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Author: mhinuel­čÄ╗
Justin’s POV

we finally arrived in quiet neighborhood filled with trees and sticks that separated each flats in the same estate,I think the houses In this parts of the estate are low cost houses of over 10million not like the houses at the lane of Halita’s house which would be above 30 million.

we drove into our space, I could see some children riding bikes in their space while few moved around chatting.

Mum: Justin this is our house(as we all came out of the car).

I brought down my hood and looked around the environment and I saw some kids staring at me from the next house that was demarcated from ours with white painted strong sticks with a sharp surface.

Halita’s mum: so Justin what do you think?

Justin: I love it(I said with a smile).

Mum: from now henceforth this will be for both of us.

Halita’s mum: let go inside.

we removed our bags from the booth and the front door was opened by halita’s Mum as we walked it.

I heard a flick and the house was filled with light instantly,everything that was supposed to be in a house was already set,plasma TV, comfortable couch,dining table, Air conditioner and others.

Justin:in need to check my room (as I ran up the stairs with my bag along with me..
as I walked down the hall,I could see three doors,I pushed the first door open,entered and saw what attracted me,outside the window has a verandah where I can stare at the stars all night.

I looked around the room,looks quit big with a neat medium size bed,I pulled open the wardrobe which smells like new furniture,I brought out some of my clothes and started arranging them on the hangers when my door opened.

mum: so you choose this room?
Justin:yes I love it.

Mum: but the room isn’t that big as the remaining two.

Justin: well the remaining two doesn’t have a verandah like this one.

Mum: hmm,that true,so do you like the house?(as she came close to me)

(a smile crossed my face, I looked at her and gave her a hug)

Justin: I love you mum, I love this place.

Mum: I love you too son.

Justin: but there’s something I’ve been thinking (as I pulled from the hug)

Mum: which is?

Justin: is this our house now or you rented it?

Mum: (laugh) of course I bought it,it one of the houses of Halita’s dad he let out for sale.

Justin:oh,so what about my school, where is the school?

Mum: oh, I already paid your fees already, you will be starting tomorrow.

Justin: where is it located?

mum: it a little far from here,it on the island, Grange high school,you don’t have a uniform now but you will get it in school tomorrow.

Justin: but you’re coming with me right?

Mum: of course, I need to talk to the principal about you,hurry up let have lunch downstairs, I ordered some food before I picked you up(as she walked out of the door)

I fell on the bed with my back as I could feel the soft comfortable bed sheet on my skin,I quickly got up and walked out of the door.

I came downstairs and saw a nylon with KFC branded on it,I opened it and a tantalizing aroma filled the atmosphere,out of hunger I picked up my plate and started battling.

my mum came down and sat beside me already changed to a grey short and red polo as she was making a call,I carried my food to the couch and switch on the TV.

Author: mhinuel­čÄ╗
Halita’s POV

I was in my room watching the movie Diana downloaded on my laptop when I heard my mum walking pass my door making a call
I jumped of the bed,ran to my door and pulled it open.

Halita:uhh mum pls wait( I yelled) as she was about entering her room and she halt to a stop

i ran towards her as she was still calling.

Halita: mum where is your friend? they are..( and she immediately gave me a finger to hold on)

I waited as she called for five minutes before she finally hung up.

Mum:Halita, next time wait for me to finish calling before you say what ever you want to tell me,so what is the problem?

Halita: just wondering where your friend and her son went,they are not in the guest room.

Mum: oh they have actually moved into their own apartment somewhere in this estate.

Halita:really? where is the place?

Mum: and why are you asking? you want to pay them a visit?

Halita: noo,am just asking, you know I like your friend a lot..(as I showed her all my teeth)

(she raised one of her eye brow and folded her hands)

Mum: you like my friend or you like her son?

Halita: her son keh, noo

mum: so you have finally see his face and falling in love abi.(wink)

Halita: okay I think am done discussing with you (as I turned to leave), and less I forget, aunty aliya is back.

mum: really? where is she?

Halita: probably in her room (as I entered my room and slammed the door.

Author: mhinuel­čÄ╗
Justin’s POV Monday (5am)

I was woken by a knock on my door by my mum.

Mum: Justin wake up and start getting ready.

I covered my ears with my pillow not to hear any sound,I tried falling asleep but I couldn’t so I quietly rolled out of bed,unplugged my phone where am charging it and and walked of the window to the verandah.

I could see houses all over the estate from where I stood with different colors of house roofs and cars moving,I brought out my phone to check my timelines, while I was checking, a message popped up from Diana.

Diana: hi
i quickly replied her immediately

Jason:hello Diana, guess what?


Jason: I’ve moved into Lagos.

Diana: which of the Lagos?

Jason: the one in your backyard, see question,I said my mum and I moved into Lagos.

Diana:wow, why didn’t you tell me nah,so where in Lagos?

Jason: how am I supposed to know? am just coming to Lagos for the first time.

Diana: try ask your mum nah and stop behaving like dordoryour.

Jason: but I know it in an estate

Diana: what estate?

Jason: the one in Lagos

Diana: what estate in Lagos?

Jason: the one people live in it

Diana: lol,you are mad,talk nah?

Jason: how many times will I tell you I just came to Lagos ?, see I have to get ready for school now.

Diana: so you already seen the school you will be going.

Jason: yes,my mum already paid the school fees before we came to Lagos.

I waited for her to reply but she didn’t and she suddenly went offline, I guess she’s getting ready for school,the morning has started getting brighter that made every house visible.

I quickly walked back into my room and took off my pyjama before entering the shower.

5 minute later,I was out of the shower,i selected one of my red hood long sleeve cardigan and a white trouser before wearing the mask and hand glove.

Mum:Justin are you still sleeping or what?(I heard her yelled down the hall).

Justin: just give me a sec (as I pulled down the window and put my phone into my pocket)

I ran downstairs and and saw my mum dishing some fried eggs into a plate from a pan with a full sliced bread beside her.

Mum: hurry the driver is waiting for us outside.

Justin: driver? what driver?

Mum: the driver for Halita’s mum,he will be taking us for just today,but after today, you will start taking the school bus that will come to pick you from 7’o’clock Monday to friday

Justin: where will I meet the bus?

Mum: don’t you worry,it will be downstairs waiting for you from 7’o’clock so hurry up pls and no more talking..

(and we started eating)

Justin: uhh pls one more question?

she looked at me with a frown..

Justin: plssss just one.

Mum: okay am listening

Justin: when did you buy all this?

Mum: all this what?

Justin: the eggs and bread? or did you order again?

Mum:(laugh) no I didn’t, I went out early this morning outside the estate to buy them.

Justin: on foot?

Mum: no I used my yansh to walk

justin: pardon? what yansh?

Mum: what you used in sitting.

Justin: oh,I i think i have more to learn.

Mum: now no more questions.

she had almost finished her meal when another question popped my mind.

Justin:(clears throat) mum can i

Mum: Justin noo(as she slammed her fist on the table in anger)

I looked at her in shock with my mouth open

Justin:uhm sorry(as i returned back to my food)

Mum: thank you (she said with smile)

Justin: why is this meal so delicious (I said without looking up because I know she might be looking at me)

Mum: was that question for me?

I raised my head innocently and shook it twice.

Justin: no I was talking to myself.

mum: good(as she got up and packed her plate and the remaining sliced and the pan into the kitchen)

I finally finished eating,I drank a little water from the fridge then I trashed my plate in the sink.

we came out and saw the black Porsche waiting for us outside the flat,every flat in this environment doesn’t have a gate because the height of the fence is up to our waist except a little wooden gate..
we got close to the car,peeped through the tinted window and saw the driver sleeping with his mouth open and his leg on the dashboard.

my mum knocked thrice on the window and he jerked up immediately, he brought down his legs and started the car immediately.

he signalled us to come in,I entered the back seat while my mum sat at the front.

while he was driving us out of the neighborhood,i saw a school bus packed outside a particular house waiting for someone, a boy ran out of the house into the bus suddenly.

mum: that your school bus you will be entering as from tomorrow.

Justin: cool.
I could see some white students inside from the bus window as we drove out of the gate looks like we we’re still in the same estate because I could see the flashy houses at the lane of Halita’s house,mine is just a mini estate inside the main estate.

Mum: Justin I want you to listen to me carefully, no matter what happens,don’t ever get involved in a fight, and always pay attention in class

Justin: I promise mum (as I gazed out of the window) the whole road outside the estate looks super busy with road hawkers,lousy and noisy cars and conductors screaming their destination repeatedly for people to enter their yellow buses, I could some people fighting the conductors and drivers for their change,some of them running after buses and fighting to get in, I think am going to enjoy it here(I said with a smile) as we drove out of the the mainland

invite friends after reading, love y’all

LOVE DON'T CARE (Episode 6)
LOVE DON'T CARE (Episode 4)
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