Fervent Orison
Fairest Emotion

Love! Love!! Love!!!
Love knw no reason
Knows no time
It has a sole intention
Of bringing people 2geda
To a time called FOREVER

Real love is not based upon
Romance candle light dinner
And walk along the beach
Infact itz based on care
Compromise respect and trust

When you love sum1 truly
U dnt look for fault,
U dnt look for answers,
U dnt look for mistakes,
Instead u fight the
Mistakes…. U accept the fault
And over look the excuses

Its a very hard decision to
Stop loving sum1 ur heart
Still cry out to
Falling in love is theost beautiful pleasure one can
Ever experience buh missing
Such person is an ugly pain
U can ever feel

We feel closest to those that
Cause us to feel good about
Ourselves ; lavish expression
Of love on ur partner
Bring them straight to ur heart

Agree to allow each other make your own choice,
Plan to spend time together
The key now is to plan, keep
Your commitment to be only with ur partner…..
Work on this together &
You will accomplish much more

Feel the love and dnt fall inlove

Smartqueen mania

Fervent Orison
Fairest Emotion

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