How daniella got her groove back episode 7

How daniella got her groove back episode 8
How daniella got her groove back episode 6

Three days later……
Daniella wakes up from the bed and the morning and went to check on Nick in the guest room. He wasn’t there but he left a note telling Daniella that he went to see his aunt and she should take care of the dogs that day.

” Ugh! I have to do all these before he comes back. Great” she flinged the paper in the air.

Daniella starts by feeding the dogs and bathing each of them which was a cat and mouse play. Her body got soaked in water. She put the dogs back in their cages and went inside to take her bath. When she came out of the bathroom and was towel drying her hair. She heard the dogs barking and when she looked at the backyard through her window , she saw all the dogs running from their cages out into the fields.

” No no no ” She hurrys out to the fields and found only one out of six. She puts that one in It’s cage and locks it . She went into the city searching for the dogs as she drove. She found four remaining one. She saw it in a coffee shop. Daniella got down off her car locking it so the dogs don’t get out.

She got close to the dog that was under the counter.
” Come here blue. Don’t stress me.” Her teeth were clenched while she talked. She finally got hold of its chain.

She was walking towards the car hoping everything is fine now until Blue started running dragging Daniella along . She fell on a muddy puddle by the shop and people saw her and was helping her up. She left feeling so embarrassed.

At night Nick was home and was watching the TV . He got a notification on his email on the blog he subscribed to. Checking it out he saw the headline.
“Daniella Oats big fall” he clicked on the link and it showed him the video which he watched and laughed his head out. Daniella comes to the sitting room looking at him with anger and frustration clear in her face.

” What are you laughing at?” She asked him.

“I see you had a bad day today.” Nick says showing her the video.

” That must be the most watched video on Ella’s Blog.” Nick added laughing and moving to the kitchen.
Daniella drops his phone on the dinning table and moves up to her room.

It was day break, Nick came into Daniella’s room and touched her shoulders. She hit him hard and left the bed . Nick saw her eyes were red and still pouring.

” Daniella.” He called before she would leave. She didn’t say a word. She just stopped and looked at him.

” I am sorry for yesterday. I caused everything. I sh.. shouldn’t have let you do the work alone” He got up from the bed going to Dan who had her hands crossed. He touched her again and Daniella hit his hand again.
” Just get out of my room.”
…..,……………. ………..

Nelson and Amanda were lying down on a king sized bed in Nelson’s room. Amanda had her head on Nelson’s chest that was sweaty from the kilos he burned for Amanda.

” Today is gonna be so good.” Amanda smiles at Nelson who uses his hands to touch her cheeks.He looked into her eyes saying

” After I see your parents. We will be the talk of the town.” He kissed her.

” Did you send the letter?” Amanda asks breaking the kiss.

” Of course. I did…” She didn’t even let him finish before she crashed her lips on his.
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How daniella got her groove back episode 8
How daniella got her groove back episode 6
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