Love triangle episode 1

Love triangle episode 2

(mixed feelings)💫
* Diasy’s pov.. *
“Rise and shine sleepy head” I heard my mom voice waking me up from my deep slumber, I groaned and covered my face with my pillow..
“honey come-on wake up it’s your first day of school” my mom said and I almost cried, I was just having a good dream and she ruined it, I huffed angrily and sat up moving my rough hair back..
“way to go mom, thanks for ruining my awesome dream” I said and stood up..
“come-on what better dream would you be having other than your new school” she asked trying to sound cheerful but I gave her a weird look,
“you know what just go take your bath your dad’s waiting for you” my mom said and I nod and stood up and head straight to the shower, well I’m Daisy I just turned seventeen and well I don’t know where I live and I don’t wish to since my dad’s work got transferred we had to move and well that’s how we came here,
After moving here my dad didn’t even allow me to breathe for a day, he just went on and registered me in a new school, a public school for that matter,
I haven’t been to a public school before and I don’t know how it’s going to be like..
As I turn on the shower the cold water ran down my body waking every sleeping muscle and I sighed thinking of my new school, how is it going to be, is it going To be hard making friends or will it be like my old school, where there’s proudness and bitchy-ness ruling over everyone..
I sighed and got out of the shower and head straight to my closet,
One thing I hate about public school is that you don’t get to wear uniform but mufti and it’s annoying so every morning from now on I’ll be arguing with my closet, damn it.
After picking out a lemon T-shirt and a skinny jeans I put on my white sneakers and stood in front of my wall mirror and brushed my brown hair to the fullest,
“and done” I said to my self and dropped my brush before grabbing my bag
I rushed my breakfast and hurried outside to meet my dad in his car, “what took you so long” he almost yelled
“sorry, I woke up late” I tell him
“on your first day” my dad blurted out and I sighed and got into the passenger seat
“like I wanted it to be my first day” I said and rolled my eyes…
My dad drove me to “edge wood academy high school I just couldn’t stop sighing, my stomach started to grumble and I know it was nothing else than nervousness..
“don’t worry you’re Daisy Norman, you can do this” I tell my self and nodded
“nervous?” my dad asked and I nod
“yeah, a little bit” I tell him and he told me to drink a little bit of water handing me a bottle of water, and it did calm me down.. A bit..
Finally we were in front of edge woods high school dang it I’m getting nervous again,
“okay honey be a good girl and show them the smarty-pants you are” my dad said said and kiss my head while I rolled my eyes
“come-on Claire and I gave birth to a braniac” he said referring to my mother.. And I remained quiet
“but dad do you have to do it” I said quietly and he sighed
“look hon, it’s complicated, your mom’s doing it too, don’t judge me okay! We’re just having some stuff and you won’t understand” my dad tells me and I sadly look away,
“I don’t need to understand, all I know is that you guys are getting divorced and I’m not okay with it” I said and walked out of the car,
“be good sweetie” my dad yelled and I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me and I walked away.. Well not actually away but inside edge wood high,
Getting inside I could see different group of student hanging in different places and all dressing differently, I asked a girl for the principal’s office and she showed me.
Lucky me
Assuming it’s my old school I would have gotten ‘eww get away from me nerd’ or ‘do I look like the School’s map to you?’ ugh I hate that school,
I walked out of the principal’s office with my schedule, I glanced at my time table and sighed, I have math first, my favourite subject.. I gazed at the school’s map in my hands and tilt my head in confusion not really understanding where my class is in the school’s building..
I was still looking at my map not looking at where I was going until I hit something hard, I groaned in pain and look up to see that I’ve hit my head on solid wall
I rubbed my forehead and glared at the wall,
“that must have hurt!” I heard someone’s voice behind me, a male one actually I quickly turned and saw a boy standing there looking tall handsome and fresh, he had blonde hair a glossy Pink lips and oceanic blue eyes..
“oh.. Yeah it did hurt a lot” I said and stopped rubbing my forehead and he chuckled..
“are you new here?” he asked
“uhh.. Yeah” I replied and tucked my hair behind my ear,
“if that’s the case, I’m Lucas but my friend calls me luke” he tells me and I smiled
“well I’m Daisy, nice to meet you” I said and he nods,
“do you mind if I show you your way to class” he offered and my smile brightened
“of course yea, that would be great,cause I really don’t get this stupid map” I said and he laughed and said ,
“that’s because it’s upside down”
“oh” I said feeling embarrassed as he took the small map from me,
“so what class are you?” he asked
“I’m.. Well grade eleven gem” I tell him and his eyes flickered In excitement
“I’ll be damned we’re in the same class” he said and I almost jumped up happily, thank God I won’t be going to class alone..
“so,.. Let’s go” he said and I nod and followed him as he lead the way
We finally reached the last floor of the building where I assume our class must be, and yeah I was right that was where our Class was, it was actually the first class in the hallway,
We both walked in and I gasped, the class was beautiful because it was filled with different paintings and drawings on the wall,
“beautiful right?” he asked and I nod with a smile
“I made that one” he said and pointed to a particular painting on the wall that was a butterfly designed with different colours and it caught me, I just couldn’t stop staring at me..
It was like it was giving me life, it was just so colourfully made that I felt like entering it..
“hey, Daisy” I hear Lucas said tapping me and I flinched
“sorry for startling you though, I’ve been calling you but you’ve been busy staring at my painting, am I that good?” he asked with a smirk and I nod “well okay, I just wanted to tell you that there’s an empty seat right beside mine. Would you like to sit there?” he asked and I nod, why wouldn’t I want to sit there, he’s my the only one I know,
I dropped my bag on the desk and sat down on the chair with a sigh, he started telling what the school those and how there’s a fund raising festival at the end of the semester and also an all school mathlete competition and he told me many more and I was paying attention not knowing the class had Been totally occupied until when a boy walked up to me
“uhm. I’m sorry this is my s–
He stopped talking when Lucas gave him a look and he sighs and walked away,
Oh so this wasn’t an empty seat
“so this is he’s seat right?” I said and Lucas laughed
“wow you are smart” he tells me and I rolled my eyes, I get that a lot, like a lot.
A a male teacher walked in and greeted everyone but no-one replied, thank God I didn’t too cause I’ll be the weird one
But why didn’t they reply
“I don’t care if you’re annoyed or not, I’m your teacher and I’m teaching you” he said and everyone groaned classic class!
He wrote math on the board and I smiled, my favourite!
His teaching was boring for others I think who were starting to fall asleep but not for me, all the questions he asked I was the only one who answered it and I mean all, that Lucas couldn’t stop smiling at me and giving me a high five anytime I solve a question on the board,
Mr Cosby, who I just learned is the math teacher’s name told me to get him a scroll he kept in the school’s storage room and I gladly went outside but suddenly dropped on my track
Where the hell is the storage room, I started to walk around not knowing where I was going it would have been great if Lucas should have followed me.. Well but he didn’t I have to do this on my own..
No one was on the hallway and that means there’s no one to ask.. Just then I saw a boy walked outside and I quickly ran to him..
“hey” I said and he turned
He looks, oh my, so charming that I forgot what I wanted to ask him..
T. B. C.
By Ruthie Lee 🌸

Love triangle episode 2

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