How daniella got her groove back episode 5

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Daniella drives to Nelson house since he had not come home the day before. She knocks at the door but no one answers.
” Where could he be?” She picks her phone and dials his number while moving back to her car.
The service provider was saying his line wasn’t reachable. She kept dialing while driving and didn’t pay attention on the road. She almost hit someone but she diverted and lost control hitting The Kernel Shop.
“Oh no!” She got out of the car and saw the damaged building and her car.
” No no no.” Nick shouted as he walked in with Nathan . They were holding dogs . They had taken them for a walk that morning.
” Not the shop.” They said in unison.
Nick gave him the other dogs to hold while he went to see the damage.
” Who did this?” Nick asked.
” Is this your shop?” Daniella asked rudely.
” Yes.”
” Then maybe next time you are building your shop it shouldn’t be so close….”
” Hey , young woman you crashed into my property and you telling me how to or where to build my shop” Nick says with so much venom.
” I don’t care about your fucking shop, it damaged my expensive car.” Daniella shouts back .
” You are gonna have to pay.”
” I don’t think so. It’s you who is going to pay.” Daniella said and walked out on him . She went to a corner and still tried Nelson’s number which he picked this time.
” What is wrong with you I have been trying your number for God knows how long?”
” Babe m sorry I was asleep.” Nelson answered
” At home cause I went to your house and knocked and knocked you didn’t answer.” She said with so much frustration.
” No , am not at home. I am at my uncle’s. It was urgent sorry I didn’t call to let you know yesterday.”
She turns around and saw a police man.
” Nelson how about i call you later something happened.”
” Ohkay bye.”
” Yh, bye”.
She put her phone in her pocket back and looks at the officer.
” Ma’am you under arrest.”
Peace was at her father’s house watching TV . She got tired and started changing the stations until she put it on the news network channel .
” The well known Daniella Oats has been arrested for crashing into The Kernel Shop….”
” Oh no. Daniella.” Peace said as she drops the remote.
” Mr Nick promises to press charges against her because of her refusal to pay. She’s acting adamant…” The newscaster continued.
Peace couldn’t wait a minute. She picked her car keys and drove to the scene of the accident. She meets Nathaniel there.
” Hello , please excuse me .”
” How may I be of help?” Nathan asked turning to face her.
“Which station was Daniella taken to?”
” You are her friend?” He asks giving her the disgusting look.
” No, we are more like sisters.” Peace said smiling and hoping he tells her cause from the look of things he wasn’t ready to tell.
“The Federal Station with the court in it.” Nathan answers her question and went back to removing the broken cages in the shop.
” Thank you.” Was all she could say even if she was sweating.
“Daniella you are to build Nick’s shop and work under him until he asks you to stop.” The judge has passed his judgement.
” But…”. Daniella was trying to say.
” No buts or else you stay in prison for a year and you will still build his shop when you out.” The judge warned.
” Fine.” She gave in.
” Is that okay by you Nick?” The Judge asked Nick. He nodded his head in agreement. Daniella glared at him and he did the same. He got up from his seat and went to Daniella .
” I need your number.” He says.
” You will need my address too so you will bring the dogs over I have a place for them.”
” If it’s okay with you” he shrugged.
” Just give me a pen and paper.” He gave it to her and she wrote her address and phone number. Peace came in as Nick left.

How daniella got her groove back episode 6
How daniella got her groove back episode 4
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