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The story of a young strange maiden in search for her SOUL MATE after loosing three potential husbands.

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Peeping out of the window, it was still drizzling rather annoyingly.

She walk back to the bed and settled her ass on it, she must have waited there forever.

Diva still couldn’t understand why her parents won’t let her get a boyfriend at 25, they had always chased the men that came seeking for her hand in marriage far far away.

She had been waiting, waiting for Greek to show up so that they could abscond together. She left her parents house the night before and she even vowed not to return until she had birthed all her foetus for Greek.

She was their only child, she thought they would be so happy to have a son in law so early in life, reverse was the case when they said she was not going to marry any other man aside their choosen. She fought them, asking that they gave her the chance to choose her own groom but her parents were adamant.
She even asked them to bring their choosen to her, they had no man to provide.

Diva had lost two belove boyfriends in the space of four years. They had died mysteriously, Dave and Shane.

So, the society had tagged her a witch, Her friends said she was not capable of being a mom, she was booless, Her first two Romeos had died like slaughtered hens.

When she met Greek, she explained everything about her Romeos mysteriously death to him, the young man promised to love her till the end of times..

As usual, just like the first two, Her parents warned Greek to stay off their daughter or his head would roll. Greek stood by her, their relationship was eight months yesterday and they spoke over the phone, she wanted him as much as he wanted her, they saw that there was no way to change her parent’s mind so, they took the only option available, relocation.

She ran out of her home with her baggage last night, she slept over at his place and was suppose to leave for another city this morning.

Suddenly, as they where preparing for their journey, he had a call demanding his urgent presence, he vanished assuring her that he was going to return in an hour.

It been three hours already and he was no where to be found. She had called and called but he wasn’t answering his call. She reached for her inner pocket and pulled out her mobile phone, she had to keep trying.

Then, it seems like luck shone on her, the call was answered and she let out the breath she was holding.

“Greek” She breathed “Where are you? I have been calling”

“Dead” A cold voice responded.

She pulled the phone off her ear, straight in front of her face, she stared at the contact she had dialed.

“Excuse me? I would love to speak with Greek” She said, scrunched brows.

“Dead” The voice responded again.

She held her forehead with her left mitt, she wasn’t only confused, she was pissed.

As if the receiver knew what was happening on the other end, he spoke again “This is Dave Kailey, Greek just joined us”

Then the phone went off, all by itself.

She sprang out of bed, Her head spinning. Dave Kailey was one of her dead boyfriend, did he just spoke to her over the cell? Did he even say Greek joined them? Joined who? How? Where? When?

Who the hell has an answer to her questions.

🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗

Now that her world had finally crashed, she had better return home.

Her life had never been smooth, she use to see Dave and Shane after they both died, she assumed it was her hallucinating because they stopped appearing to her when she met Greek.

That call was scary, she knew he was dead too and she had to return home before his family met her in his private bedroom.

“I thought you vowed not to return home” Her mother swang the door open, pushed her obese body in the way so that her prodigal daughter wouldn’t step in.

“I demand an answer, why do they keep dying? Why??” She pulled herself down and fell on her kneels, Her tears were too hot to hold back.

Her mother was closed to tears, she snirted and stepped back.

“Come in daughter” She becokned.

Diva shot up and pulled her bag behind, she needed an answer to her multiple questions, why and how could she receive a call from a ghost? Why did they die? Shane, Dave, Greek. It was not normal and she knew it.

“Benvenuta” Mr Bucks, Her father welcomed. His eyes aided by his lens as he glanced through the day’s paper.

“Dad, Greek is dead again. Dave called to inform me, he said he joined them” She cried, she tore her jacket off and sent it somewhere across the room.

Her mother took a seat next to her father, she paced up and down the room, tears washed out her light facial cosmetics.

“Diva, they aren’t for you” Mr Bucks said, his eyes still fixed on the paper.

“Excuse me?” Furrowed brows, she spoke.

“Darling” Mr Bucks faced his wife, she turned to look in his eyes, he nodded and whispered “Tell her”

Mrs Bucks look up at Diva, Her lips raised, Her total expression sour and terrifying.

“Just start talking already, ha!” Diva cried, frustrated.

“Those men aren’t the one, they aren’t your soul mate” She paused, checking out Diva’s new demeanor. “Diva, wait patiently for your soul mate”

Diva hissed, that didn’t make sense to her, Her mother wasn’t saying anything new. Old rubbish. She stormed towards her room, Her skirt was drenched, courtesy of the drizzling rain. Her shirt might have suffered too if not for the jacket she had on.

👻 👻 👻 👻 👻

She had frozen, Her back hugging the door firmly, she came here to change her clothes but she had an encounter with something different, ghosts.

“For taking our lives, you would know no rest” They thundered.

Their faces were cold and white, eyes dripping with blood, peeled whitish skin.

She lost the energy to scream for help, she became a statue that remember to breath fast once in a while. The three figures moved towards her, taking one step at once. Her heart stopped working, the shock over powered her as she swooned.


“Ahhhhh” She gasped.
Now she was awake and trying to shot her eyes open. Her neck hurt, she felt a strike of pain across her head, a terrible migraine.

She shot them open, roll them and almost puke at the sight of the irritating environment she found herself.

“Aggghhh” She reacted, trying to jump out of the wood she had laid only to find out that her legs were tied with a bloody clothe.
“What the hell?” She flinched when she saw what went round her ankles.

The curtain at the entrance door parted, a young maiden walked in first, she looked weird, Her dressing wasn’t even looking like the human’s, Her parents followed behind closely.

“What’s this?” She waved her hand in the air, referring to everything in the room.

“Shuuuu, you talk a lot that’s why everything seems so hard” The weird lady snapped.

The lady turned to look at her parents “Have you told her?”

“No, we thought you are in the right position to tell her” Mr Bucks retorted.

Diva frowned, they were talking about her like she wasn’t even there.

“You think it’s best for a witch to tell your own daughter that she’s not human?”

Not human? Her brain threatened to pop out of her head at the thought of that.

“Yes, you’re not human” The weird lady faced her, as if she had read her mind. She turned again to face her parents “I’d leave you to her, call me if she misbehaves” She said, Her neck twisted to the side to look in Diva’s confused face “But she’d be fine as long as the clothe remain unloose” She rounded up her speech which seems to be clear to everyone aside Diva.

“She’s a witch” Diva murmured unconsciously, Her face pale and her hands supporting both sides of her head. She just saw a full picture of the strange lady in her head.

The weird lady who had taken few steps towards the door halted “Yes, a witch. I am Ashiah”

Diva’s eyes followed her behind as she stomped out of the room.

They stood there acting dump, she sat up, Her arms under her breasts as she await their speech. They weren’t going to say anything, they rather maintained silence which annoyed her even more.

“What the Dickens is going on here? First, Dave, Shane and now Greek died, then I came home to find them in my room, I still don’t know what happen afterwards aside that I woke up right in this stinky room” She rolled her head, Her peering eyes rolling too. The disgust was obvious as she searched the entire room sneering “Then, she said I am not human, are you going to say something at all?”

Mrs Bucks grabbed her husband’s hand, he pressed into it, fondling and reassuring her that all would be well.

She cleared her throat, Her eyes began to form speck of tears “Diva dear, you’re not human, you were suppose to remain single until you find your soul mate, you killed those men because they had you covered, you weren’t suppose to do it with any other man aside your destined husband, you aren’t made for human like us, you belong to another world”

“Half story, rubbish, confusing, gibberish, parables. My life sucks!” Diva hissed.

Stepping forward, Mrs Bucks reached for one of Diva’s hands and squeezed it so hard that her daughter had screamed.

Thunder struck across the earth, the room shook at the continuous screams of a FIBROPHYTE on earth.

Ashiah skipped into the room, she held a long sliver rod in her hand, Mr Bucks kept pouring out his tears from beneath his lens. Diva screams increased, Her mother weakly crushing her fingers.

Mr Bucks couldn’t stand the view, it was likely for his wife to die while activating the powers of their strange child. She was human and her blood might just drain off before the first ritual comes to an end.

Suddenly, the obese woman fell to the floor, Ashiah who had done nothing but watch ran to the body and administer some herbs she had hidden somewhere across the room. Mrs Bucks was still very much alive, although pale.

“She made it, she’s alive” Ashiah announced in between blocked voice.

Mr Bucks turned around, he had thrown his lens off his eyes, he bent over and checked for a pulse, he blessed God when he felt one.

“What next?” He was kneeling opposite Ashiah, his wife body in between them.

Ashiah looked behind her shoulder, Her eyes glimmered as she looked at Diva’s body which was now covered with white foam. “When she’s out of that, we’d go for the last ritual”

He exhaled, tears still tickling down his cheeks. “Is her soul mate on earth?” He asked.

She nodded, accompanied with a broad grin of assurance.

“She’d survive, he’s waiting” She assured.

“Is he human?” Worried about his family, the question jumped out of his throat.

“Half human, half lycanthrope”


She woke up looking new and different, she felt like she wasn’t her. Then, Her not being her was confirmed when she was taken to another room which had a mirror as huge as a door.

Diva saw something else, yes it was obvious that her skin had changed from white to reddish brown. She now had a different face, one which she could hardly recognise. Her eyes were bright blue from the brown she use to possess.

“Is this me?” she questioned in front of the mirror. Her voice echoed in the empty room.

She ran her fingers through her green hair, what kind of features did she posses over night? Green hair was a no for her, Who took her fringe black Hair?

“You need to be told a story, you deserve an explanation” The door clanked. She nodded in front of her figure, she needed all the explanation on earth.

“You’re not human”

“I have heard that before, say something new” She brushed through her hair, seething. She walked and halted right behind her, they both stared at the huge mirror.

“Eleanor, your mother touched the beautiful flower that only grows next to the sealim sea” Ashiah paused, staring down at the smallish figure in a sack gown in front of her.

“This is who you are, the skin and everything you possesd before was your human form, this form would enable you find the man made for you, he’d not die like the rest”

Diva, frustrated by incomplete stories and obviously not loving the 20 years old body she found herself turned, if anger were flames, she would visibly breath them out

“What am I? Straight answer please” She seethed.

“FIBROPHYTE, it was first considered a disease by ancient witches and healers until the cause which happened to be a flower was discovered next to sealim sea” Ashiah was beginning to shed light on her patients ordeal. “Witches up till this moments still study the flower, there have been only two cases of your kind on earth in past times. Your mother was pregnant when she touched the flower, I guess it beauty enticed her and she couldn’t look away” She paused. Diva’s face held no expression.

“No pregnant woman should touch it because it initates their unborn into the fibrophyte’s family. The skin and body that left you hours ago was the exact features of your human form. But you became half human when she plucked the flower and held it. You’re lucky you know?” She smiled.

Diva rolled her eyes, lucky that she didn’t know who she was all this while? Maybe lucky that her boyfriends had died and she had been tormented by them. Or was she lucky to have lost the body she had spent so much on maintaining?

“No, you’re lucky because you weren’t tormented by your mate, the two cases in the past was way severe, they both were female and didn’t know who they were, they were tormented by the other fibrophytes to return home, they fell ill for days with their colour changing, they grew new skin color every now and then, infact human including their own parents avoided them until they finally went with their mates” She explained.

“You read minds?” She frowned when she realised that the explanation rose from the questions she had asked her own self.

“No, but I have read a lot about your group, I know how to listen to your mind”

“I see” She breathed.

“So, you’re saying this is me? I ave to live like this for the rest of my life?” She frowned, turning to face the mirror again. She hated her new look.

“As I said earlier, you’re lucky. Your mates have decided to let you stay on earth, all you need to do is complete your rituals so that you can get married” She said.

Diva arched her brows “Are this mates of mine responsible for the death of my boyfriends?”

“Yes, they aren’t meant for you. Your soul mate is waiting. You were suppose to marry someone like you, a fibrophyte, but because you’re on earth, you can’t marry a fibrophyte because none aside you stays on earth. Your dead boyfriends ghosts are upset because they now know why they are dead, if only they hadn’t gotten down with you” She winked.

Diva felt embarrassed, the witch knew she slept with all of them, she felt like running into the soil. It was better to change topic.

“I still have more questions but, I think” She bent over and held her tummy. “I am hungry”

“Yes, you should be, come” Ashiah said, she led the way as new Diva followed behind.

🍝 🍝 🍝 🍝 🍝

She was led through a dark narrow passage, unlike her old self, she would have flinched if she ever passed through a passage as dark, empty and narrow as this one she was walking through with the witch who she was yet to know much about.

“Where’s this?” She asked, Her voice echoed through the hall. It was then she realised she had a new voice too.

“My empire” Aashiah responded.

“Uhmmm” she hummed before proceeding “why didn’t my parents told me who I was? They still didn’t even tell me anything, by the way, where are they?” She asked, earning a hard exhale from Aashiah.

“Your mom is unconscious, she was suppose to lay her life down for you so that you could be converted fully into a fibrophyte, luckily she’s still alive and as for them not telling you, your parents weren’t ready to perform the rituals, your father needed your mother alive and telling you means getting the rituals done two to three weeks after telling you the truth” She revealed.

Every other question jumped out through the non existent window. Her mom was unconscious, that matters alot.

Though she was upset that they knew the truth, yet wasted Dave and the rest. Or was the blame on her? Her parents were against her having a boyfriend but she still went ahead to slaughter those young men. She deserved more than the little torment they subjected her to.

Aashiah took a quick turn, Diva followed and she found her self in a large room with the witch. Illuminated by huge electrical lamps hanging all over the ceiling. She was somewhat dizzy due to the light that were way too bright for her eyes that had gotten used to darkness.

Then, they took a long stairs that was at the heart of the empty room. Everywhere was as silent as a grave yard. Diva’s heart was miles away, she climbed the stairs unconsciously as she wondered what her life would look like as a non human. How was she going to live well in the midst of human without acting weird? She was a rare creature, FIBROPHYTE sounded somewhat scientific, she had questions to ask but hey, not now. If there was anything to ask then it had to be asking Aashiah about her mom’s health.

“You should stop walking, I guess” Aashiah’s voice brough her out of her deep thought. it was then she realised she had walk pass the dinning table.

She turned, tentatively walking back to the long sliver table. She settled her ass on one of the many chairs, Aashiah sat next to her and flung a huge pot open.

“This is your food, this is what your mates eat” She whispered, Her eyes fixed on a poo like molten substance.

Diva raised her nose at what the witch called her food, it was barbaric, absurd.

“A taste would convince you” Aashiah said, reaching for a spoon across the table.

She took it reluctantly, the sight of the meal was so irritating, you’d even think it was the excret of a new born. She waited for Aashiah to served a portion for her, she stared at the face of the nonsense for a longer time then, finally gave it a try.

The moment she tasted the tip of the spoon, Her head seems to have become thrice it sizes, Her tongue wanted more of the substance in front of her. She digged into it and ate like never before.

Aashiah watch her as she gobbled, she took another spoon before swallowing the previous, she was certain the meal had been registered as her favourite.

“More” She clapped.

“More” She cried again, after gobbling the second plate in seconds.

“And more” She belched.


“It was the scientist that named your group fibrophyte, that was one century ago. In the beginning, traditionally and spiritually, the name for rare people arising from that flower was Crusenias” Aashiah spoke.

She crossed her hands behind her back as she followed Diva behind. It was almost night fall and the last rituals had to be performed.

“Oh” Diva murmured, nodding to show that she understood every bit of the witch’s word.

“It’s right to say you’re the only Crusenia on earth, strange that your mates left you here” She said chuckling.

Diva turned her neck, not stopping on her track, what was that? A flippant witch.

“Turn right” Aashiah instructed, Diva complied. Her chest landed straight into a door. She threw her body backward, supporting herself by holding the wall. She was about saying something to Aashiah when strong forces pulled her against the chest of the door.

She fought screaming but there was no help. She was pulled harder until she saw herself in a cloudy room.


3 weeks later.


“Loraine” Mrs Bucks screamed, she leaned against the parked car, frustratedly.

Because she was no longer her, she was totally different from who the Bucks have called their own for twenty five years, she was a new being, a rare breed. They changed her name to Loraine Bucks.

“I was only getting my hair done” She groaned, as she stepped out in a grand style.

“No difference, it only became worst when you became a full crusenia” Mrs Bucks scoffed. Diva loved fashion, Lorannie was a fashionista.

“I heard you, I read minds as well” She pulled her tongue out, wearing a band over her green hair which she had learnt to love.

Ask her how her rituals went, tough. She actually didn’t want to talk about it with anyone. Aashiah wasn’t in that cloudy room with her, it was just her and other Crusenias. She was killed by a golden knife, Her survival was what determined whether she was ever going to survive on earth as a normal Crusenia. What a fucking Crusenia look like made her conclude that they couldn’t really live on earth else, partners would have to fight over them. This set of strange creatures were just too cute, they all had tinted hair colours, none had black or even brown, it was either a deep red, green, purple or greyish white long hair.

She woke up anyways and she was back home with her family.

25 with a 20years old body, God, she was cute. Your boyfriend would love her at first sight 😺. But she was restricted from dating anyone except her soul mate.

Who the dickens was this soul mate that never wants to show his face? She was tired of being single.

“And, get into this car now” Mr Bucks who was tired of the excess adjustment she was doing fired.

She pulled her box behind, they were going on a vacation at Paris.

“Hey” She waved at her father’s newly employed driver.

He was employed just a night ago and God, she almost licked his face, he was just too cute.

“Help me please” She pleaded. He had leaned over the car watching the drama she had put up, he ran up to the balcony and bent over to pick the box up.

“Easy” She said, she bent over too and help him get it up, Her hands touched his and cold shivers ran across both of them. The box slidded down his hands and crashed. He couldn’t explain what happened to him, he felt so cold from inside.

“Loraine, are you okay?” Mrs Bucks, already sitted at the back seat of the car asked.

Loraine took few steps backward, she glared at the young cute man who had suddenly become sweaty.

“Dude, you’re my mate? My soul mate?” She whispered.

He scrunched his brows, he was lost. Was she the one he had been searching for? The reason why he left his empire at Korea.

“Loraine, are you okay?” Mrs Bucks asked, she jumped down of the car when she saw shock written on their faces.

“Yes! Yes!! I found him” She jumped in the air, Her joy knew no bound.

“Who?” her mom frowned.

“My soul mate!”


“Bong park” Loraine called out. He turned to look at her, Her blue eyes glittering, he flashed her a smile, his left hand went under the table, he smooched her thighs from the opening of the simple wedding gown she had on.

Bong park, half human, half werewolf had left his city two years ago in search of his destiny, Loraine Bucks now Loraine Park.

When he was due for marriage, he set out to get himself a woman, he got himself heartbreaks and pains instead, all the woman he came across where pure gold diggers, they wanted him because his father had left him with enough wealth.

He left for Rome when he was told his mate resides there, he had stooped so low by doing menial jobs in rich men homes. He made sure he didn’t spend more than three months with each of his bosses, this was because he was told he would find her within three months of working as a servant in her house.

He worked at over eight homes, checking out their daughters and hoping that his mate was one of them. Until he came to work at Loraine home, just a day after employment, he found her.

“I love you” She whispered amist the loud echos of music played at the reception background.

“I love you more than love it self” He assured.

She stared back at the space, sweet smiles written all over her, she couldn’t wait to devour him at night, it was exactly six months they met today, they had decided to get married on this day so that it would remain a registered date for life. 6th of every month meant everything to them.

💡 💡 💡 💡 💡

“Switch off the light” She whispered, both of her hands around his neck.

He chuckled as he tore his coat off, he had waited so long for her.

“One thing at a time” She gasped again as he impatiently slid off her gown.

“I waited like forever” He said as he nibbled softly on her left ear.

She cringed, though still holding on to his neck.

He carried her in the bridal style, hastened his step towards the bed and carefully placed her almost exposed body on it. He jumped on it, just after he had placed her there.

“Your soul mate is here, you’d love it” He said romantically, making her shiver a bit.

He brought his tongue to her cleavage down to her navel, she moaned with her eyes shut. He violently pulled her panties down her waist, he was on heat, he hadn’t done anything of such in two years.

“Fuck!” She groaned, the moment she felt his tips rubbing against her cl*t.

He pulled her waist towards him and the teasing against her cl*t went on for few seconds. Then, he hit her unannounced, they both let out a hot breath of relieve and satisfaction.

“Bonggggg” She groaned, really loud that his mother and other relatives who were still talking about Bong’s small and quick wedding flinched.

“What was that?” An aunt to Bong questioned downstairs in the large family sitting room.

“She’s probably getting pleasure from her groom, awwn” Kim Carmen, only sister and sibling to Bong Park said.

“I don’t seems to like that girl, what happened to all the ladies here in Asia? He had to go pick a bride from Eruope?” His aunt hissed at his choice of race.

“And he choose to do such a small and quick wedding, a whole billionaire like himself? She’s even human Agghhh” Another aunt had jumped into the conversation.

Bong’s mother rolled her eyes, she knew why he married her.

“She’s not human and he had a reason for wedding her” She snapped, cutting through everyone’s thought.

“Is it something we should know of? He’s too influencial to marry someone outside his continent”

“He married her because……” She stood up, headed for the stairs slowly then turned to look at the three women behind her “He’s her soul mate”

Kim Carmen shrugged and followed her mom leaving her two aunties confused.

“Her soul mate?” The women choroused, facing each other.

Her soul mate by Hapita.

Thanks for reading with me 👄👄👄

…………….Travel in
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