LOVE DON’T CARE (Episode 4)

LOVE DON'T CARE (Episode 5)
LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– Episode 3

Justin’s POV

I had finished packing so i lay on my bed watching a movie online through my phone.. when I heard my mum’s voice.

mum:baby are you ready(she yelled from the living room)

Justin: wait a minute, did my mum just called me baby?.
my door opened as my mum stood on the doorway.

Justin: hi mum.

Mum: did you drop your tray outside the door?

Justin: uhh there a problem with that (still laying on the bed)

mum: why didn’t you take it to the kitchen instead

Justin: no I can’t go to where people keep staring at me.

Mum: you know you can’t hide your face forever, one day you will finally take off your mask and make friends.(as she sat down beside me)

Justin:but why do they keep staring at me?

mum: number one they are curious why you’re wearing a mask,and number two you look like an angel.

(I looked at for a second and bursted into laughter)

Justin: then where are my wings?

Mum: you are an angel without wings,can’t you see yourselves in the mirror? you’re magnificent.

I couldn’t stop smiling.


Mum: get up let go(as she stood up and the walked out of the door)

i quickly got up and picked up my bag and wore my green sneakers before i walked out of the door..
my mum joined me in the living room pulling her bag along with her.

Mum: are we good?

Justin:yeah let go (as we walked out of the door)

we walked out of the gate and saw halita’s mum waiting for us in her car.
she pressed a button in her car and her booth slowly opened as we dropped our bag.

Halita’s POV

Diana later finished downloading her movie before she transfered it into her phone from the laptop.

Diana: I have to start going now, I haven’t finished my physics assignment.

Halita:is now you realized you haven’t done your assignment, after you have downloaded your stupid movie.

Diana: okay I know you’re still angry because I didn’t follow you to see that angel you’re talking about,alright take me to him lemme see if I will melt.

halita: noo goan watch your movie nah,am not taking you to him anymore(hissed) (as I lay on the bed).

Diana: okay am sorry,pls take me to him.

Halita: no,don’t you have assignment? bye bye(as I pretended to pressing my phone)

Diana: you too now want to do your own shakara abi,isoright (as she put on her slippers and walk towards the door.

Halita: wait jor ode(I yelled)

Diana: mumu I thought you will continue doing shakara,stand up let go jare(with her hand on her waist)

i rolled out of bed and followed her out of the door.
we we’re walking downstairs when we saw sewa walking up with her Tab..
she was looking at me without saying anything while I also looked at her,I looked at her from up to down.

Sewa:why are you looking at me like this nah?

Halita:which eye you take look me? fool.

Diana:(laugh) ahhan halita it hasn’t gotten to that nah.

sewa: don’t mind her,this one that she’s just looking at me, I don’t know maybe she has started dating lukeman(as she ran up the stairs)

Halita: may Allah punish that your mouth for what you just said.

sewa: Allah is not a shoe maker nah.
(Diana bursted into laughter)

Halita: if they born you well wait for me up there.

Diana: see halita am downstairs (as she walked down the stairs)

sewa: oya am waiting,do your worst(as she stood with her hands or her waist)

I ran up and she ran up quickly again.
sewa: now that aunty aliya is around, I will tell her what you did yesterday in your room.

Halita: ahh sewa,they no born you well,because I don’t want to beat you All this while,this time I will use slap and give you tattoo.. (as I walked down the stairs)

I got downstairs and saw Diana sitting on the couch armrest waiting for me.

Diana: Halita I tire for you and sewa oo,both of you can’t live together to be sincere,let go abeg.

we walked to the door of the guest room and I knocked gently.
we quickly arranged our hair and adjusted our clothes before he opens.

Halita: Diana how do i look?(I whispered to her)

Diana: Halita really?, all this because of this guy? you should have just put on makeup and lip gloss with some designer wears before you come and knock nah.

Halita:that true oo,lemme go and change(as I turned to leave)

Halita:is this girl okay at all? come back jare ode(as I dragged her back).

Halita:is he sleeping ni(as I knocked again).

we saw the doorknob twisting, I opened my teeth to smile widely, and the door finally opened as we saw our house girl(suliyah) coming out of the room with a mop stick in a mop bucket.

we looked at her in astonishment.

Halita: wait oo(as Diana and I peeped into the room and look back at suliyah)

Halita: suliyah what are you doing in the guest room?

suliyah: is your mummy that say I should clean am.

Diana: and what about the people inside, where are they?

suliyah:they have go(as she pointed to the wall)

Diana: hey Halita this girl papa na principal.

Halita: (laugh) wait suliyah you mean they had left?

suliyah: yes

Halita: when?

suliyah: it have tayed small.

Diana: see Halita let go before cold catch me.

LOVE DON'T CARE (Episode 5)
LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– Episode 3
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