Handless hands
Be And The Bees

Good things are good
Bad things are bad
There are good things in good manners
There are bad things in bad manners

Honest is good
It is good to be honest
The angels are good and honest
And they enjoy the almighty glories in it

Good neighborliness is a good thing
Lion cherish neighborliness
They build a fortress around their families
And no enemy dare enter their den

Snakes are hustle n unfriendly
Each moves about its own way
Facing all alone the odds of life
And the snakes usually come under attack

Cats, dogs and horses
Choose to be good neighbors to man
Keeping man’s company and serving man,
And dogs cats and horses live like man

Be good to people in life,
Be honest in life to be trusted by people
Be a good neighbor
And live a good life


Handless hands
Be And The Bees

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