Handless hands

Quite Quiet

Friendly foes, double trouble
Always leading astray good
Ain’t the sky gray;
too early the grey they bring

If i leave this world today i will love
to be remembered as “My” without an attached
Foe for the sake that i went extra miles to put
Smiles on faces.

I have been through alot of pain
that’s been very hard to maintain,
Terrible trials all like a stain
I have been so strain,
Good deeds still i will never refrain

Today could be clouded with sorrows
Tomorrow could be loud with lauds
Treat everyone to a warm hug
Shun a tug of war

If ya bright days becomes
Fainty rays
Let your faith remain still,
Be a gleam, that gives a nighted
Face beam.

Quite Quiet
About Smile Austin 28 Articles
Male, 25 years Nigerian Writer. Novelist,poet,blogger and social media influencer Professional Economist.

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