How daniella got her groove back episode 4

How daniella got her groove back episode 5
How daniella got her groove back chapter 3

*Next Morning* Daniella and Nelson were having coffee on the dinning table.
” I brought the documents you asked for.” Nelson said dropping the file which contains the documents in front of her.
” Wow” Dan says holding the document and seeing the brand logo on it.
” Nelson do you really think I should sign it?” She asks him.
” Why not? It will be really good you know. Having a brand along with your name” Nelson says putting his hand on her cheeks.
” Really,?” She asks one more time.
” Yh, so now go sign those documents.” He says standing her up from her seat. They entered her room, Nelson’s hands around her waist. He watched her sign it as she closed it and gave it back to him. Nelson smiles at her and crashed his lips on hers.
” I have got to give Amanda the file and then meet up with Mr. Gregg. You know..”
” Yh I know just come back when you done and it shouldn’t be past ten before you home.” Daniella said standing at akimbo.
” Okay I know babe” He chuckled and kisses her on her forehead.
Daniella goes to a restaurant to meet up with Amanda .
” Hey , wow we got here at the same time.” Amanda says as they both meet at the door.
” What a coincidence?” Dan says as they laughed. They entered inside and ordered little chops.
” I sent the money to your account.” Daniella said as she took a sip of juice from the glass.
” Yh I saw the alert it’s really okay. I transferred both the money you sent me and mine to the company’s account. We will leave the rest for our sponsors.” Amanda said taking a spoon of rice into her mouth.
” Omg you didn’t tell me we had sponsors.”
” It’s no big deal babe” Amanda said laughing as they continued with their food.
PS: sorry it’s short but please sweeties tell me what you think about the story๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

How daniella got her groove back episode 5
How daniella got her groove back chapter 3
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