Haunted Soul

Thug At War


I sat alone in the darkness ,
And coldness of the night,
In the wilderness,
I cried my eye’s out like,
A swollen well,
Cried my heart silently,
With a shattered heart and,
Crippled soul in sorrow and horror.
I cried a decade Tear’s in,
The darkness of the night,
In despair and dismay,
My heart filled with,
Sorrow and horror.
Wailing and panting out of,
The wilderness In the night of darkness.
My heart broken into pieces,
Shattered and betrayed,
It was more than a nightmare,
Still haunted by the memories,
That hold good or bad,
It stroked my heart like a,
Hot metal placed in a furnace,
Like a red hot fire.
Our memories stamped my,
Heart leaving it’s imprint of horrific pain.
Feeling betrayed and devastated.
Fighting was never my flair.
Tear’s was like a rush of cold,
Water down my check,
Never fought back my Tear’s,
Fought my inner Battle’s trying,
To dampen the emotion.
Past memories kept hunting me,
As it left a scar in my heart,
Which cannot be healed.
I burned my past like a,
Cremated soul and allow,
The river to fight for my destination.

Thug At War
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