The tale of love was told by all who was close to her, but even up till her 19th birthday Nkechi haven’t had any boy friend, which was a strange thing to all her friends.
This is a story of a young girl by name Nkechiyere but called Nkechi for short by all her friends.
Nkechi just got admission into the university: coming from a religious background. on this day she could remember her dad’s last words. Nkechi my daughter please keep away from boys in school. Don’t forget where you are coming from! always go to church, Amongst all: be mindful of the friends you keep. Don’t forget you are coming from a poor background don’t find trouble and always be kind to anyone you meet.
It’s been one month already and Nkechi hasn’t really made much of new friends except her room mate who also happen to be her departmental ”chioma” on like Nkechi, chioma was from a wealthy background but also mannered.
Nkechi and chioma came into school the same day they both met at the admission office, chioma had her temperament.
They both boomed into each other while Nkechi was coming out of the registra’s office, boom pepper filled the air and there was an awkward silence.
watch where you are going, said chioma
Nkechi: please I’m sorry i never meant to….
Chioma: it’s okay
(Nkechi ) helped her pick up her files and then chioma broke the silence.
Chioma: my name is chioma and i am new here, what’s your name.
Nkechi: my name is Nkechi I’m also new, i came to register for the industria chemistry program of the school.
Chioma: what a coincidence, I’m also here to register as an industrial chemistry student.
Nkechi waited for chioma and soon she was done in the admission office and they both where directed to the department.
Nkechi and Chioma booked a hostel so they could both be in one room.
Monday morning 4 a.m.

Nkechi couldn’t find sleep all through the night. This was the first time she had even been this far away from home all to herself.
The dead silence of the dark was quite frightening because the lights were out(NAPA).
All through the night Nkechi has been thinking of her fathers words. Books before boys because boys before books brings bastard babies.
She was thinking so loud that the walls could hear. The fear of a new civilization to her, has been her taught all night. The night was cold and she was still on her thoughts when the warm hands of sleep embraced her.
Gran, gran, gran, (alarm.) 6:30
chioma: Oh my God Nkechi , Nkechi, N,K baby wake up, we would be late for our 7:30 class.
Nkechi sluggishly went into the bathroom to freshen up while chioma dressed up the room.
At the school environment.
One could see students both male and female running up and down trying to locate their lecture venue.
At class.
The students where already seated waiting for the lecturer. Nkechi and chioma could be seen at the second roll in the front sit.
(Door opens)
students: Good morning sir.
Lecturer: Good morning my students, you may have your sit.
Lecturer: I am Dr, Ben and i will be taking you on chm 101.
The class went in for 2hours and chioma notice that Nkechi wasn’t really following the class but couldn’t start up a conversation because Mr been had already sent two students out for talking in his class.
Two hours later the lecturer was gone and students started networking among themselves,
Chioma: what’s wrong with you? you weren’t paying attention
Nkechi: my dear i couldn’t understand all he was saying. one he was too fast, two he was using big big grammar.
Chioma laughed so hard that she drew the attention of other students to them.
Chioma: you can’t be serous.
Nkechi: why are you laughing nah?
Chioma: please I’m sorry. I think we need to get you a dictionary and for the being fast you will get used to it.
But apart from the big, big grammars Nkechi was taken aback by the way some guys were just answering questions in class.
It was time to return back to the hostel after a long day lecture, suddenly a guy approached them.
Guy: hi girls
Chioma: hi.
Guy: sorry, may name is kevin, i saw you both when you where laughing after the chm 101 class.
Chioma : oh that’s okay, you are one of the guys answering questions as if it’s your birth right in class. My name is chioma and here my friend Nkechi
Kevin sent forward his hand for a hang shake, yet Nkechi ignored him completely, kevin felt embarrassed and withdrew his hand.
Chioma: please i’m sorry my friend is like that sometimes.
so they all went their different ways.

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