How To Grow Your Fame From Scratch In 2020: The 4 STRONGEST Tips For Upcoming Artists

How To Grow Your Fame From Scratch In 2020
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Ready to be famous? Check out for these 4 strong tips on how to grow your fame from scratch in 2020. This guide will help you earn massive attention in a few time.

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I will like you to agree with me when I say:

“BECOMING FAMOUS independently in Nigeria is the HARDEST PART for our talented artists”. Every day the rate of upcoming artists increases by number.

Unfortunately, many had been doing this for the past few years but still not moving from a spot. Not that you aren’t talented or good enough. Not that you aren’t working hard or not adding enough zeal and passion required to claim the absolute fame you deserve. But trust me, you still lack something. Even if you do not, then you ain’t using it rightly.

The good news is; there is a way out!!

It turns out that you can practically make yourself known to millions of audience just by following a simple step-by-step guide.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the 4 strongest, most effective and easy tips to build, manage and maximize your fame from scratch in 2020.

Let’s Begin!

How To Grow Your Fame From Scratch In 2020

1. Attend Music Competitions And Auditions Frequently

Competition is an event where two or more candidates challenge each other over a particular prize for being better in what they do.

Auditions are slightly similar to an interview. In an audition, participants present what they are up to one after the other. Then the organizers pick the best candidates who mostly suit the particular position which needed to be filled up.

Why is attending competitions and auditions important in growing your fame?

Generally, in a Competition, you will meet countless audience who awaits to be entertained with your unique talent. Firstly, by just participating, you are already recognized by each fan of the particular competition. Secondly, you will earn more love from the crowd after presenting yourself. In that way, your fans and fame increased. Also, you also stand a chance to win a prize.

Let’s say an audition is organized by a record label CEO ready-to-sign an artiste. What makes it important is that; here you are not doing a Freestyle to impress some people and receive casual applauses. You are facing big people or a person who are/his owns huge titles are capable enough to commence a new chapter in your music career.

In a nutshell, Attending audition won’t only boost your fame but opens more doors and chances to grab your dream. You will get recognized by big people who can possibly be of help. At times, auditions do leads to competition depending on the organizer’s plan and schedule.

2. Build A Solid View On Social Media

This is also an important part of growing your fame from scratch in 2020.

Everyone except newcomers to this advanced era shouldn’t be told before knowing that social media is the easiest way to get noticed by the targeted audience nowadays. Not just thousands but millions of people have been able to fulfill their long-time dream with be help of social media. It requires no skill except for the one you are offering or advising anyways.

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Now, let’s relate to the music term…

Fortunately, entertainment in which music is featured is one of the reasons why most people are on social media. People like this has nothing else to search for on social media than keywords like “Latest Song“, “Latest hip-hop Video“, “Rap music“, “Afro-pop” and more. Meanwhile, all or some of these titles are what you can produce. Now you see why I used the term ‘fortunately’ to start this paragraph? 😊. Now let’s break all of this down. The question here is;

how do you grow your music fame with social media? Step-by-step:

Create accounts with different social media: globally, we have millions of social media with almost 5 billion-plus users as of 2020. However, it’s impossible to have an account with all these social media. But you can consider opening accounts with the world Top 21 social media.

Add/follow people, pages and tags relating to your genre. Since you don’t want to end up being ignored by those who those not fancy your talent, then fetch for your targets. They include; rappers, singers, disk jockey, record producers, officials music pages, music tags, and others. Add or follow them up depending on what the particular social media allows.

Create an official page: for those who are too big to visit your timeline, your page can be a chance for them to notice you. Create yourself an official page with your stage name and genre description. Make it attractive with impressive updates.

Upload freestyle videos: remember your mission is to grow your fame right? In other words, you want to increase the number of people who recognizes you for you can do. But what exactly is that thing you can do? The only way to show them that is by giving them some impressive tastes.

Upload freestyle videos frequently on your timeline and page. You might also consider your video to be a cover of another famous artist track. Tag big artiste you think might want to see it and share in different to groups, chats pages and more.

Take part in music challenges: music challenges occur mostly on Instagram. Participating in a challenge created by a famous artist will boost also amusingly increase your fame. You are going to get reposted by the artist and seen by thousands of people participating or enjoying the challenge.

3. Online Promotion

Mp3boost stated that; Promoting yourself online is slightly related to the social media category but not. This step helps you get real people’s attention. How does it work?

Get your tracks on blogs: we have millions of music websites in Nigeria ready-to-upload your song at an affordable price. You will be able to gain thousands of visitors who will Stream your songs’ attention.

Meanwhile, we can also provide an adequate promotion for your tracks on FelvicStories. Kindly drop a message to this whatsapp number for more info: +234 816 0679 645

Create a website and YouTube channel with your stage name as its domain. Keep updating your visitors with audio tracks, videos, gists, etc frequently.

To create and design a professional website, you can hire me today at an affordable price. WhatsApp: 08083321116

4. Collaborate With Bigger Artists

This requires your pocket status anyway. Try making records with any famous artist who has lots of fans already. The number of streamers you normally get each time you drop a record will increase immediately.

The only thing that might be considered as a BUT is the amount of money you will be charged. But seriously, this is not so important if you cannot afford it. Don’t go bankrupt because of a dude whose bank account is loaded already. That might not be your way, so don’t force yourself into it.

And if you are capable, you shouldn’t think twice before considering it. it’s will rapidly grow your fame in no time.

A very good example is Zlatan Ibile, a street sensational rapper. The first time we heard him was when he collaborated with the YBNL Nation Boss Olamide on a track tagged “My Body“.

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Then Boom!!! He became the next Big Artist after featuring a Big Artist. He grew and he has is own space in the Nigerian music industry today.



Believe it or not, people are still out there searching for talented singers or rappers to help. The only way they can see you is by spreading your self to different angles. Get yourself seen, known, and talked about by crowds. In as much as you keep expanding your basement, it will meet the targeted people one day.

If you are still playing around with just going to the studio, record a track and return home, sorry, you ain’t ready for the journey. Kick the start today and wait for a pleasant result by considering the above guidelines.

Hope this article was helpful? Why not share with friends who need it. In case you have any questions, feedback or addition, feel free to drop your mind off the comments section below.

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