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(mixed feelings)💫

“uhm.. Y-you’re not interrupting anything” I said and and quickly got off Lucas body.. “well okay, Daisy, we have to go home, dad’s back, he called” Ben said
“so?…” I said and rolled my eyes
“dont be mean okay!” Ben said with a twitched smile..
“please you guys shouldn’t leave yet” Lucas said and sit up, his hair was messy and he looks kinda hot.. Oh gosh.. What is with me this morning..
“what why?” Sylvester asked
“you guys should help me clean” he said and Ben suddenly coughed “I’m sorry I think I’ve caught a cold, so that means I can’t help” Ben said, he’s trying to find a way out of this leaving poor Lucas to do it all by himself
“oh really?.. If that’s the case you can go home then” Lucas said and Ben smiled
“don’t lie Ben, we’re helping” I said and he gave me a glare
“okay you don’t want to help, fine! You can go home, I’ll help me” I said and he sighed
“dang it, Daisy, you’re difficult.. I’ll start With the kitchen” he said and walked out..
“thanks” Lucas tells me and we both smiled at each other.. I looked up and found Sylvester staring at me..
“what?” I asked.. Nicely
“hmm.. Nothing,” he said, looked back and forth between me and Lucas and then walked out..
“I’ll join Ben, in the kitchen” I said, “I’ll start with the living room” he said and tried to stand up but he couldn’t, he suddenly sat down and wincing..
“are you sure you’re okay” I asked
“clearly I’m not” he said and groaned again.. “have you even drink before?” I asked ..
“yeah.. I think so.. . But that’s like a long time ago” he said and tried to smile..
I sighed and grabbed my purse that was laying on the floor and grabbed my emergency ibuprofen
“here, take this, I’ll go get you a glass of water from the kitchen, make sure you chew it slowly” I said and he gave me a weird look
“what? No one chews medicine, who the hell does that” he yanked
“me!” I said and walked out .. I entered the kitchen and saw Ben cleaning the sink.. I walked passed him and grabbed a glass cup and filled it with water..
“who’s that for?” Ben asked
“Lucas” I replied
“so he can’t get a glass of water for himself, what are you his wife now” Ben said and I rolled my eye and walked out.. I head upstairs to Lucas room and knocked lightly.. “if it’s Daisy, you’re free to come in” he said and I almost laughed, I walked in ,and he was still holding the medicine he hasn’t even drink it, yet
“why Is that still in your hand?” I asked referring to the two pills laying on his palm
“cause.. I uhm.. I ..i was waiting for the water” he said and I rolled my eyes and walked closer to him.. I handed him the glass of water and he collected it from me and looked at me..
“I’m waiting.. Drink it” I said and he grimaced
“what are you even doing with an ibuprofen anyways, why would someone like you carry that anywhere, do you have sudden headache anywhere” he asked and I rolled my eyes
“look, Luke! Just drink it okay” I half yelled and he smiled
“wow, my name rhymes with !!!Look”
“I’m not joking around Lucas drink it” I said and he sighed and shut his eyes and threw the pills in his mouth and gulped down the water.. “whoa.. That was a rough one” he said and I smiled “that’s more like it, now rest” I said
“whatever you say mom” he joked and I shot him a glare.. While he chuckled,
I went downstairs and joined the others in cleaning, and by others it was only Ben, john and Sylvester, the others were already gone..
Just by helping we cleaned the entire house for Lucas, and his sister didn’t even intend to help, she just cleared the bottles upstairs JUST to impress Ben..
I went back upstairs to check on Lucas and found out he was asleep, I smiled seeing that view and I don’t know why , I just smiled to that..
I wrote him a note and placed it on his stomach that says “when you wake and feeling better call me**
I left his house with Ben and Ben drove me home.. Getting him I could already feel like something was wrong, not wrong actually, that something is going on..
Ben parked in front of the yard and we both walked out of the car, the wind that suddenly passed by was so strong that it blew all my hair to my face..
Ben laughed and moved my hair back for me.. “I didn’t want you to” I said and he shrugged, “it is ruining your pretty face” he said and I rolled my eyes and said “like you care”
We both walked inside and saw my father sitting on the chair looking like he hasn’t slept for a year,
I walked passed Ben and my dad and head upstairs to my room, I brushed my teeth and I showered, I changed into another clothes, and I brushed my hair down, my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen and smiled seeing Lucas name..
“hey.. ” I said into the phone .
“hey Daisy, thanks” he said and I smiled
“no problem, have you eaten?” I asked, wait! Why do I care if he’d eaten..
“uhm no.. I’ll do that anyway, Lauren’s cooking though, I hope it doesn’t taste like ben” he said and I laughed
“I hope so too” I said and he laughed
“anyway, I gotta go.. later and thank you all for cleaning the house” he said
“no problem.. Bye” I said and we both hang up..

“WHAT!!?” I heard Ben’s voice from downstairs and I flinched a little.. What’s him and dad talking about, well I don’t know and I care,
I grabbed my phone and head downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast.. I walked passed the living room where dad and Ben were talking, the conversation looked very serious and the look on Ben’s face was.. Well sympathetic..
I walked in the kitchen and start to make an egg omelette,
“but I don’t understand how could this be?” I hear Ben’s voice from the living room
“I’m sorry I don’t know either” my dad said
“so does this means I have to leave?” Ben asked
“it’s your choice Ben, you can stay if you don’t want to go” my dad said, and I became more interested in the conversation,
Where is Ben going?
What the hell happening?
What are they talking about? I was thinking too much I didn’t realise my food was ready until it made a burnt sound,..
I payed more attention to my food and afterwards I ate it with hot chocolate and bread.. And I was surprised I didn’t hear my dad and Ben’s voice again
The food was remaining and I grabbed some for Ben, he hasn’t eaten anything too.. I grabbed a tray and set his foods and took it upstairs to his room, the door was closed and I knocked.. No one answered and I knocked again but still he didn’t answer. I opened the door but surprisingly he wasn’t in there.. Where could he be? I asked my self, I glance at my room and the door was open, and I know I closed it before coming downstairs,
I walked in and found Ben, sitting on my bed.. His face looks pale, but not that much..
“uhm.. What are you doing here I thought you’d be in your room, I brought you breakfast but well you’re here” I said and he nods and said “well I’m sorry to say, I’m not actually hungry” he said and I gently drop the tray on my study desk..
“OK well you can eat that later” I said and he nods and sighed..
“so.. I want to ask, what was you and dad talking about” I asked and he looked at me and sighed
“you don’t want to know?” he said and I smiled briefly and sit down beside him
“oh, come-on maybe I can help” I said and he smiled and then frown again..”this is a situation where if I can help it” he said
“well.. What is it” I asked
“dad says, I shouldn’t even call him dad cause he’s not even my dad” he said sadly
“what are you talking about?” I asked Ben and he sighed and buried his face in his palm, then moved his hair back
“turns out your dad didn’t get my mom pregnant, she was carrying another man’s child and lied that it was your dad’s since she didn’t know my actual birth father, you know.. Since she’s a…
“prostitute” I help him complete the words and he looked at me and said “yeah that”
“they were having an affair and they only slept together once and then she lied that it was dad.. I mean your dad that is my birth father..” he said and sighed
“so that means you’re not my step brother” I said lowly and he nods..
“I thought I was really facing the real world with my new family, where everyone treated me nice, you, your mom, your dad, you were harsh at first but later you became the nicest thank you for that” he said with a smile but I didn’t smile back , all I just felt was sympathy..
Oh poor Ben, that is what my mother would have say, and that is exactly what am saying..
“and now I don’t know what is going to happen now, you being my sister was the best thing that ever happened to me, and mostly not kind of the best thing , and also having a family who cares for you and love you is the second best thing that has ever happened to me” he said sadly, and sighed softly, “you’re lucky, Daisy you have a life,” he added
“oh my goodness, Ben don’t say that you have a life too” I said and he shrugged, “I don’t think so I don’t even think my aunt would want me Back” he said
“don’t say that Ben we’re the seekers of tomorrow, so we wait and see what happens, you still have a life, even though I just found out you’re not my older brother, you’re still my older brother at heart” I said and he smiled and said “thanks” we both remained quiet not saying anything until he said,
“but do you know that you not being related to me is kind of a relief” he said and I looked at him
“what.. Do you mean?” I asked
“you, not being my sister is kind of sad but still I’m grateful” he said with a smile
“and why do you say that, I’m not nice enough” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes …
“no… So I would be able to do this” he said and kissed me..
T. B. C
😢 sorry 4 posting late guys

Love triangle episode 16 & 17
Love triangle episode 14

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