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(mixed feeling)
Ben walked up to me and sighed “yeah so now I’m thirsty free, what do you think we should do?” he asked
“what else should we do when there’s nothing to do, I’m going back upstairs, sleep tight” I tell him and walked inside, I went upstairs to my room and close the door I quickly went to my contacts in my phone and searched for Lucas name.. I found his name and called him.
“hey Daisy” he said from the phone, his vouve cheerful and clear
“hi Lucas.. So I just want to tell you that you shouldn’t worry about giving me a ride tomorrow morning or after school” I said
“why?” he asked
“well my dad bought Ben a car and it looks like he’ll be giving me a ride now” I replied and I could hear a small tint of disappointment in his voice
“oh.. Well ..okay” he said lowly
“you could ride with us if you want that would make your motorcycle live a little longer you know” I said playfully and he laughed and said,
“okay I sure will,see you tomorrow morning”
“you too, goodnight” I said
“it’s okay seven twenty are you going to sleep now?” he asked
“yeah, maybe” I said and he scoffed
“well sleep tight sleepy head” he said and I replied with an “okay” and hanged up.. I snuggled my self under my blanket and sighed, I turned off my Bed-Lamp and suddenly drifted off to sleep..
I woke up the next morning feel good as usual, I did my morning routine and all and finally did the hardest part, pocking an outfit to wear, I later went with a short black flowery pattern flay dress that barely covers my thigh , I packed my hair up and wore some dangling earrings and a pair of black boots, I grabbed my backpack and head downstairs and I met Ben eating breakfast.. He gazed at me smiled
“morning” he said
“morning to you too, already eating without me?” I said with a smile and he chuckled.. “well you came to soon” he said and I rolled my eyes and walked up to the dining table, without even sitting down I started to eat, I had breakfast while standing up.. After eating I grabbed my bag again and so did Ben..
“so let’s hit the road” he said with a smile..
“wait, hold on can you drive?” I asked
“oh my god Daisy, you’ve got to be kidding me… I am the best driver in all of history” he said and I rolled my eyes.. And muttered “yeah you wish”
We both heard the doorbell and he looked at me while I shrugged, I walked to the door and he followed behind me..
I opened the door and saw Lucas standing there biting his lips
“hey Lucas” I said happily with a smile and we both shared a brief hug.. “wow you look pretty” he tells me..
“so she didn’t look pretty yesterday” Ben asked mockingly and I almost gave him a glare..
“she did.. I mean it’s just that I haven’t really seen her in a dress, she has nice legs” Lucas said and I couldn’t help the smile that was glued to my face..
“don’t be a such a flirt Luke, what are you doing here anyway, you don’t have to give Daisy rides anymore cause I have a car now” ben said,
“yeah I know about that, Daisy said I could join the ride” Lucas replied and Ben looked at me.. “what?” I asked
“I didn’t want any one to ride with us” he said and I glared at him and said “well I did, come-on Lucas” I walked straight to the car and Lucas followed me and then Ben with a sigh..
Ben brought out the car keys from his hand then turned to Lucas and I who were standing at the same line.. “so who’s sitting at the passenger seat” he asked
“I will” Lucas said and Ben Gave him a look.
“don’t worry I will” I said and Ben smiled, I gave Lucas a look and he shrugged and sat down at the back seat of the car while I sat down at the passenger seat, and Ben sat down at the driver seat.. He drove us to school and we all remained quiet in the car, and sure he is actually a good driver, Ben turned on the music in the car I almost lost my breath when I recognize the music it was “mirror by Justin Timberlake… It’s always with me loosing my mind when I hear this particular music, it reminded me of the day my dad hit my mom, that day was the darkest day of my life, I was just fourteen years old, I was eating popcorn on the couch and listening to this music when I heard my mom and dad’s voice from upstairs quarrelling , they were both yelling on each other’s voice and then they both came downstairs still yelling while I just watched them I couldn’t do anything because I feared my father so much even though he is so very nice to me..
“say that one more time and I’ll kill you, you bitch” my father yells and my mom who was practically tired and sweating.. Said it “you’re a man-whore”.. My dad got angry and hit my mom so hard that she fell to the ground and passed out, I couldn’t do anything I just cried as my dad watched my mom on the floor and Starts to realise his mistake, all I could see that night was my dad hitting my mom and then the music making a feedback on it.. I hated the music after that day, my dad took my mom to the hospital and after she regained consciousness he begged for forgiveness, my did forgive him but still.. She still wasn’t that happy, and nothing changed..

“turn of the music” I tell Ben in the car
“what? No.. Why? it’s nice” Ben protested and focus on the road
I tried to turn it off but he caught my hand and smiled at me.. “no” he said and shook his head negatively, but this is no laughing matter.. I feel like breaking something hearing this music
“please Ben.. Just turn the music off” I said and my voice comes out low and I realise I was in tears, the images from four years ago starts to flash in my head and I couldn’t help the tears that fell from my eyes, oh my god I hate this .. Lucas suddenly shift at the back seat and I had a feeling he wanted to touch my shoulder and ask me if I’m okay, Ben immediately switch off the music and stopped the car.. “i-I’m sorry Daisy I really am.. I didn’t know you’d g-get..
“it’s okay it’s not you,..its just.. ” I sighed and then sniffed, I cleaned my tears and closed my eyes ,and then opened them.. “just drive I’m sorry for the trouble, I just really hate that music” I said looking at my front and he nods and continued driving, I heard Lucas sighs from behind and I sighed also and and rested on the car window..
We were only two blocks away from school when Lucas insisted Ben on stopping the car.
“we’re almost in school where are you going?” Ben school
“uh.. I just have to get something meet you guys in school” he said and opened the car door and walked out..
“where the hell is he going to” Ben muttered to himself and starts to drive.. Finally we were in school and Ben drove in the school compound , I. Cleaned my face properly and sighed,
‘don’t just let that one incident get you’ I tell myself and breathe in and out .. I moved some strands of hair behind my ear and sighed heavily, I didn’t even know Ben was out of the car until someone opened the car door for me.. I looked up and saw Ben smiling, I look away and carried my bag and carefully walk out.. “thanks” I say lowly and breathed while he slammed the door,
“so should I walk you to class or are you—
“no it’s fine thanks.. I’ll walk to class myself” I cut him off and he nods
“okay, I just felt bad for the music an–
“dude!! it’s okay, you don’t have to bring it up, okay?” I say and he nods and gave a small smile.. I turned and was astonished to see a crowd staring at us.. Half of the whole school staring at me..
I ignored all the eyes and walked straight to class, as I walked through the hallway, someone pulled me making me to turn back and see who that was and I was stunned to see a girl I don’t know..
“hey.. I’m Caitlin.. And yeah I know you’re Daisy” the girl said
“uhm yeah, I am” I said feeling confused about this..
“so.. I’m just going to go straight to the point,.. How do you know Ben? Is he your boyfriend?” she asked
“what.. Are you talking about” I said and moved back a bit..
“are you dating Ben? I thought you were with that guy, what’s his name again L-Lucas.. Huh?” she said with curiousness In her eyes..
Why does everyone thinks I’m with Lucas..
“no Ben and I are not dating” I said and she smiled
“of course we are” I heard Ben’s voice behind me and I flinched and turned.. Angrily..what the hell

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