive” my *dad* cut me off and I suddenly inhaled softly… He’s alive
“does he know he has a son?” I asked suddenly feeling curious
“according to Lyra, your mom’s friend, yes! He knew when your mom was pregnant with you, Gosh I feel ashamed saying this” he said and shut his eyes
He’s ashamed? I should be the one who’s supposed to be ashamed even though he’s slept with my mom once it still.. Well I don’t even know what to say or think.. But he isn’t the only one my mom has slept with, since she’s.. A.. ..gosh I should be the one who’s supposed to be ashamed.. “but what if it turns out that my real dad isn’t my real dad, since he’s not the only one she’d.. You know–
“no Ben, they both did a DNA test and found out you’re his child, but just when he found out, he left without saying anything if he wanted you or not and then Noelle tricked me into telling me that I’m your father so she wouldn’t be the one who’s going to be responsible for only you, I told her that I’m not sure if you were my son but she just got angry and made you start at Coral’s and when you started to grow up I had this feeling that you might be my son and well turns out I was wrong” he said and sighed
“so wait, you said, this woman Lyra, my mom’s friend told you about mom and my real dad and this DNA stuff, can.. Can I like meet her or something please I have to talk to her in person” I said and my *dad* nods
“okay.. Maybe I can make arrangements for that, maybe since we’ve just talked on the phone, but don’t worry Ben even though you’re not my real son, you’re still a special person to us and don’t worry everything is going to be okay! Okay?” he said and I nod.. Even if everything’s going to be okay I know one thing won’t be..
*dad* walked away and faced his phone, out of all people I had to get Noelle as my mom, I can’t believe I’m saying this but she doesn’t deserve to be a mom..
Gosh my life is cranked up..
after rolling on my bed and gripping my pillows hard and feeling awkward about Ben’s kiss I finally let go, I mean it’s just a kiss I’ve hard my first kiss before with a boy in seventh grade when my bossy best Megan dared me to do so.. And then I kissed Lucas so Ben kissing me Isn’t a big deal.. Who am I kidding it is a big deal.. Gosh why am I feeling this way, I hate feeling like this I don’t even know what my emotions are right now but I have that kind of feelings that I have to stab someone.. I suddenly got a text message and I grabbed my phone, anything to distract me from this kiss..
++hey I’m feeling okay, and I’m free and it’s Saturday, wanna hang out?++ I read the text and it was from Lucas I smiled and then sighed before texting back..
**yeah I’m free too so? Your place?**
I dropped my phone and buried my head in my pillow and brought my head out immediately my phone beeped .. And it was Lucas he has texted me back
**well yeah sure, okay my place**
I quickly opened my closet and gabbed my purse, I threw my phone inside and my lip balm.. I wore some comfortable boots and hurried downstairs, I’ve got to get out of this place.. I can’t bare to see Ben’s face that would be an awkward phase..
Speak of the devil..
I saw Ben on the couch staring at the floor while my dad was under the stairs making a phone call Ben didn’t notice me he was lost in thought and I wondered what it was but I quickly smacked my self, I should be glad he doesn’t notice me.. I quickly walk out of the house and closed the door..
But wait.. Why am I even the one running away from him.. Ugh.. This is so unlike me..!!
I trekked to Lucas’s house since it wasn’t that far, and I got there really fast.. I ringed the door bell and Lauren opened the door
“oh.. Daisy!.. Wow you’re here that is awesome” she said happily she I know she’s not really that happy to see me..
“do you by any chance brought your brother here?” Lauren asked while I shook my head negatively.. “oh.. Well my niceness ends there, if you’re looking for my brother he’s up there with one of his friend samolster or whatever his name is” and said and rolled her eyes
“it’s Sylvester” I corrected her
“yeah whatever” she said and walked away..
..i knocked softly on Lucas door and Sylvester suddenly open the door and surprisingly “KISS” ME.
by Ruthie Lee

(mixed feelings)💫
Sylvester suddenly moved back and gasped, “oh my God Daisy I am so sorry” he said rapidly with his eyes so wide
“Daisy?!!” I heard Lucas voice behind Sylvester and he walked up to us..
“wait.. Don’t tell me she is the one you kisse–
“she is” Sylvester cut Lucas and Lucas sighed, “what a stupid coincidence” he said and rolled his eyes..
“look Daisy, I am so sorry I just ..well Lucas and I were playing video games and which ever person looses has to do dare and he dared me to kiss Lauren who would have been here any minute now since she promised to bring us lemonades and when you opened the door I thought you were Lauren and I kissed you, I was closing my eyes cause I just wanted to kiss her and felt like nothing happened, I didn’t know it was you I’m sorry, and also it’s Lucas fault in case you’re mad” he said and grinned nervously while Lucas shot him a glare..
I’ve kissed two guys just for one day, or actually they’ve kissed me, gosh.. But on the bright side it’s actually Sylvester who kissed me.. It’s like I shouldn’t wake up from this dream.. “uhm.. It’s okay. Actually, it’s not like you did it on purpose or something” I said with a small smile..
“yeah, but wait so if I didn’t do it on purpose, would you have been.. Like mad?” he asked
“what?..” I said feeling confused
“I said we if i—
“you know what let’s just rap this up , Daisy Im sorry for making Sly kiss you by accident” Lucas said and I nod lightly “okay.. Apology accepted” I said, I just said that so we dont have to talk about this anymore.. We all walked in Lucas room and he shut the door “you know you came here pretty early I didn’t think you’d come sooner” Lucas said and I shrugged “well I dont Like being late to places” I lied and he shrugged if only he knew I was kind of running away from home and Ben.. “that is a cliche thing to do that means you’re a cliche” Sylvester said and I rolled my eyes..
“don’t you know that when a girl roll their eyes at me they fall in love with me in no time” Sylvester said and I scoffed and said “yeah right” sarcastically..
“make that double ‘yeah right’ Daisy” lucas said and we both laughed
“oh you both just keep laughing, and Daisy don’t be thrilled when you start falling for me” Sylvester said in a boastful tone, and moved his hair back like he was posing for pictures and Lucas rolled his eyes while I giggled, if only he knew I’vte already fall for him.. But I have a feeling it’s just infatuation.. But I can enjoy it while it last..
My *dad* walked up to me and I suddenly realised my self and looked at him..
“uhm.. Yes” I replied
“I just talked to your Lyra and she said you can meet her, she gave me her address I’ll send it to you so you can meet her” my *dad* says and I nod and stood up..
“can I go now” I asked, cause I need answers like fast..
“oh yeah of course, she suggest to see you now since she’s a busy woman” my *dad* said and I nod.. He suddenly send the address to my phone and told me to get going “thanks” I tell him before going and he just said he wishes the best for me and I went with my car..
I followed the address my dad gave me and drove a bit about town before stopping at my destination and it was in a motel, and believe me it’s not that surprising.. She can’t possibly rent a house around here
I walked out of my car and walked inside the motel, I walked up to the receptionist and she held on a welcoming smile.. The smiles faded as I walked close to her she was looking at me suspiciously like I did something wrong.. But she immediately brought the smile back
“good day sir, welcome to J-stay hotel where you ca—
“I’m sorry but please can you tell me the room this person’s staying, Lyra Goldberg please” I interrupted her and she sighed, still with a smile
“well sir, we don’t actually give out our renters profile but since it’s you I’ll be happy to, Lyra Goldberg stays in room R-101” she said with a smile and I smiled back..
“since its me” what does she mean by that..
“okay well thanks” I tell her and she nods and immediately turned to the next person that was behind me..
I straight to the elevator and it took me to the seventh floor, I just hope I get answers, that’s what I came here for..
I found room R-101 and I didn’t hesitate to knock on the door hard Wooden door, but immediately I knocked I realised there was a doorbell by the side,
How pathetic.. But I pushed the door bell anyway, and a woman in her early forties opened the door.. And she looks familiar maybe that’s because I’ve seen her before with my mom I guess, I don’t really recall.. She suddenly smiled seeing me “Ben! Wow look how tall you’ve grown, goodness and handsome, come-in I was expecting you Gael told me you were coming” she said and opened the door wider and I walked in, the smell of expensive perfume filled my nostrils and I almost passed out, the smell was too much that it almost choked me to death..
“so sit down and let me get you something” she said while I disagreed, “no thanks actually I came here for a really important purpose” I tell her and she smiled
“oh honey, I know Gael told me why you came here” she said
“really? So are you gonna tell me who my father is?” I asked and she nods
“but seriously what do you need that old man for anyway, you’re a grown man yourself, you can just stay with Gael and forget about him” she said
“it’s not that easy living with dad–Gael.. Was okay, not okay, it was great everyone was nice to me.. But now that I know that I’m not his kid it’s awkward than ever, at least if I don’t get to meet him at least I’d get to know him” I said and she smiled “wow you grew up to be so smart Ben, Noelle was really lucky but yet threw you away, well your father name is Jerry Byers, ever heard of him?” she asked while I shook my head negatively
“seriously? Have you been living in a cage or what?” she said with a surprised look and laughed, okay I remember her laughs clearly from when I was little she and my mom must be really close cause I really remember when they hang out like always
“your dad is a crazy rich man, his ego is higher then Mount Everest, he’s nice but mostly a nuisance, we’re pretty close so I kind of know everything about him but anyway he’s still your dad you both have the same eyes and nose” she said and giggled..
“but does he even know he has me, does he even want me?” I asked and she sighed
“yeah, he wants you.. So much.. Like they say, when you’re older you’ll understand, when he impregnated your mom and when your mom told him, he was scared of taking care of you he wasn’t ready, he didn’t tell your mom he wasn’t ready he was scared of her reactions cause your mom was a very strict woman so he told me that instead, since Jerry didn’t take you, she told me to take you in and believe I could have taken you if I could cause you were the cutest thing on earth then.. But I couldn’t I have my own problems to deal with and that’s when Gael came, Noelle and your dad started having an affair and she lied to him that you were his son, and that’s that, Gael freaked out but that didn’t stop him from wanting to see you every day,”
I didn’t say anything when she finished talking I just kept quiet and she continued
“so don’t be angry with your dad Ben.. It’s not his fault, it’s your mom, even though Jerry doesn’t know what you look like he still wished to accept you hon..”
“I’m not angry with him, or even my mom, I don’t want to blame anyone.. People make mistakes sometimes and that’s all just in the past, everyone has to move on right?” I asked and looked at her and she held on a proud smile
“I won’t stop saying this Ben, you’re smarter than smart itself, and also your dad came here yesterday well to see me, to ask about you, and also because he owns this motel, I mean that would explain why I’ve been staying here for the past four months for free, your dad’s a douche bag, but in the inside he’s nicer than nice itself” she said with a smile “he always fills my bank account with money, loads of money and that is what I love about him” she smiled
While I smiled too
“but every time when he comes here the only conversation we have is only just about you even if he hasn’t seen you, me describing him for you was just making him wants to meet you immediately” Lyra said
And I wish to meet him too.. The door bell suddenly ring and Lyra stood up with a smile
“oh that must be my food” she said and smiled happily and walked to the door and opened it..
“Jerry? What are you doing here?” Lyra suddenly said and I immediately looked up..
T. B. C

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Love triangle episode 18 & 19
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