How daniella got her groove back chapter 1

How daniella got her groove back chapter 2

“Daniella Oats has been confirmed to have the most followers on Instagram. Everyone is wondering how she became so famous. She has up to twenty million followers….” The host of the entertainment showbiz was saying. Two ladies were sitting facing the television only one was watching while the other was busy with her phone.

” Daniella you really doing well in your career these days” the lady watching the TV said resting her back on the sofa while smiling towards her friend.

” Yeah I know and it is really great you know.” She dropped her phone on the table and faced Peace smiling.

” Peace as you know” she says putting her hands on her friend’s hand.

” I am beautiful and irresistible. People should adore you me. Am right , right??” She said giving the questioning look.

” No you are not. Girl come to think of it you getting proud these days and arrogant what’s up with you.??” Peace said removing her hands from Daniella’s hands.

” I am not proud. I just want people to understand things my way and nothing else.” Daniella shrugged.
Peace gave her a stern look making Daniella ask “What?”.

” Girl please you have to stop or else you might lose your career with it.”

“Oh please nothing is gonna happen.” She answers Peace smiling and tickling her making her laugh until Nelson barges in and interrupts.

” Hey babe.” He walks towards Dan.

“Hey” she hugs him and kissed him.

“How you doing?” He asks after he breaks the kiss.

” Great”

” Someone always forgets to knock At my door before coming in and how did you you open my door?” Peace gave Nelson a look that could kill. Before he could answer her which Dan knew would be bad. She talked on his behalf.

“I did open it down. Sorry don’t be angry please.” She faces her boyfriend.

” Can we go now?” She asks him

“Sure, I will be outside waiting if you need to get anything.” He left the sitting room.

” Bye Peace . I will call you later .” She walks towards her and peked her on her right cheek.

” Okay sist but be careful.”

” Sure will.”

Dan leaves with Nelson and went clubbing. Six hours later, Peace phone starts ringing and it was Dan’s manager. She picks the call only to welcome the angry voice.

” Peace where the hell is your friend?” Mr. Gregg asked rage filled in his voice.

” She’s out. What has she done this time?” She asked him putting her left palm on her head and giving a sigh.

” I have been calling her to let her know something really important instead she busy my calls. What is wrong with her?” He shouted through the phone making Peace jerk from the noise as it enters her ear.

” What do you want to tell her?” She asks

” She was scheduled for acting today and she isn’t here. What does she takes me for?”

” I am really sorry sir. Let me try and reach her and let her know maybe she forgot.” Peace says scratching the back of her neck.

” Better do” Mr. Gregg cuts the call.
She starts calling Dan and she picked at the first ring.

” Daniella when are you going to stop embarrassing yourself?” Peace asked crossing her hands over each other her phone still on her ear.

“What’s the problem?” Dan shouted through the phone since the club was really loud. She had to go outside.

“You are supposed to be with your manager and director right now cause of the movie you supposed to feature in today and you busy with that asshole you call boyfriend.” Peace said with so much venom in her tongue.
Dan was already out of the club so she went close to a car to rest on and continue.

” If you want me to go and meet them just tell me rather than insulting Nelson.” Dan said standing akimbo where she was.

” You better go now or else..”

” Or else what? Uhn!” Dan interrupts

” You can’t tell me what to do as if m your child. I do what I want and live my life the way I want to.” Dan makes things clear on the phone.

“Wow! You are so different even to me your sist.” Peace had her hands on her chest in where she was.

” Well I want to cut ties with you. You Ain’t my sister nor friend. Period” Dan cuts the call and walks back into the club.

Peace rest her back on the wall looking at her phone still surprised by what her childhood bestie had done.

How daniella got her groove back chapter 2
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