Just A Kiss Episode 11

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Amaya’s POV
“What?!” I yelled with my mouth and eyes wide open.
“What?” Kyle asked nonchalantly.
“You don’t mean what you just said, right?” I said the last part in a whisper, darting my eyes to Diego for a split second.
“Yes. I did Amaya.. we are leaving for france next tommorow, to Paris specifically where Kyle would be having his show, we are leaving that early because.. that way, Kyle would be able to settle in and rest before his show, the next night” Diego explained and I sucked in a sharp breath
“Why are you acting weird?”kyle asked eyeing me cautiously, like I was going to explode any second like a time bomb
“N-nothing” I stuttered
“Amy?..” he warned
“It’s nothing really” I said laughing nervously
“Do you want me to break our friendship?” He asked mischievously, seriously..that was a low blow Kyle.
“Are you blackmailing me?” I asked with a gasp
“Maybe..” he mumbled with a wink
I pursed my lips in a thin line and I sighed when he raised his brow
“Fine!.. I’ve never been out of the country before” I mumbled quietly
“Oh” Diego mumbled
“I see” kyle muttered thoughtfully and smiled
“Well, it’s okay.. it’s gonna be fun for you.. i guess” he shrugged.
And I stared doubt fully at him
“Okay.. why don’t you make a list of things you’d like to do when we get there, I’ll try to meet up with them whenever I’m free” he bargained and I broke into a goofy grin.
“Promise?” I asked maintaining eye contact with him
“Yes.. I promise” he said rolling his eyes
“Well that’s settled.. now I’ve got to go and put some tiny things in order before our departure” Diego said and stood up from the couch,
“See you love birds later” he said with a smile as he headed for the door
“W-what?!” Kyle stuttered and I blinked rapidly, I could pratically feel my cheeks burning.
“We aren’t love birds, just.. working birds, I guess” I said scratching my head
“There’s no word like that Amaya.. but either way she’s right! Deigo..” kyle agreed and I nodded
“You both are crazy, a more romantic couple if you ask me, ” Diego said and reached for the door
“Adios” and with that he left.
And I swallowed.
Kyle’s POV.
I hesitantly looked at Amaya and saw her licking her lips.
“Geez.. only God knows what kinda drugs he’s high on” I attempted to lighten the tense mood but failed woefully.. I laughed nervously, when Amaya raised a brow at me..
“Okay.. uhm, I think we are done for the day..” I muttered placing my hands on my knees
She looked at the table filled with paperwork and bit her lips, shaking her head
“Yeah, I didn’t think so too..” I mumbled timidly.
She sighed and shook her head
“We are acting weird” she said thoughtfully
“Tell me about it” I groaned
“And it’s all Diego’s fault” she added and I agreed
“I mean seriously? We are the farthest thing from a romantic couple.. awkward would have been better..” I said
“Well we aren’t really a couple so..?” She said with a smile
“We could change that though” I mumbled under my breath.
“Did you say something?” She asked
“Uhm.. no, I didn’t” I lied and she nodded
“So.. I guess we should sort these out then” she said pointing at the table..
“Yes … Just arrange them serially” I said taking some files from the table. She nodded and dove right into her work. I watched her for some time and narrowed my eyes..is it just me Or is Amaya acting way differently now than usual?
“So.. how long are we going to stay in Paris?” She asked suddenly
“Three to four days? Depends” I replied without looking up from the file.
“Okay.. I’ll tell my mom and get my things ready when I get home” she stated
“Uhm.. are you done with those?” I asked pointing to the heap of paper work in her hand.
“Yeah, do you need them?” She asked.
“Yes please” I replied, she stood up and made her way over to me.
She shrieked when she tripped and fell on me, causing us to lay back on the couch with her lips on mine again?!.
Her eyes were wide, and I reached up to push back her hair which was sprawled on my face.
“Ah ehm, I believe making out on the couch isn’t risky for the babies, is it?” We quickly pulled apart and I turned to face the woman with the voice..
“Mom?” I called with shock and Maya gasped.
To be continued.

I know it’s short but please manage it.. no light..

Just A Kiss Episode 12
Just A Kiss Episode 10
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