10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020: 100% Working!!

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020: 100% Working
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10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

This page covers the 10 best strategies to build your fan base in 2020 as an artist. they’re 100% Working and you need to try them out.

This article’s credit goes to petrelli from Mp3Boost.com

Hello! Welcome to Felvicstories, your number one favorite entertainment store. Are you an artist, either singer or rapper and you have been looking for a simple way to build your fan base and earn more? If yes, then you are absolutely on the right page.

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We have a lot of upcoming artists in Nigeria and globally striving tirelessly to get music lovers’ attention. We can probably call it a competition which demands not just contestants’ skills or energies but a perfect plan. This is because everyone wants everyone’s attention on his side which means they want less attention for others.

It takes a lot of requirements including sacrifice to fulfill such a dream. But it becomes absolutely easy to fulfill when you have a well-scheduled plan.

Here is the GOOD NEWS! It’s is very possible to gain massive amounts of attention from countless people just by following simple and effective guidelines.

In fact, the same guidelines helped one of my favorite upcoming artists which I do promote his tracks to grow his fame a few times. According to him, he was able to count up to seven thousand plus {7000+} increases of his fans in two months after following the guidelines.

Meanwhile, that testimony is one of the reason am coming up with this article today. I will be sharing with you 10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan Base In 2020 and welcome a brilliant result in a few times.

What Is A Fan Base?

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

Generally, we can describe a fan base as a group of people who admirers a particular person/people or organizations for their/his/her impressive products, services or gift.

A fan base is probably the biggest part of every artist; both famous and upcoming’s career. The term ‘Fan Base‘ seems like we are referring to one particular thing which is true but includes an of people in it. These people altogether are what give birth to a fan base.

Your Fan Base as an artist is the main source of every love and admiration you will welcome.

Your fans will be always ready to hear from you with eagerness. They won’t only boast or deceive to love you on social media but practically prove in real life.

They always want to attend your shows download your tracks, watch your videos, see your social media posts, share your songs with friends, talk about you and more…

It’s can be funny how this could work when these so-called fans don’t even know you in real life or expect you to pay them when you become famous.

Yes, it does works, but it doesn’t and won’t work for everybody anyway. Only those who have a solid and strong fan base can acquire such brilliant turn-up from fans. And that makes building a fan base so important in an artist’s career.

Why Is Building A Fan Base So Important?

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

There are a lot of achievements or CV you need to hold along your journey to musical success. These can only be acquired by building your fan base. They include:

  • EARN MORE ATTENTIONS: Building your fan base will always draw people closer. They won’t only see your gift but see you being hard working. They will see you making a move and not relying on being helped or promoted. As a result, this will get them attracted and win their interests in you quickly.
  • GET SUPPORTED: Building a fan base will motivate your fans to support you in every aspect their hands are needed. Without even telling them to, they will share your tracks, attend your shows to cheer you up, tell friends about your, vote for you in nominated awards and more.
  • GRADUAL FAME: Building a fan base won’t only keep your current fans steady but grows your popularity. The more you build and grow taller in your music career, the more people that will see you.
  • CONNECTIONS: You are probably standing a big chance to get connected with those who might be of help by building a fan base. It won’t take time to get you considered to deserve the help of connecting you with sponsors after being noticed.
  • LOVE: If love is excluded from an artist’s fan base, he/she is totally incomplete. Fans’ Love covers it all and you can only acquire it by building your fan base. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see fans making comments like ‘we love you‘ on a particular artist on social media. It’s one of the positive results they receive after building their fan base. And you should expect likewise after building your fan base too.

This article’s credit goes to Petrelli from Mp3Boost.com

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan Base In 2020

Now let’s dive in the main reason you are on this page. Below is the list of 10 best strategies to build your fan base 2020.

1. Give Your Fans A Unique Name Created From Yours

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

You should create a name from your stage name and refer to your fans with it. This will definitely make them feel special about sharing an almost-similar name with you.

To create a name for your fans, you can add to your name either at the beginning or end. But its really cool at the end.

For instance, maybe your stage name is “Felvic“, you can refer to them as “Felvicians“. Another example is “Lil Posh“, you can refer to them as “The Lil Poshers” or simply “Lil Poshers“.

Call them the name on your social media posts, comments and even chats. You can be like “Hi, my fellow rydians, {from rydee} I just drop a track, kindly check it out“.

2. Create A Group Chat For Fans On Social Medias

This is also a very good idea to bring your fans closer and promote your fan base alongside.

Social media like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook allows group chat. You should create a group chat with the name you created for your fans and share their minds with them. Let them interact and talk about you, your tracks, performance and so on.

Keep inviting and adding more people to the group and let it grow.

3. Get A List Of Your Fans Contact

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

The reason why you need your fans’ contact is to keep them updated. There might be a piece of information you need to pass around like your track is out now, about to drop a track, you want to hold or attend a show, you want to shoot or drop a video and more. Then you really need to update them to be sure they aren’t forgetting you yet and make them have you in mind.

Try as possible as you can to get their mobile and WhatsApp number, Email Address, Social Media Handle and make a list of it on a note to avoid overwhelming your cell phone storage. Then forward notifications to them each time there is something you need to inform them about.

4. Be Friendly And Funny

Honestly, some aren’t good in this aspect but it’s advisable to cultivate it. You should try as much as you can to make your followers on both social media and real-life enjoy your company.

Post funny and silly posts on social media to make them feel free and love visiting your timeline. But do these often so as not to be seen as an unserious fellow.

You can also tag and mention some of your fans and followers in your posts. Reply to their comments hilariously. Share their posts too.

All these will make you and your fans get closer to each other.

5. Appreciate Your Fans

What you should consider is; The present stage you are on your musical journey is actually because some people who later turned to your fans appreciated your talent. Let’s say no one admired you or paid attention when you commenced the musical journey, then you won’t progress a bit talk less of having a fan base to build.

Now after accepting that you are who you are currently because your gift was appreciated by your fans, then you should pay them with bigger appreciation. Don’t get tired of saying “thank you for your supports“.

Moreover, you shouldn’t limit your appreciation to social media only. Try to surprise them by contacting them just to say thank you. This is one of the reasons you need the third point If getting a list of your fans to contact.

Now you have their emails, numbers and so on you can try to forward a brief message to them like:

Hello, Remian! This his Rema [from the 1st point]. I was just imagining what it will be like if you weren’t part of my Fans and supporters. Then I came to realize that I will be incomplete. I know I can’t appreciate you enough for but I still want to give you a Capital “THANK YOU”. I love you and won’t stop loving you. Keep doing what you can and don’t stop supporting me. Thanks.”

It’s really cool if you end such text with phrases like ‘happy new month, happy new week, happy new year, good morning, good night” and more.

You can make the surprise bigger by giving them a direct call just to say thank you. Humbly dial their number and make a call to express how much you appreciate their love and support.

Sound crazy right? Yes, it does!

Frankly, it seems so humiliating but that’s exactly what you need {humility}. This might be hard but it will earn you positive benefits. They will only love you more and more which is what you wanted.

Appreciating your fans with this method is uncommon and you can start it.

Obviously, there is nothing your fans want to get from the word THANK YOU but you are indirectly making them feel special and important. You are also making it known to them to be part of the success you are approaching. So try it!

6. Update Your Fans Consistently

I mentioned this in a post about the common mistakes upcoming artists make. Before adding this point to your strategies of building your fan base, this is what you should consider; every day everyone wants something new or the latest. Latest news, latest information, latest trends, and even the latest songs.

Meanwhile, every single day there is a product from each of the mentioned categories.

Now from the music category, let’s say every musician except you are updating their fans with songs, videos, gists, interactions and more frequently. Then, as a result, you will end up being the one receiving less attention among your competitions.

You need to get your fans having you in mind with consistent updates like dropping songs not too long after each other. Like I said earlier, everyone always expects new kinds of stuff. If you release a single and give a space of three months before dropping another, don’t be surprised when you find your fans diverting to your competitor who keeps them updated consistently side.

How would you expect someone to keep mothering your song for three months {90 days} when others are blessing him/her with brand new tracks.

So updating your fans consistently will keep them by your side and build your fan base.

7. Do Giveaways Often

10 Best Strategies To Build Your Fan base In 2020

Doing giveaways often is also one of the useful tips to build your fan base steadily. Present them with something about you which need an answer for a prize.

For instance, you can say a particular amount of money from you belongs to “The First Person To Say The Last Line In Your First Track“.

This will get them to start searching for your first song and listen to it all through. Those who those not have any of your songs but want to win will also have it at that moment.

There are different methods you can do giveaways. Just make it often and see how it will bear an impressive result. Even those who don’t fancy you will rush to your side on hearing your giveaway announcements.

8. Make A Song Or Freestyle For Your Fans And Mention Names In It

This is probably another way of making your fans feel special just like the fifth tip on this post.

I  stated earlier that one of my favorite upcoming artists used these strategies to build his fan base in three months. And one of the tips which he referred to has tricks to impress his fans is mentioning their name in his records.

Don’t forget that your mission is to build your fan base which means you want them to admire you. But do you know that their admiration will then become meaningful when you admire them back?

You can make a song with your lyrics explaining how much appreciate them for facing you. You can also make a Freestyle and mention as many names you can mention throughout the song.

That will be another way of surprising them and telling them they are nothing to you but IMPORTANT.


9. Make Yourself Fully Available

As an Upcoming artist who is ready to grab any chance, you should be at least 70% active and available with your fans both on social media and real life. Make sure that no one has to wait for hours before getting your attention or feedback on what they discussed with you.

Reply messages, comments, picks calls and return missed ones as well and attend any invited event and shows even if it’s cheap.

Don’t make it too hard for fans to reach you. Make sure you give yourself much time from your schedule to take care of your music career.

Making yourself available will make your fans feel free. They won’t think twice before interacting with you since you won’t take time to provide an answer.

10. Meet Up With Fans And Hang out

Honestly, this will earn you more love. Obviously, most of your fans only cherish you on social media, Blogs, Listen to your songs on the radio or heard about you from a friend before finally falling for your talent particularly. Now imagine how pleasing it will feel to meet you and chat together.

You can meet them and have fun like making a brief freestyle for them, take pics together, record videos and a lot more.

This might also seem hard or weird anyway, but trust me it works. You getting close to your cherishers is not humiliating like you might think but build a strong love for you from them.

Well, It’s advisable that you should apply all the already mentioned strategies before using this. You won’t doubt if your followers are real or not.

This Article’s Credit Goes To Petrelli From Mp3boost.com


There you have it!!!

To wrap everything up, building your fan base is to simply get closer to them. They won’t hesitate to share stories about you to friends saying they know this fast-rising artist. In that way, your fans are increasing and the current ones are loving you more.

Now, It’s up to you!

You know the way to build your fan base and Earn more now. But I will like to hear from you which of these strategies will you apply or try first. Drop your mind off the comment section and let’s interact.

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