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(mixed feelings)💫
I walked inside the house, after Lucas left and I straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water, as I started to pour the water I touched my lips and remembered the kiss a few minutes ago that I had with Lucas.. For second thought I was starting to think why I did that, we’re not even dating, he’ll think I like him or something, I mean I like him but not “that” “way”
I realised my self and shook my head negatively, well I did it anyone..
“so how was the kiss?” I heard Ben asked from the kitchen entrance.. Thank goodness I was done drinking my water or else I’m gonna spit it out..
“uhm what kiss?” I asked
“the one you and Lucas had downstairs, don’t play dumb” he said with a smirk
“you saw?” I said with an uncomfortable grin..
“yeah,.. Do you like Lucas?” Ben asked
“I do.. But not the way you’re thinking” I said confidently
“then why did you kiss him” he asked, like he was pissed off
“because.. Well .. Because..
“see you can’t even come up with a good lie” he said and I rolled my eyes, “well he wanted to kiss me but then I backed away, and then I felt bad and kissed him” I said truthfully and Ben sighed
“so you kissed him out of pity” he asked
“I wouldn’t say pity” I smirked
“what would you say then” his eyebrows arched
“hey are you coming to Lucas party tomorrow, it’s just a small party for his friends including me and you’re coming right?” I said swiftly changing the subject
“don’t change the subject Daisy” he said with a small smile
“what? What subject were we talking about something? Look I’m sleepy and well I’m also tired also, I’ll see you tomorrow morning goodnight sleep tight” I said with a nervous laugh and head straight to my room to avoid any more questions..
“phew!” I said as I close my room door and plopped down on my bed..
I took off my dress and changed into my Pajamas …
My stomach suddenly grumbled and I realised I haven’t eaten dinner since after school, I head downstairs and went for the kitchen again… But surprisingly Ben was still standing there at the kitchen entrance and it was like he was lost in thought..
“hey ben” I called and shook him lightly in his arm and he flinched and got back to his senses
“what are you still doing here” I asked
“uhm.. I was.. I.. I.. What are you doing here anyway I thought you were going to bed” he said and rubbed his forehead..
“I was but I was starting to feel hungry all of a sudden” I said with a pout..
“want me to microwave the left overs from today’s dinner, you missed it won’t take time” he said and I nod happily..
After putting the food in the microwave he turned it on, closed it then walked up to me, I was sitting on the counter while he stood..”Daisy?” he called and I turned to look at him
“what?” I asked,
“what did I do wrong today? Did you act like that to me in the cafeteria because of the music in the car” he asked sadly..
“it’s not that” I tell him
“then what is it?” he asked again
“well, you know how all the girls is going crazy about you and all, well I didn’t want any trouble with anyone, cause if they found out were just hanging out like every single day they’ll think we’re dating and that’s crazy.. And then I’ll have too many enemies” I said and moved my hair back
“but you hang out with Lucas” Ben said almost quietly
“I know, he’s not that popular, and I don’t have a problem with that” I said and mean it and he sighed
“look I’m really sorry for the way I treated you in the cafeteria but I had to, I’m sorry seriously I am.. I didn’t want to” I said and he tuned to look at me and I looked at him too..
His eyes! There’s something about it.. It’s different from my dad.. I was wrong..
“it’s okay, I get it you’re avoiding trouble, I’ll stay away from you in school but I’ll not stay away too much just don’t worry” he said and I smiled and said “thanks,” .. The timer went on and we both flinch, Yay my food is ready!
“wow slow down” Ben laughed as I ate hungrily and roughly on the kitchen counter..
“oh my God, this is so yummy, only if you know how hungry I am.. I could eat you” I said and he laughed..
“well you’re free you could start with my arm” he said while I glance at him and rolled my eyes.. “gosh, the hot sauce in this is so much.. My tongue is burning and I like the feeling of that” I said with a smile taking the last bite of my food, I turned and saw Ben go get me water..
“here” he said and handed me the last glass cup
“thanks” I said and he nods
His phone started ringing and when I peeked his phone it was “dad” .. I sighed
“sorry, excuse me” he said and walked out of the kitchen, while I carried my plate to the sink and washed it..
I rinsed my plate and placed it in the cupboard where the others were, Ben walked back in the kitchen shoving his phone back in his pocket while I was ready to walk out of the kitchen when he stopped me
“what?” I asked
“you’re not gonna ask me?” he asked
“ask you what?” I asked back and he sighed
“your father just called and you’re not going to ask me what he said” ben said looking at me wearily.. “why do I care? He called you not me!” I tell him and he shrugged
“but still you have to forgive him sometime, Daisy” he said and I huffed almost angrily
“stay out of that ben” I said and he nods slowly
“OK.. But he told me he’s not coming home Tonight and he’s got something important to tell me tomorrow” Ben said
“good for you” I remark harshly and walked out of the kitchen and head upstairs, “it’s almost eight thirty, I have to sleep don’t follow me to my room” I announced when I got to my door and realise Ben is still behind me..
“come-on eight thirty? That’s your bedtime, you’re so cheeky” he said while I rolled my eyes
“yes I know.. Goodnight” I said and he rolled his eyes back and walked to his room smiling, I closed my door and like magic, when I laid my head on my bed I fell asleep..
The next morning I woke up and did my morning routine, I wore my clothes and went downstairs and found my mom wearing her shoes..”hey mom, good morning” I said and sat down opposite her ..
“hey hon, morning to you too” she said and I sighed depressingly .”mom you’re working too much that I barely see you, you work too much” I said and my mom smiled
“oh you know me, Clarice never stops working, I’m doing this for to hon” she said and I smiled
“so Gael called me yesterday during my shift” my mom said and I looked at her
“really? Dad called, why? He called Ben too” I said in a not caring tone..
“yeah he called and it’s about Ben” she said and my head tilt in confusion
“what about Ben?” I asked
“goodmorning” we suddenly heard Ben’s voice from the stairs interrupting my mom, and she sighed and didn’t say anything anymore..
“good morning dear how was your night” my mom asked
“it was splendid mother” he said playfully in a weird accent and I rolled my eyes..
Someone’s in a good mood
“okay then, Daisy, Ben, I’ll see you both after school okay!” my mom said and we both nod.. “and Ben… Try not to…to.. Well never mind I’ll see you after school” she said grabbed her bag and walked away,
What the hell was she trying to Ben, and what the hell is going on..

I got into Ben’s car and he drove me to school that morning while I just read my novel peacefully in the car since Lucas didn’t join the ride this morning..
BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Ben parked his car in between a pharmacy and a department store, “hey why did you park–
“you said you didn’t want anyone to the get the wrong idea about us right? So I had to park the car somewhere before the school’s building” he said with a smile and I smiled back and said “thanks”, I walked out first and head to school, I met Lucas at the school gate and we both said hi to each other,
We both head to class and started to talk about his party and then a teacher walked in and we all got impacted that morning before going to eat lunch that afternoon,
Lucas and I sat down together to eat before Sylvester, john Lorna and Esme joined us.. While Dylan was no where to be found..
“so?..” Lorna said looking at Lucas
“so what?” Lucas asked and glanced at him
“you’re still you still having the party?” Lorna asked
“of course I am I told you guys about it” Lucas said
“yeah like three days ago and you didn’t tell us anything about it anymore all you do is hang out with Daisy” Lorna said
“tell me about it” Esme chipped in and rolled her eyes..
“well.. I’m still having the party okay! And it’s still just between us” I said and Lorna shrugged..
“well Ben is invited right?” I asked and everyone suddenly turned to me
“yeah” Lucas said and John sighed
“that two faced handsome dude, is gonna ruin the party” John said angrily
“and what makes you say that,? Ben is a sweet handsome dude he’s charming and nice” Esme said and John rolled his eyes
“dont tell me you have a crush on him too” John asked and Esme rolled her eyes, “I don’t ..I’m just saying he’s handsome that’s all” Esme said and I smiled..
“what are you smiling at?” Esme said asked me..
“uhm.. I wasn’t smiling at you” I backfired and she huffed
“If yours daydreaming about Ben, stop it cause he can’t date girls like you or even near them I know that rumour about you and him was fake so beat it Daisy, you’re lucky Lucas even hangs out with you” Esme said and I smiled again
“really?” I said and she gave me a glare.. “but seriously Daisy what’s your relationship with Ben that the school had to go crazy for that rumour people even say they saw you kiss sometimes” Sylvester asked and my eyes widen while Lucas burst into laughter while I drank my water pushing the food in my mouth down..
“that’s gross” I said while Lorna looked at me strangely
“so yours saying that if Ben offered to kiss you that you’ll say no” Lorna asked
“well yeah, I’ll say no, Ben’s my step brother” I said and they all gasped except Lucas..
“no way, you guys don’t even look alike or even have some sort of resemblance anywhere” Sylvester said and I shrugged
“yeah he’s way prettier than you” Esme said and I rolled my eyes at her.. Dylan came and sat down beside Lorna and starts to eat his food without talking to anyone
“wow it must be nice living with a pretty brother” John said sarcastically and Lucas glared at him while he gave Lucas a look..
Lucas phone suddenly buzzed and he grabbed it and checked it, “oh great!” he said sarcastically and dropped his phone
“what’s wrong?” Sylvester and I asked the same time and smiled briefly at each other..
“my sister’s coming home, today! She just texted me” Lucas said and sighed
“wait! Lauren is coming home?” Dylan said happily
“yeah” Lucas replied angrily
“why are you so happy?” John asked Dylan who was completely smiling..
“Lauren is coming back! It’s been four years since she went to live with Lucas aunt, gosh I miss her” Dylan said smiling
“well I don’t! I thought I was gonna enjoy being all alone by myself in the house for weeks since my parents aren’t home, and now she just had to show up great!” Lucas said and buried his face in his palm, then pushed his hair back..
“yeah, I don’t like her too, she’s nothing like Lucas, she’s nosy, loud, bossy and rude, and she even commands Lucas, when Lucas’s older” Esme said with disgust, I stayed out of the conversation since I didn’t know who they’re talking about..
“she may be rude but she’s pretty sweet to me” Dylan defended grinning from ear to ear
“wake up Dylan, she’s just like the girl version of Lucas, if you have a crush on her then you have a crush Lucas too” Sylvester said and pat Dylan’s shoulder
“gross don’t make me puke sly, you’re not gonna like that view she looks nothing like Lucas” Dylan said and John and Sylvester groaned..
“hey! Idiot, they’re identical” Esme half yelled to Dylan who gave her a small smile.. Which pissed her off
“they may be identical but she’s a complete angel, in my heart and looks nothing like blond boy over here” Dylan said and Lucas rolled his eyes
“if she’s an angel that means Lucas is an angel too” Esme said smiling at Lucas, ugh…
“what?.. Lucas looked noth—-
“can you guys just cut it out, I’ve gotta look for a way to not let Lauren ruin our party” Lucas said and Lorna nods
“she’s kind of a bitch to me” Lorna said and Lucas glared at her
“I may not like her but you do not say stuff like that about her” Lucas said and Lorna Gave an apologetic look ..
I stood up and grabbed my bag since I was done eating and have nothing to say..
“I’m gonna go now” I said
“I’m coming with you” Lucas said and grabbed his bag also and stood up..”seriously Lucas, do you have to follow her everywhere?” Esme asked disgustingly and rolled her eyes..
“see ya later guys” Lucas said to them and we both head to class..
“so who’s Lauren” I asked as we both head to class
“my twin sister” he replied
“oh.. Is she nice?” I asked
“you don’t want to know,” he said
“really? Cause I really do” I said while he sighed
“well she’s not, well I don’t know it’s been years, she left to live with my strict aunt in Ohio, and I hope she has change” he said and I nod..
“well I can’t wait to meet her” I said
“don’t get your hopes up” Lucas said and I laughed.
School was over and Lucas gave me his house address before going home with others, I went home with Ben and went to my room to shower, after that I ate dinner with Ben and then went to sleep..
“hey Daisy, daisy, wake up” I heard Ben’s voice and I groaned
“just wake up” he said and I loudly,
I heard a familiar laugh aside from Ben and my shut open and I saw Lucas.. Oh my god..
I rubbed my face with my hands and sighed
“hey Lucas” I said and came Down from the bed, I lost balance and almost fall but the two guys caught me..
“thanks” I said and yawned
“why are you here?” I asked Lucas
“uhm.. To pick you up..youre not gonna bail on me. Now right?” he said
“to pick me up ..—oh my gosh the party, sorry I almost forgot I’ll get ready” I said and he nods. “so what are you still doing here both of you get out I have to change” I yelled
“so?…” Ben said
“what the hell do you mean, you pervert.. Just get out” I yelled at both of them and they laughed and walked out..
I changed quickly wearing a lavender crop top and a black short with knee length boots and putting my hair up on ponytails, and wearing a straight diamond earrings..
I went down and found Ben already dressed thank god he’s going to.. I won’t be the only one coning back home..
“wow you look.. Hot, yeah that’s the only words I can find” Lucas said and I chucked
“so.. Let’s hit the road, at least that would he better than you two hitting on each other” Ben said and I gave him a glare..
We arrived at Lucas party and whoa there’s a lot of people there..
“Luke! I thought you were only inviting John Dylan Sylvester Lorna and Esme, why all these people” I asked
“wow that is the first time you called me Luke and I can’t answer your question cause I don’t know what’s happening too” he said and immediately Sylvester walked up to us and gosh he was looking smoking hot, I could barely breathe.. I love the way he wear headphones around his neck..
“oh you guys are here, hi Daisy,. Ben” he said and I waved back while Ben waved
“what’s going on sly, why is the party crowded” Lucas asked
“some people from school heard Ben’s attending the party and they came too and now almost all the whole school’s here” Sylvester said and glanced at Ben, who looked away..
“whoa.. Well I guess they’ll just have to leave them since I can’t get them to leave” Lucas said and sighed, we walked in his big house and wow it looked dashing, the music were blasting from everywhere and I couldn’t help the smile on my face, I love parties.. I didn’t see Ben again, maybe he’s with a girl or something else..
I was with Lucas walked around when his sister walked up To us.. I noticed cause they look alike, like so much, but her blue eyes is not close to Lucas’s but still they’re pretty identical ..
“Luke.. I thought it was only your friends you invited who are all these people?” she asked almost calmly
“well.. It got complicated a while ago” Lucas said and scratched his head, she rolled her eyes and then saw me
“who’s this?” she asked with a smile
“Daisy!” Lucas said and I smiled
“are you his girlfriend, if you are, you’re gonna regret it” she said and Lucas rolled his eyes while I laughed..
“o my.. Who is that?” Lauren asked and we both looked at the direction she was looking at and it was Ben..
“that’s.. That’s Daisy brother” Lucas replied and Lauren gasped and said “wow i think we’re git to be prefect friends Daisy”
You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.. Lauren too! Ben who are you!.. Exactly..
T. B. C
By ruthie lee

Love triangle episode 14
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