How daniella got her groove back chapter 2

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How daniella got her groove back chapter 1

The next morning Dan decided to go to her manager studios.
“Now I’m back again” she murmured to herself.

“Daniella” Me. Gregg calls her

“Yeah, ” she walks towards him as he stood close to his personal assistant.

” Take this ” he gives her some documents.

” You need to sign them and get ready for being a part of them.” He gives her a pen too.

” What’s this?” She asks as she looks through the documents.

” Daylights Cosmetics a brand which just came up wants you to be their ambassador. They need you to take their product to a large audience.” Mr. Gregg finally explains.

” I am not signing.” She drops the pen and the documents on the desk close to them.

” Why?”

” I don’t deal with baby factories or brand Mr. Gregg.” She says as she walks into the hallway.
” I don’t understand” he says as he follows her behind.

” I deal with big companies and brands not babies. And am not sure their Cosmetics are good what if gives me a scar that can never go off on my face how will I model or continue my career” she shrugged and turns around to face him . She held the door knob to his office and opened it. They entered and sat down. Her manager’s seat was opposite to her.

” Daniella they have paid alot for you to be with them. They paided twenty four million…”

” I don’t need money Mr. Gregg . I just can’t go below my standards” she said giving him the that’s the end of discussion smile.
Daniella drives into her garage after the meeting with her manager. When she comes out of the car her phone starts ringing only to see it’s Amanda calling.
” Hey babe” she picks the call.

” Hey what’s up” Amanda asks her.

” Awesome. You?”

” Great. Can we meet today to talk about that stuff?”

” Sure thing. When?” Dan asks as she puts her
house keys into the door to open her house.

” My house at nine”

” Okay then . Catch up with you later”

” Yh Bye.” Amanda cuts the call.
Peace had gone visiting her parents. It wasn’t really visiting cause she had planned to stay with them for a while. I

“Hey Angel” Mr. Samuels hugged his daughter as he opened the door.

“Hey Dad. How are you?” She smiles after the hug.

” Darling you back” Regina called from behind Peace so turned around to hug her mother also.

” You so fat and full now” her mother disengaged from the hug.

” Tell me you brought good news.” Her mother teased winking at her.
” Mum I am not ready yet. I have not even thought of that yet.” Peace puts her hands to cover her face.

” Love you should let her be till the time is right. She’s just twenty two.” Mr. Samuels said patting his daughters back.

” But she’s getting older and I want grandkids before I die” Mrs. Regina said with folded hands below her bust. Daughter and Father looked at each other then back at their mother.

” Who told you that you dieing anytime soon?” Peace asked

” No one just letting you know that you getting older.”

” Okay mum.” She said with a defeated voice and everyone laughs. She was carrying her box which she rolled in upstairs to her room when Mum asked a question.

” How’s Daniella?” She sat down on the couch in the sitting room while her husband went back to his phone he was busy with while he sat on the dinning table.

” She’s changed mum. Hope she’s good.” She continues going up. Both parents looks at each other then back at her .

“What do you mean dear?” Her father asked
Peace drops the box on one of the steps and faces them.

” She’s changed and not the girl we all knew before.” She smiles and pick up her box starts moving upstairs.
“Hey” Amanda opens the door and see Daniella.

” Sorry I am late plus please let’s be quick I don’t want to drive very late.”

” No problem Dan.Come in.” She opens the door wide for her to come in. The sitting room was loud and filled with people dancing and drinking.

” What’s the occasion?” Daniella asks shouting so she could hear her.

“My friend’s boyfriend’s birthday.” She shouts back dragging her crop top to cover her opened skin above her belly skirt. She shows Daniella the boy and drags her to he room upstairs where they could discuss better..

” So about our partnership..” Amanda closes her from door and directs Daniella to sit on her bed while she sits on the one chair in the room.

” Amanda us creating this brand really .. what’s the cost?” Daniella asked.

“A trillion dollars.” She answers.

” Wow. I have only a trillion point five right now.”

” Don’t worry I will bring part of the money. But in the mean time maybe you could call Nelson to come to my shop and collect the documents that I haved signed so you sign too.” Amanda smiles.

” Okay then I will send two trillion into the account then let Nelson know about the documents.” Daniella said tucking her hair behind her ears as she crosses her legs.

” I love your dress” Amanda says as she arranges the thin handless on her shoulder. The gown was black.

” Thank you . I got it from Alice’s Wears.”

“Wow I love the way it shows your curves and everything.” Amanda was looking and smiling at her. Daniella gets up and turns around for her to get a full view.

” You go girl” Amanda says and they both chuckled.Daniella phones rings.

” I have to go babe Duty calls.”

” No problem.” Amanda says standing hands on her butt as she watches Daniella carry her purse and left her room.She walks to the window slowly and saw Dan enter her car and drives away. She felt his mouth on the sensitive spot on her neck.

“You such a cheat.” He said as bites her neck softly moving his hands under her crop top to hold her bare bust.

” Yh, I know” Amanda answers as she pressed her butt against his hard groin. He turns her around to face him, their heads touching each other.

” What’s the next step?” He asks

” After she sends the money and sign the documents to be given to her by you, then we’ll get married and she will be gone in her career.” She uses her nose to rub his as she grabs him with her little hands.

“That’s my girl.” He moaned as he starts kissing her.

How daniella got her groove back chapter 3
How daniella got her groove back chapter 1
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