How daniella got her groove back chapter 3

How daniella got her groove back episode 4
How daniella got her groove back chapter 2

Daniella went to Mr. Samuels house the next day after he called her to see him. When she got to the house and knocked at the door Peace opened it.

” I actually thought you would not honour dad’s invitation” Peace said standing at akimbo.

” Just let me in and talk with him. I am a busy woman you know.” Daniella stood the same way Peace was until she opened the door for Daniella. Dan walks into the living room seeing Peace parents sitting down on the couch.

“Mr. Samuels am here so how may I help you”
Daniella said sitting on the couch opposite them and drops her bag on the stool close to the couch.

” You could not greet or exchange pleasantries before you….”

“Regina darling don’t worry. Now I’ve confirmed what Peace said.” Mr. Samuels managed to cool the anger of his wife.

” Oh! She told you that I’ve changed. Well I have changed from good to better to best. You know I think you guys are jealous.” Dan says standing up.

” What are you saying?” Peace says out loud moving close to her.

“You are all jealous cause the girl you once raised is way better than your own daughter.” The parents looks at each other then at Daniella in disbelief.

” Young lady you don’t talk to my parents like that” Peace shouts pointing her fingers at her.

” You are all a bunch of losers.” Daniella shouts back.

” Daniella mind what you say.” Peace holds her arms and shakes her shouting. Daniella freed herself from her then Mr. Samuels turned her to face him and she felt his hand hit her hard on her face.

” You slapped me.”

” And I will do it again if you don’t shut your trap. Are you crazy after all we’ve done for you for years, you accuse us of being jealous” Mr. Samuels say with so much rage. Daniella leaves the house slamming the door.
A wooden building painted green know as The Kernel Shop where dogs are being bought and trained.

” Welcome to the kernel shop ma’am what you looking for to buy.” Nick asks a customer

” A male Dalmatian, you have?”

” Yes we do come over here.” Nick directs the lady to the Dalmatian puppy cage.

“Nick” Lisa shouts from the other side of the shop.

” Yes aunt am coming” Nick answers her and faces his friend

” Please Nathaniel help me watch and help the customers…. you understand right” Nick taps his back.

“Yeah now go answer your aunt.” Nathan says tapping his shoulder back.
Nick leaves and goes to the other side of the shop.

” Your office is unkept and dusty” Lisa says.
” Aunt I have abandoned this place ever since I….. you know what happened” he says as he takes the golden cup from her hands. Lisa sees a picture of Nick when he was little and smiling with his parents. Nick sees it and collect it from her moving her out of the room.

“What are you even doing in the room?” He asks

” I haven’t seen you smiled like that since then” Lisa says trying to look him in the eye but Nick avoids her look while locking the room door.

“I would not be like that ever.” He says living her and going to the counter . He looks at the picture again soon his eyes went soft and he cover the picture on the counter top.

” Sorry bro ” Nathaniel comes and rubs his back.

“Nevermind. How many customers bought dogs?” He sniffles.
“Not dogs but a dog” Nathan says as they both laughed.
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How daniella got her groove back episode 4
How daniella got her groove back chapter 2
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