Hot, Rainy and Windy, it must be July

Japanese Beetle Summer Battle Report 2019
Hot, Dry and Windy, it must be July

“What a diff’erence a day makes” – a treasured song title which describes the last couple of days of weather in Colorado (there goes my obsession with weather-themed blogs again). From scorching 101 on Friday, July 19 to a pleasant-normal 85 the next day … what a difference.

According to Wikipedia “What a Diff’erence a Day Made” was written in 1934 by Maria Grever, a Mexican songwriter. Translated that same year by American Stanley Adams, many artists started recording and singing this song in public, and with good reason. It’s a wonderful song and an expression we use often for story telling and events. It could be the theme song for gardening in Colorado (at least the sun and the flower lyrics for sure)!

I could sit here watching YouTube videos of this song for hours. Why don’t you pick the version you like best from the links below. 

Dina Washington (won a Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues in 1959 for this recording)


Aretha Franklin

Rod Stewart

Cher (this will take you back … way back)

Bobby Darin

Dean Martin 

En Vogue

There are many, many more versions and artists to view and listen, but a warning, you won’t get your garden chores finished if you keep clicking! 

Japanese Beetle Summer Battle Report 2019
Hot, Dry and Windy, it must be July
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