How daniella got her groove back episode 6

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How daniella got her groove back episode 5

Daniella didn’t even try looking at her.
“Daniella.” Peace called to her while she was walking away.

“Peace just leave me alone now.” She said walking faster until they got outside.

” Daniella please listen to me.” Peace said holding her hands making her to stop moving.
Nick and Nathan entered the van outside the station that had the shop name printed on it.

” Man, your crush is damn full of pride.” Nathan says as he fastened his seat belt.

” She is not my crush.” Nick fastened his seat belt as he starts the ignition.

“. You said so.”

” Nathan about we change the topic.” Nick says looking at him sternly before he reverse the car and moves.
“Peace leave me alone or you won’t like what will end it .”Daniella shouts

” Ok, then please hear me out.”
She let her hand go and Daniella stood waiting for her to say something.

” Aren’t you saying anything?” She says loudly.

” You can’t walk home about i drive you home.” Peace shrugged.

” Remember your car is damaged” She added.

” Okay fine I accept the offer but don’t ask me anything until I get home.” Daniella says warning her.

” Okay. I won’t.”
Daniella was at home preparing food for the evening. When she was done with it at the kitchen she went to her room to take off her clothes and have her bath.

” To day has been full of stress. Let me eat and go to bed” she thought to herself.

She walked down stairs to the sitting room and saw Nick was sleeping on her couch holding dogs. Before she could say something, something crashed in the kitchen. Nick woke up and they ran to the kitchen.
” No no no.” She said with pain cause her dinner had been turned into a pile of dirt.

” Blue you shouldn’t have done that bad dog” Nick carries the dog from the place he turned a mess.

” Why didn’t you tell me you were in?” She yelled

” Well I knocked and knocked then came and sat up to an hour before I fell asleep mistakenly. I called you for hours and you didn’t answer me.” Nick shouted back.

” Don’t shout at me you asshole. You are in my house.” She says pointing her finger at him.

” I really thought you were better than the rest you know Daniella. ” Nick says trying to hold Blue tight so he doesn’t fall off his hands.

” You are just like the others especially Nelson.” He added as Daniella drops her hands and glared at him really hard.

” Don’t talk about Nelson he is way better than you.”

” Why?”

” He is my love and no one talks about my love that way.” She yells.

” I am so sorry lady Daniella.” He prostrated making gest of her.

” Trust me when I say get ready for a heartbreak.” He half smiled.

“Just take the dogs to the back yard there’s a spot for them. And also leave my sight” she orders. Nick left the kitchen banging the door so hard.

” If my door falls you are gonna pay.” She shouts.


How daniella got her groove back episode 7
How daniella got her groove back episode 5
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