LOVE DON’T CARE (Episode 2)

LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– Episode 3
LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– (Episode 1)

Justin’s POV

Halita:who is that? (as she drew close to where I was hiding)

I could see her through the curtain from where I stood,I tried as much not to move or am bursted.

she entered the bathroom and came out, I watched her as she walked back to her wardrobe and started duffling in to find the perfect wear,I slowed poked my head out of the curtains and started tiptoeing gently, I hide behind the wall and brought out my head to look at her..
she was already dressed as she wore a body hug jean and a long black dress down to her ankle,I guess black is her favorite color because most designs in her room are black..
(her phone started ringing)

Halita:hello hakeem,are you here now?
okay am coming downstairs (as she slid into her slippers and ran out of the room)

I breath a sigh of relieve as I ran out of the door.

I walked down the stairs and saw them almost done eating..

Halita’s mum: what kept you so long nah?

Justin: am sorry I got lost(as I started eating immediately)

Halita’s mum: oh am sorry, I should have escorted you..

by the corner of my eye I could see sewa still staring at me..

sewa:mum why is he wearing a mask on his face and an handglove?

I looked at her immediately and saw her still looking at me and I became uncomfortable.

Justin: am sorry i feel dizzy, need to go to bed now (as i stood up)

Halita’s Dad: alright Justin,good night..
while I was about entering the guest room, I turned back and saw Halita walking into the house along with the dude she called on the phone named Hakeem.

from the way I viewed him, he has a bad intention to sleep with her, I watched them as they jogged up the stairs.

I entered my room and saw my phone screen light turned on the bed..
I slid the screen up and it was a text from Diana, I’ve been busy this days to chat with her.

Diana: are you busy?

Justin:hey Diana.
5 minutes later she replied..

Diana:Justin where have you been?

Justin:am sorry,just sorting some things out with my mum..

Diana: can I ask you a question?

Justin: sure.

Diana: why don’t you ever upload your pictures?

Justin: oh uhh,nothing,just don’t feel like..

Diana: are you ugly?

Justin: what? lol,no am not, why do you ask?

Diana: nothing am just curious, can i see your pictures?

Justin: uhh now?

Diana: yes now, send it to me lemme see.

Justin: I will but pls not today, am really sleepy at the moment..

Diana: alright goodnight dear..

Justin: same here (and I dropped the phone on the table and fell back to bed)

the memories of my dad and my brother flashed through my mind,how he thought me how to play musical instruments and basketball, hot tears flowed down my face to the bed as I gaze at the ceiling..
I turned to the side, few minutes later I fell asleep..


Halita’s POV

I feel very tired an exhausted from the the banging I had with Hakeem last night, I lay on the the king size bed like a log of wood with my eyes open,my phone started ringing on my lamp table..
with the little strength I have I stretched my hand and picked up the phone, I received it immediately and placed it on my ear..


Hakeem: morning sweetheart..

Halita: oh it you, hi Hakeem..

Hakeem:how was your night?

Halita: really?, are you teasing me or what,you and I know what happened last night, I lost all my energy for the two rounds we had..

Hakeem: (laugh) am sorry if I made you lose energy but I just called to check up on you..
(a knock came on the door)

Halita: uhh can I call you back?, there’s someone at the door

Hakeem:okay bye (as he hung up)

I stood up look lazily and walked towards the door, I opened it and saw my sister already fully dressed.

Halita:what do you want?

she looked at me from up to down, look into my room as if she’s searching for something.

Halita:hey shift back jare_(as i pushed her back outside),I said what do you want?

sewa: anyway mum said you should come downstairs for breakfast.

Halita:I’ve heard you can go.. (as my phone started ringing again)

Sewa:so how was your Quran recitation last night with him?

I looked at her in shock

Halita: the Quran recitation was great, am a fast learner..

sewa: indeed you’re a fast learner, fast learner on bed(as she walked away)

Halita:ehh what did you just say (as I ran after her,come back here idiot (as I pulled her by the hair to face me)

the phone stopped ringing and started ringing again..

sewa:leave me alone jor(as she struggled to remove my hand)

Halita: I said repeat what you just said..

sewa: you thought i don’t know what both of you did last night, I was passing when I heard a sound coming from your room,I pushed your door which was already open a little and saw you shouting because of one stupid sex

Halita:you’re lying I wasn’t having sex(as I tightened my grip on her long braid)

sewa:if you don’t leave me now I’ll scream..

Halita: lemme leave you now, I don’t have your time (as i let go of her hair)

sewa: oh yeah, yes baby faster faster,(she said in a mocking tone as she ran down the spiral staircase)

Halita: oh how can I be so carless not to lock my door?, what if my parents walked in while in the act?

I checked my phone, already 4 missed calls from Diana..

I quickly dialed her number which she picked immediately..

Halita: Diana am so sorry,I wasn’t with my phone (I lied)

Diana: whatever,anyway so what about the stuff you did at night?
(wait a minute, how did she know Hakeem and I had sex last night?)

(I quickly slammed my door and went inside)

Halita: Diana how did you know I had sex with Hakeem last night?

Diana: sex?, what do you mean?, I was asking about the movie I told you to help me download nah..

(I felt embarrassed suddenly)

Halita: oh,I thought..

Diana: hold on a minute halita,did I here you say you had sex last night?

Halita: (laugh) no it was a slip of tongue, I didn’t have sex..

Diana: am not criticizing you of having sex but I just hope you know the result, if you carry belle, me I kuku like rice very well, I will eat on the naming ceremony like am in my house.

Halita:(laugh)foolish girl, it you that will carry belle.

Diana:anyway how do you feel after what you did last night?

Halita: I feel really weak and exhausted to be honest., wait are you not supposed to be in church?

Diana: we just closed so am just talking to some friends..

Halita:can you come over when you get home?..

Diana: alright I’ll be there bye(as she hung up)

I quickly ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Justin’s POV

Mum: Justin for the 4th time wake up it morning (as she banged on the door).. that when I finally regained consciousness, I rolled off bed and quickly opened the door..

Justin: am sorry mum I was asleep..

Mum: it okay,how was your night?

Justin: my night was boring without my dad and fred.

Mum: (sigh) I really feel bad for what happened too,I don’t know what I would do if I lose you too but let just be grateful you didn’t die..(as she rubbed her hand on my hair)

Justin: when are we leaving this house, I want our own house.

Mum: am buying the house today don’t worry.

Justin: how much is the house?

Mum: (laugh)do you want to pay half of the money?, you just relax,I got this, hurry up and come out for breakfast (as she turned and started leaving)

Justin: am sorry mum am not eating with that family that keeps staring at me (I yelled) but she was out of the door already.

I shut the door and fell back on the bed, I picked up my phone where I left it charging to text Diana.

Justin: hi Diana.

Diana: happy Sunday.

Justin: happy Sunday?. what happy or special about this Sunday?

Diana: because it a day we spend with God and we all relax,didn’t you go to church?

Justin: church? never been to a church before.

Diana: what? are you kidding me..

Justin: so what you up to?

Diana: just got home from church, will soon be going to see my friend halita down the street.

(what halita?,is she coming here or what,should i ask her where?anybody could be called halita anyway)..

Justin: my greetings to your friend, have to go now..

Diana: Justin can I tell you something?

Justin: sure(as I dropped the phone on the bed and started undressing to go take a shower)
I was left with my boxer when a text entered my phone, I ignored it and went in to take my bath.

Halita’s POV

I walked downstairs and entered the dinning room, the whole family seated already including my mum’s friend,aunty Cecelia except from my dad who went out..

Halita:good morning(I said to all of them which they replied)

we started eating when I discovered there’s another plate for an empty chair

Halita:uhm mum who owns that food

Justin’s Mum: it for my son..

Halita:your son is here with you..

Justin’s mum: yes he will be here any second from now.

Halita’s mum: but it over ten minutes now and his not here,halita can you help us call him in the guest room?

Halita: me? but why me?

sewa: just go abeg..

Halita: mum warn this stupid girl,am not talking to her,let her just mind her business..

Halita’s Mum: sewa if they start beating you, don’t run crying to me,so halita pls call him.

Halita: I should have kept my mouth shut(I muttered to myself as I pushed my chair back in anger and stormed out of the dinning room)


LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– Episode 3
LOVE DON'T CAREđź’– (Episode 1)
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